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Sorry I haven't post in a week, but life it's sort of strange right now xD I will be back, I prmise, as soon as things "calm down" a noch!

Since I really can't wait to go to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast, and this morning I had a long chat with my friends on Whatsapp about Disney Movies , I thought to go with this question for the Flist Friday this week!

- What is your favorite Disney Movie?
- Which one is your favorite Disney Princess? How about the Prince?
- What is the Disney movie that made you cry the most?
- Best Song?

- What is your favorite Disney Movie?
The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood... I really can't choose!

- Which one is your favorite Disney Princess? How about the Prince?
When I was little my Favorite Princess was The Sleeping Beauty because she had WONDERFUL hair... Now it's Rapunzel because of her personality! Favorite Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid <3 Dark hair and blue eyes? <3

- What is the Disney movie that made you cry the most?
My parents remember still how much I cried when they brought me to see Bambi... I don't remember, but I'd say either Bambi or the Lion King. You all know about what moments I am talking about!

- Best Song?
The Circle of Life (Lion King) was pretty damn good as well as Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King)
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I feel randomly romantic today so the question for the flist friday today is ship related!

I had so many questions related to this topic but I tried to keep it easy, but feel free to add pics, gif or/and notes, I know we all have a lot to say when it comes to our fandoms xD

What was your first ship?
What is the TV ship you're obsessed with now? (It can be more than one, I'm not that evil xD)
Movie Ship? Book Ship? Real Life Ship? Anime/Cartoon Ship?
I will ship this forever:

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As you know I am Italian, so good food is pretty important in my life...

Like, I honestly get upset when I go to an Italian restaurant in the US and I order spaghetti and I see that watery thing appearing on front of me, or when I order a pizza and the crust taste like nothing because there is no salt in it!

So here some questions about food...

- Do you prefer sweet or savory?
- What is your favorite kind of cousine/what is your least favorite?
- Top 5 of your favorite foods / Top 5 least favorite foods.
- Taste changes: What did you like now that you didn't like when you were a kid?

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I wish you all a great weekend, if you go eat out I hope you'll go get something that's in your top 5 list! <3
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My last flist friday was almost a month ago! I am so sorry! I've been so busy and I had so much going on (I can't wait to be able to share what's going on, but I can't for now) but I'm here now! I'll try to be better and keep up with this weekly post that I like a lot because it gives me the chance to connect with you and know you better, and that's what I want to do here!


Do you watch anime still or it's a thing for the past for you?
What is/was your favorite(s) anime?
Do you read manga? What's your favorite(s)?
my answers (get ready for some gifs and tons of links) )
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Hello Flist! Happy Friday!

The week is almost over, and I hope you all are going to have a splendid weekend off!

Before I start with the question of the week, I wanted to share a piece of news. Here, at the International Airport of Fort Lauderdale, today there was a shooting and people died! I am glad no one I knew was at the airport today, but the thing scared me more than expected! I live 10 minutes away from the airport, and I can still hear outside a lot of police cars, and ambulances and sirens in general outside! It is scary! And, even if I didn't know anybody there I feel a sense of connection with these people! And I'm taking it almost personally! They caught the guy but I need to know why he did it, and how was it possible that he made it to Gate 2 with a gun! I know none of you on my FList were traveling down in Florida or out of it, so I am pretty sure you're all right! <3

But let's move to a brighter topic. Here's your question(s) I have for you today:

What are you reading at the moment?
What is your favorite genre?
Do you have set your goodreads goal for the year? What is it going to be?
BONUS: Mention 5 books you REALLY enjoyed in 2016

I am now reading Somerset by Leila Meacham. This is a prequel of the book (I think) made her famous: Roses. It's a very long book and I am very proud of myself for picking it up! It's over 600 pages and I am already 200 pages into it. It's a very easy read... If you are a fan of movies like Gone With The Wind, this might be the book for you!

My favorite genre is probably Historical Fiction, followed by SciFi and Romance (but not the kind of romance books with a Fabio on the Cover... I need more in a book that just romance).

I have set a goodreads goal and I set it again to 30. Last year I ended up reading 40 books! This year I want to read more than that, but I want to start with 30 and see how I go before changing it!

The 3 books I've enjoyed the most this past 2016 were:
- The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman
- The Edge of the Earth by Christina Schwarz
- The Violinist of Venice: A Story of Vivaldi by Alyssa Palombo
- Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
- Man Walks Into a Room by Nicole Krauss

I can't wait to read your answers! Stay safe this weekend! Love you guys <3!
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Hello guys!

Sorry, last week I've missed FList Friday! I've been very bad and I should make amend by asking you the WORST QUESTION EVER!

Well, it's not the worst one... the worst ones are the questions you get asked when you see some members of you family after a long time (usually at Christmas) and they ask you:
(if you are in school) How's school?
(if you are out of school) Are you dating someone?
(if you are daring someone) When are you guys going to get married?
(if you are married) When are you going to have kids?

It's like you can't do anything right!

So my question is:

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

I told you it was bad!

I am doing absolutely NOTHING! I hate NYE and I'm never going to change my opinion about it... You feel like you have to have the best of times and you never do! I tried go clubbing, dinner with friends in restaurants, dinner with friends at someone's place, parties at my place, drive all over the city just because the streets were empty and gas was not that pricy, spent it with my family, spent it with strangers, spent it with a lot of people, spent it with a few,... I was so happy when I was working on that night... So I could say "oh, no sorry, I'll be working, yes, I know... it sucks... maybe next year?"!

That's why I left Italy before it! So I could do nothing! I hope you had better experiences and this question is not as bad as it is for me! The only thing I can say is I'm glad this year is almost gone! Welcome 2017... You have to do very little in order to be better than your precedessor! So take it easy :)

Sorry. Now I have to go cry in that corner because this gif of Rose is too painful and I don't know why I'm doing this to myself!

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Hello there!

I missed my Flist Friday last week and I remembered on Sunday. I thought it was too late to do one and so I decided not to do it! If you were expecting one and I left you disappointed, I'm sorry! :(

Since everyone is busy because of the holidays, I thought to ask an easy question this time... Okay, maybe not "easy", but quick?

What is your favorite Christmas Movie? Why?

My favorite Christmas movie is - as the gif I choose might have gave it away - Home Alone. It is my favorite because it was always on around Christmas and I rarely sat down watching movies with my dad, and that was the only movie, I can remember, the three of us (Mom, dad and I) watched together. I am sure there were others, but that one stuck somehow! And I just love the story! :D

So what's your favorite?
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Hello flist!

So December is now here! I want to say I'm sorry in advance, because all my December questions are probably going to be Christmas related!

What I want to know on this flist Friday is basically when do you start getting ready for Christmas...

When do you start getting your home Christmas ready as in trimming the tree, putting out decorations...?
When do you start looking for presents?
What is your favorite thing to do that you only do during December?

[Poll #2058887]

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Hello Flist!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, a day not all of us celebrate, but we all know about, thanks to, yes, TV shows (that's where I've learnt basically all I know about America, and I hope it will be enough for when I'll have to go through my Naturalization Process LOL, kidding, I'll study for that...).

Even if not all of us sat down eating turkey (or meat substitutes), mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies, there's one thing we all do toward the end of the year... We look at the year that just passed, and think about what are we thankful of... so:

- What are you thankful for?
- What is the best thing that happened to you this year?
- (For the US friends) What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
- (For the non US friends) If you were to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, what do you think it would happen?
- Some american shows do Thanksgiving episodes... What is your favorite one? What's the best scene?

This has been a pretty insane year for the World: we lost great artists such as Alan Rickman and David Bowie, the US Presidential Election happened, Britain left the UE, the Zika Virus, Hurricane Matthew, The Heartquake in Italy, the attacks in France and Bruxelles,... I'm sure we're ready to put this year behind us, but I'm sure there's something to be thankful for...

The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter. Tiger and Panda numbers are growing. Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours. LEONARDO DICAPRIO WON AN OSCAR! There’s a new Harry Potter book and a new Harry Potter Movie. Gilmore Girls is Back! Basically all that is Netflix is so good it hurts! Huge steps were made in the medicine world on fighting cancer and alzheimer. All the new memes, all the new books, all the amazing movies that came and are coming out,... I can go on, because I refuse to stop at the bad stuff!

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Have a happy Black Friday (that's something I definitely want to try LOL)!!! :D I have Eric doing some book shopping for me in Florida! Fingers crossed!!! :D
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A lot of Super Heroes Movies came out this year (and they keep coming) making a lot of people very happy! I think it all begun with MARVEL, who started back in 2008 with Iron Man and built up from there, keeping the same actors around (if we forget about the Incredible Hulk back in 2008 starring Edward Norton) and moving into the TV realm quite easily. Phil Coulson (Clark Greg) that appeared in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and the Avengers, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) The Avengers, The Avengers Age of Ultron and Captain America Winter Soldier, Peggie Carter (Hayley Atwell) Captain America, Captain America Civil War, Lady Siff (Jaimie Alexander) Thor and Thor the Lost World, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but you got the point. They did a great job when it comes to continuity!

DC had a different approach... It started on TV with Arrow, moving into The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow adding now Supergirl to the mix, and - at this point - it's quite difficult for this universe to create something as well organized as the MCU... TV actors and Movie actors are unfortunetely different... So, in the Cinematic Universe, DC had to re-cast the Flash, Superman and Deadshot, and it's not going to stop there. But the (TV)Flash can create different timelines so... I guess that could be their excuse.

So today I want to ask you guys a bunch of Marvel/Dc questions and I want to try to use the Pool feature, because: why not? I will exclude from the pool the X-Men, Ghotam, Lucifer and iZombie because I don't want it to be too complicated... So here are the questions:

[Poll #2057966][Poll #2057966]

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Hello friends!
I want to use this flist Friday for something different today!
A lot of people is very disappointed or sad about what happened on November 9th and I feel (as a lot of other people) the need for happy thoughts and things that make us smile!

So, today I'd like to ask you!

- What happened this week that made you happy?
- Where is your happy place?
- When you are unhappy, what do you do to take control of the situation and go back to being happy?
- EXTRA: post a happy quote or a picture of something that makes you happy.


Also, if you need an extra boost of happyness:

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I'm not exactly having the greatest day today.

It actually started right.... I woke up very happy, had breakfast with Eric and brought him to work. On our way there we talked and I started realizing: tomorrow morning will be the last morning I drive him to work for a long time! I came back home, and I worked on some projects, when he wrote me a text... Apparently the boat is suppose to leave tomorrow... But as in: 1 minute after midnight, so basically He'll be gone in less than 11 hours and I feel robbed! I was ready to be parted from him tomorrow morning... Not tonight! So I'll go pick him up and we're having dinner at home, and then I'll drive him back to the boat and we'll say our goodbyes. The next 2 months are going to be very long!

So the question of the day for me can only be one:

Would you relocate for Love?
Have you ever been in a lond distance relationship, or would you consider it?
Do you think absence makes the heart grow fonder or forgetful?

My Answer )

How about you? What's your opinion on the matter?
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Happy Friday!

I hope you guys are having a good one and that the waether will cooperate with whatever you want to do over the weekend! Here it's suppose to be cold but sunny so I hope I'll be able to spend a nice Sunday with Eric on the Vespa, going to visit our favorite spots before he leaves. He's going to be on Watch* on Saturday so I'll drop him off on Saturday morning at 7.29 and I'll be able to pick him up on Sunday at 7.31.

*Watch: On Yachts there always have to be someone on board when in Port, so there is a rooster in place where every day one member of every department (Interior Stewart/Stewardess, Deckhand and Engineer) has to stay on board on call for 24 hours. These 3 crew members can't leave the boat and have to take care of some tasks, like rounds and complete checklists.

The question I want to ask you today is from one of the Memes I did a while ago, so for some of you I might already know the answer (but I probably forgot because I'm so bad a remembering these kind of things) but please feel free to repeat if you feel to:

.What's the story behind your nick name?
.Do you have the same nickname everywhere or you have different ones? In that case What's your favorite?
.Was your nickname here on LJ your one and only choice or you had some other ones in mind? What made you choose this one, in that case?

My answer )

What about you?
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When you guys will read this I'll be on my way up to the mountains... I thought about skipping the FList Friday post but I enjoy asking you these questions and getting to know you better! So, last night before bed (now) I was thinking about what to ask you and then it hit me:

What do you prefer: the beach or the mountains? Why?
What do you like to do when you are there?

Years ago my answer would have been simple, I would have answer Beach without even thinking about it! Beach means summer and summer means no school and the beach, for a kid, it's always so much fun... The mountains can be fun too but, as a kid, I wasn't very interested into going hiking and I never liked the temperature.

Today I still rather be warm than cold... But I love both of them and it's difficult to make a decision... I think I would choose the mountains today, because I love hiking and taking pictures of wonderful views, and it's calm, while the beach tends to be crowded most of the time and loud...

What about you?
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It's almost time for Eric and I to leave the States.

We're going to fly out of Miami on Monday evening but, before that, we have like a 21 hours drive... I'm quite nervois because I'm not sure how we're going to make it. Eric wants to leave tomorrow morning at 6 am and he wants to get to St Simons Island to spend a day with his brother and help him a little bit with the damages Hurricane Matthews did to their property that, luckily, were minor... it's just a matter to clean up the yard and some other little things! So we're going to spend sunday on the island and leave on monday morning super early to get to Miami that is like a 7 hours drive (so Eric wants to drive for 14 hours on the first part of our trip... Nonsense!) but we have to stop to Fort Lauderdale to drop off a lot of stuff to our Storage Unit... I'm quite nervous about it even if our flight is at 8 pm... I know we're going to make it but I don't know how smoothly is going to go! I would leave tonight and drive for like 4 hours but his mother is... well... Don't let me start again on the matter!

So - since I'm updating my infos on the KML website - the question for this FList Friday is:

Do you like to fly or you're scared of planes?
How do you feel prior to a flight? Do you get anxious or you feel pretty relaxed?
How do you get ready for your flight? How long before the time/day of departure you start to get ready?
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I'm looking forward your answers! Have a GREAT Friday!
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Hi Flist!
I hope your Friday is coming to an end and that the weekend ahead of you is going to be full of fun and amazing things!

Eric and I (but mostly Eric) are going to have a pretty busy one! He's been organizing this huge party, that is most a 2 days event, where he's bringing together all of his friends to celabrate - what he calls - FIFTY FEST! He and all his friends are turning/have turned 50 this year, and a year ago he decided to create an event to celebrate Life! There is goint ot be live music (played by 6 different bands... all his friends) food n booze, a constume parade of bands from the 80es, and a lot of laughters! I'll make a post about this next week.

This brings me to my question:

To you, what's the best TV Friendship of all time?
(You can write a top 3 if you feel like it!)
To me the answer can only be one:
The best TV friendship of all time is... )

What do you think... What is/was the best friendship on TV? I can't wait to read your comments!
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Happy Friday guys!
I hope you are having a great day and getting ready for the weekend.

The work day is almost over somewhere, and already over somewhere else, so you probably don't want to start thinking about something too complicated... You just want to relax... Well, sorry but I'm going to ask you something that will make your brain work quite a lot because... there's not an easy answer to this question!

The question for today's flist friday is:

Harrison Ford:
Of all the roles he has played throughout his entire carreer,
which was his best/your favorite?

It is hard. I loved him in almost everything he did. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are amazing! And I loved the way he portraited Han Solo and Indy... But this year I started watching his all filmography and he worked in some pretty awesome movies. For as much as I love Han and Indy I think my answer has to be:Click to find out )
Feel free to share your frustration for this question in the comments LOL!
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It's Friday! And it means I can ask you guys a question!
I didn't know this before last Friday but [ profile] hanorganaas made an entry last week (HERE) where she said she saw this FLIST Friday around and I want to try it!

First because you are asking me amazing questions for my October Meme (please don't stop keep asking. I'm loving it!) and I want to repay you, second because it's a nice thing to do weekly!

So the rule is one and it's simple. Each week I'll try to post a question, you can answer in the comments, and we can have a nice chat! How does it sound?

Yesterday Pottermore launched a new feature so that now we can find out about our Patronus!
What's yours Patronus? Are you happy with it? Why?
Mine is... )

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