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I just saw Robin Hood Series finale and it was very good!
There were 2 scenes in particular that I loved but I made a picspam for only one of 'em! Only the English can do stuff like that and this is why I love every tv show made in UK. They're great, great actors, great writers, great producers, great everything! They're amazing!
Oh I'll miss this show so much!
Btw I just need to say one thing:


Oh, yes I did!

The greatest adventure is yet to come. )

And now Robin Hood is over. Was a great show, the last season wasn't good as the first two but was a rly good show!
Time to move on! Now I'll go to see Chess in Concert! YAY!
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Robin and his gang are back.
There are 4 now. And I already know that I'll miss Djaq and Will like air but I hope to see them in the season finale, this is the last season. They have to come back. I don't want to talk about Marian cos still hurts but after all that tragedy Robin is back and I'm glad to see Robin/Jonas again.
You know that I'm kinda obsessed with hair and when I saw the photoshoot I yelled to Guy/Richard... WHY?! Why that hairstyle Gis? But fortunately in the first episode of season 3 his hair are pretty. For Jonas's... well I prefer the season 2 hairstyle I have to tell, but he is always hot.

But now. I have to celebrate so... here we go. A picspam for the first episode of the new season of Robin Hood! YAY

3x01 Total Eclipse )

And in the nextone: Kate. I can't wait. She has something that make me think about Lesley Sharp in the promo pics!
Awww I can't wait for the next episode!
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Good news from Sherwood! Not a date yet but at last some spoilers and a pic!
Jonas looks great! But the blonde one? In the pic she's not so gorgeous as I thought she would be! And finally Fra Tuck... YAY
I can barely wait till this Spring guys! Robin will be so pissed off... He'll kick so many ass in this season! Poor Guy!

                Robin Hood returns to BBC One on Saturday nights


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YAY America!!! Well Done! OMG I'm so happy about this news!

I'm going to see the Victory Speech!!! Thank YOU America!!! *_____________*

And... Robin Hood is coming! Jonas looks so great! But... what's happened to your hair Guy???OMG!!!
Btw Jonas is still so hot! Go Robin!!!This way! )
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The Irish born star told Metro he's considering a move from the woods of Sherwood Forrest over to the dizzy lights of Hollywood.

Jonas armstrong

Robin Hood star Jonas Armstrong says he's ready to hang up his merry tights and is all set to quit his role as Robin Hood when filming of a third BBC One series finishes next year. 

He told Metro at the glitzy Golden Compass party: 'It's been great but I really don't want to be typecast. I think one more series next year and I'll be ready to move on and do something different.'

Asked whether he would consider doing a fantasy blockbuster like the Golden Compass, he said: 'Yeah for sure. I thought it was great. Who knows what will happen at this stage we'll wait and see what happens. I've made no plans.'

 The 26-year-old was plucked from obscurity back in 2006 before taking BBC One audiences by storm.

He and his merry men pulled in 8.5 million viewers on debut as they robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.

His decision now leads the door wide open for the corporation to find another star to fire the bow and arrow.

Armstrong was one of a cluster of stars who attended the premiere of the adaptation of Philip Pullman's 1995 fantasy novel in London's Leicester Square.

Others included Hugh Grant, Joan Collins and Melinda Messenger before the party moved over to a lavish party at London's Tobacco Dock in the East End.

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Spoiler from the season finale of Robin Hood... I want to see the pics :(

My lads... this way )

Robin Hood is played by Jonas Armstrong; The Sheriff of Nottingham by Keith Allen; Sir Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage; and Marian by Lucy Griffiths. The cast also includes Sam Troughton as Much; Joe Armstrong as Allan A Dale; and Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett.

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[69] Robin Hood
[34] Life
[5] Doctor Who /Robin Hood (animated)


Don't hotlink.


more here )
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Ep 11/13Saturday 15 December

This way... )


The Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Keith Allen, Robin Hood by Jonas Armstrong, Legrand by Stephen Beckett, Marian by Lucy Griffiths, Sir Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage, Allan A Dale by Joe Armstrong, Much by Sam Troughton, Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd and Eleanor of Aquitaine by Lynda Bellingham

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Ep 10/13
Saturday 8 December

This way... )

Robin Hood is played Jonas Armstrong, The Sheriff of Nottingham by Keith Allen, Sir Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage, Marian by Lucy Griffiths, Much by Sam Troughton, Allan A Dale by Joe Armstrong, Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd and Ceris by Charlie Brooks.

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All the spoilers from Robin Hood 2006

A lots of spoilers from the new season!

The Angel Of Death
Ep 4/13
Saturday 27 October
Promo Pics 2.04

This Way... )

The Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Keith Allen, Joseph by Ralf Little, Dan Scarlett by Sean Murray, Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd and Robin Hood by Jonas Armstrong. 

Ducking and Diving
Ep 5/13
Saturday 3 November
Promo Pics 2.05
This Way... )

For England...!
Ep 6/13
Saturday 10 November
Promo Pics 2.06
This Way... )

Jonas Armstrong is Robin Hood; Denis Lawson is the Sheriff of Winchester; Keith Allen is the Sheriff of Nottingham; and Lucy Griffiths is Marian.

Show Me The Money
Ep 7/13
Saturday 17 November
Promo PIcs 2.07
This Way... )

Jonas Armstrong is Robin Hood, John Hopkins is John of York, Richard Armitage is Sir Guy of Gisborne, Joe Armstrong is Allan A Dale, Lucy Griffiths is Marian, Michael Elwyn is Edward and Keith Allen is The Sheriff of Nottingham.
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Robin Hood Ep 9/13
Saturday 1 December

This Way... )Robin Hood is played by Jonas Armstrong, The Sheriff of Nottingham by Keith Allen, Sir Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage, Fool by Mathew Horne, Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd, Djaq by Anjali Jay and Marian by Lucy Griffiths.

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The scene betwen Robin and  Much hurts me so much!!!cry.gif  How Robin can think even for a moment that Much could be the traitor!!! He follow him in the battle, in the forest...! But Robin was so desperate!!! Poor Robin and poor Much... He wants to prove him loyality

Robin has kill a man!! I'd never seen him kill someone in that way! It was because Allan I think!! And at the end, when Robin descovered the spy... I was so sad... (Joe's eyes... wow)! 

Allan:'re early.
Robin: Leave us.
Allan: Stay There
Robin: Get Out! I need to my spy.
Allan: What was that with Will? You banished Will!
Robin: It was an act! Only she knew who was guilty and I knew the spy would want to come here before me to cover his tracks. For all I knew, it could've been Will standing there. But it's not, is it?
Allan: Robin, it was over. Ask her, I made a decision
Robin: Then what's this?
Allan: No, I was giving it back
Robin: So you betray me? You betray yourself? You betray your King? For what? For a few silver coins? What have you told Gisbourne, Allan?
Allan: Nothing really...
Robin: Does he know about the camp?
Allan: No
Robin: Does he know about Marian?
Allan: No
Robin: More lies?
Allan: No! This was the last time I promise and I was wrong. But he captured me...he tortured me! I had no choice!
Robin: Everything is a choice! Everything we do! (like in the season one with Marian... I love this quote)
Allan: That's easy for you to say though isn't it, eh? You get the glory. You get the girl. Everyone loves you! Then when the King comes back you'll have lands, property, a wife...everything! What will I have? You were always in the sun, Robin, and I'm always in the shade --> so sad and so beautiful sob.gif sob.gif
Robin: Is that meant to be an excuse?
Allan: Give me another chance, please. I wouldn't have let Gisbourne hurt any of us! I've never told him anything like that!
Robin: Harmless lies... Innocent betrayal...They don't exist, Allan!
Allan: Robin, I've changed! How can i get you to believe that!
Robin: You can't...and the funny thing is you might be telling the truth.
Allan: I am!
Robin: And how am I supposed to believe you anymore?
Allan: Robin, I swear to you on my life.. Don't kill me, please...
Robin: You're lucky I left you with a life to swear upon. And never never let me set eyes upon you again.

I can't decide who I have to ship... Will/Djaq or Allan/Djaq... I really don't know... in the 2.04 I had think to ship Much/Djaq LOL... He fall in love so easly LOL
Djaq: I believe you are a good man, Allan A Dale.

Marian flirting with Guy... I love Robin's gelosy... I want my ANGST!!!

I hoped that Will's brother join the gang... he was so hot!!!

And next? Robin and the letter for Marian awwwwwww I can't wait!!!

However I hope that Allan will do something for Robin against the Sheriff for come back to the gang... I can't image an evil Allan dressed like Guy.. oh, wait I can image him... ok stop to think that...


Robin Hood Ep 8/13 
Saturday 24 November
This way... )

Lucy Griffiths is Marian, Jonas Armstrong is Robin Hood, Keith Allen is The Sheriff of Nottingham, Joseph Kennedy is Carter, Richard Armitage is Sir Guy of Gisborne and Joe Armstrong is Allan A Dale. 

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Robin/Marian - Remember
by Josh Groban

Characters: Robin Hood and Lady Marian
Song: Remember when it rained
Artist: Josh Groban
Description: Marian it's going to marry Gisborne... Robin thinks thats it's too late and start to remember... but the love that tey share it's too strong so...

Lyrics )
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Wall of Jonas Armsrong

Free Image Hosting at

Icons from ep 1.04 Parent Hood of Robin Hood 2006

1 2 3

If You Love Robin CLICK HERE...[8+14animate] )

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