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Wow. So long since my last post. I'm really ashamed... Well, I guys :) I'm here now, YAY! I don't even know what to say actually but I wanted to let you know I'm still alive and life is taking me all my energy, but you know life, she always wants more.

So, what's happening... well loads of things actually but I don't wanna to bore you to death so I'll skip to the fangirl stuff.
  1. I've been in London a couple of months ago. ALONE. I wasn't suppose to be alone but let's explain everything so you can picture my situation and make a big laugh about my series of misfortunes that brought me to one of the most amazing days of my life.

    [ profile] mrbartleboom and I were suppose to go to see Much Ado About Nothing whit the brilliant David Tennant and the fantastic Catherine Tate. We had amazing tickets. And when I say it I mean REALLY AMAZING tickets: Stalls E12/E13 practically we were THERE in front of them, so near you could have sensed their scent ♥. So everything was planned and we knew it would have been awesome. A couple of days before THE day I went to the doctor because I had a strange fever and I thought it was because of my new job BUT instead was because I had mononucleosis.YAY me, and you know when I discovered that? The week after, when I was in another hospital because of a colic caused by kidney stones. Double YAY me. But I was like terminator, I was supposed to leave in a couple of days so I packed my cortisone and a bunch of other drugs for the kidney next to my underwear.

    The night before the departure I came home from work (yeah terminator all the way) at 10 and I checked on my facebook just because the computer was on my way to my bed and I saw a message from [ profile] mrbartleboom a LONG message so I said "oh boy, we're in trouble" basically he wasn't going to leave Rome because of a long-personal-theatrical reason. I called him in panic I didn't know what to do but by the time he answered the phone I had figured everything up: I was about to go even if I was alone and he was the one who organized everything. I printed all that I needed (I didn't even know where the hostel was) and I left. 

    I had an amazing time. I knew loads of new people in just 3 days and look: 

    Oh I've been so lucky! I have a picture of both of them! Thank you Bex for the one with David. And thank you other girl of which I do not remember the name for the one with Catherine! I also have spent 3 amazing days with [ profile] thegrownupthing and [ profile] pookieandpookie I'm very happy cause, even if I missed [ profile] mrbartleboom so friggin' much, I had a fabolous time :) I have met new friends I've seen a lot of things and I loved every part of it, I even loved the german guy who kept me asleep for a whole night snoring.

  2. Let's talk about TV. As I tweeted earlier I have no more time for TV shows (aaaah life) since I've a boyfriend who is not into my TV shows since I watch them in english (actually I've made him watch Doctor Who and he liked it, in the meanwhile my ears were bleading because of the italian dubbing) so I understood which shows I cannot live without: Doctor Who, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time (new entry) and Merlin. When I'll have time I'll surely watch Fringe, Castle and Chuck and I'll catch up with the other ones when and if I'll have the time. Now I'm looking for another job and I'm studying at the same time. I have to finish German and I took a medical aid course I rocked at it and one of the teacher was a brand new doctor who was also really hot :D As I said I put Once Upon A Time in the short list and you know why? Because it's AWESOME! Are you watching it? I love everything and I ship everyone/everyone (Geppetto/Jiminy ♥) and I also love Henry's voice LMAO! 
  3. 3... otherwise called C or III xD I don't know what else to say actually. It's almost Xmas and I'm really happy cause I love making the tree and go shopping for gift... Oh that's one thing I have to say: I bought myself a Nintendo Wii for Xmas, (actually it's a present from my parents but since they have no time I went to the store) so now I can play with my dear Super Mario all night long ♥ Oh guys I'm so into Mario (I had a huge crush on Luigi back when I was just a kid who doesn't know anything about loving a man with mustaches and a green cap) I have loads of Mario games for my Nintendo DSi but now I have a new weir passion, actually two: Plants VS Zombies and Pokémon I didn't know Pokémon was so addicting and I'm not talking about Plants vs Zombies thanks to it I went to sleeet at 3 in the morning one night! :D So: Super Marios & co, Pokémon, Plants vs Zombies, Professor Layton, Puzzle Bubble... Have you got something new for me to try? :D Let me know!

Now I've got to go. I hope to be able to post more often. Finger crossed! See you guys!
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As I said yesterday I've made a Bradley James Christmas Video! A few days ago [ profile] rageandpride  asked me to do this video for her WONDERFUL fansite about Bradley: . I'm so glad she asked me to to this because this was a request for her site (I'm a huge fan of her fansites *___*) and not only for her, that's made me happy so I worked on it with all my determination! I'm pretty satisfy of the results! I didn't have so much material and was dificoult follow the lyrics but I like it!
Thant's also not a sad video, is pretty funny tho. I really hope you like it!

So many first times for this video.
1. My first request EVER
2. My first Christmas Video
3. My first video about only one person!

Subject: Bradley James
Spoiler: Merlin 2x12, Merlin: Secrets and Magic 1x12, The Real Merlin and Arthur, Merlin extra DVD season 1
Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Olivia Olson
Clips from: Merlin, Merlin Secrets and Magic, Merlin extra DVD season 1
Note: My first request EVER from Arwen: owner of
For some of the images used in this video(and in the banner) thanks to: , http://www.philippagedge.comhttp://yayannauk.livejournal.com ,
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OMG the Dragon was so cute!
I know what you're thinking "What the hell girl? Did you see the last episode of Merlin or what? Oh wait a minute, you was high during the episode didn't you?"
And the answer is: "No I wasn't, how dare you imaginary person who I'm talking to! Yes dude, I've seen it, and I don't care, I love the Dragon!"

Well, Merlin was EPIC this week and I can prove it to you: I have EPIC pics and EPIC quotes! Follow the link with the mini picspam/review!

Well this was supose to be a mini picspam but I couldn't help :P
And now we have to wait 9 months for the next season? No way!
I have some Merlin's news btw! My Bradley James Christmas Video is done. I think I'll upload it tomorrow so stay tuned! :)
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This afternoon I was at home. I was so bored. Outside was raining and I didn't want to watch anything so I opened Paint Shop Pro and Sony Vegas. I started another video about Being Erica and I made some wallpapers about Merlin. Since the video is not ready (and maybe will never be) I'm going to post the wallpapers.

I hope you like them! It's been a while since the last one, if I don't count the one about the Doctor that I've made after The Waters of Mars.

Follow me into Arthur's chamber )

Please, if you take, comment here and credit with the text: wallpaper by: < lj user= "erychan86" > (withouth spaces between the < > of course ^^)
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Did you see Merlin? Did you see it? Oh GOD! was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I'll miss this show so much! This episode was brilliant!
I can't wait for the next season! With such a cliffanger how could I not be impatient???

Merlin 1x13 Le Morte d'Arthur )

The title come from a great book Le Morte d'Arthur
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YAY I'm officially on holiday right now!
And now I have to catch up a lot of TV shows!
Let's start! \o/

Prison Break - 4x13 Deal or No Deal )

Prison Break - 4x14 Just Business )
Btw I dunno how many episodes left; 8, 10? I'm sure about one thing: I love Prison Break but I hope that this will be the last season! I can't handle another season! This Company have to be destroy in this one!

How I Met Your Mother - 4x10 The Fight )

Gossip Girl - 2x12 A Wonderful Lie )

Desperate Housewives - 5x10 A Vision's Just a Vision )

Merlin - 1x12 To Kill The King )
I want the season finale of Merlin NOW!!!

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After a while the third part! It was fun but I don't know if I'll do something like this anymore! I'ts fun but... it takes a lot of times!
Btw now is time for: my cute Ned, my funny Merlin and my hot Derek (and a lot of others hot guys in GA's cast LOL) And then I'll see Einstein & Eddington! I can't wait fr that!

Pushing Daisies 2x06 Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic )

Merlin 1x10 The Moment of Truth )

Grey's Anatomy 5x09 In The Midnight Hour )

And finally! Einstein & Eddington! I keept it for the end 'cause I'm a masochist LOL!
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Yesterday night I saw Merlin... a great episode (as always) but the next one will be even better... I already know... I mean, did you see the preview???

Btw I've mede few icons:
[74] Doctor Who 4x13 Journey's End
[34] Grey's Anatomy 4x08 These Ties That Bind
[53] Merlin 1x09 Excalibur

Doctor Who: 4x13 Journey's End )

Grey's Anatomy: 5x08 These Ties That Bind )

Merlin: 1x09 Excalibur )
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WTF!!! The clips from Children In Need was simply BRILLIANT.. Oh My Gosh... I' m still speackless... How cute is the Doctor in the snow and his smile still a little broken.... and when he hears someone (Rosita... I love her already) calls his name and he starts to run with his perfect smile!

"I'm the Doctor, Simply the Doctor, the one, the only and THE BEST"

A Fantastic David Morrissey and an AWESOME (as always) David Tennant! I can't wait really!

Allons-y :)
And the one with Merlin it was brilliant too:Merlin Children In Need )
Colin Morgan is so funny!
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Snagged from my friend [ profile] xel1980
Read more... )
And Merlin: The Beginning of the End - Preview - BBC One


Oct. 19th, 2008 04:37 pm
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+ [ 29] Merlin 1x05
+ [ 25] Dead Like Me 1x01
+ [ 27] Secret Diary Of A Call Girl 2x05



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