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Today I wasn't suppose to be in a rush but I am. I really can't wait for a day when I can actually stop. I commented on posts from my phone every time I could break away for a second, so I'm sorry if some of them are full of grammar horrors!

Today question is brought to us by [ profile] rogueslayer452 What is one fandom that you would love to see a revival for?

I'm the kind of person who complains about all these revivals and movies/shows coming out form book adaptations... I feel like we're in need of fresh stuff... but, for tv networks and production labels, is definitely easier to make money from something that already has a fan base. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited when I hear some of the shows/movies I loved are coming back... You should have see me reacting to the news they were doing an Episode VII of Star Wars! I will definitely watch Gilmore Girls because: HELL YEAH!, I jumped into the X-Files like there was no other choice, when I saw the Scofield brothers reunited in Flash and in Legends of Tomorrow I got all nostalgic and than BAM Prison Break: the sequel...

I get very excited because I'm human... but I'm always also very scared when I read/hear something is coming back, so I don't know which show I loved I would like to have back and risk the possibility it would get ruined... If I was absolutely certain there was NO chance to screw it up, I would like to have a revival of Firefly (NOT on Fox) with ALL the original cast, Wash included (maybe they cloned him, he has a twin brother? I don't know but Alan Tudyk HAS to be part of it!

A couple of years ago I would have said I would have loved another season of Friends, because I miss them so much... But the actors keep guest starring in each others shows so I'm okay with it! :) I can't wait to see which one of them will appear on Matt LeBlanc's new comedy!!! :)

Oh and if I could have just one episode of a HIMYM revival, where they erase everything that happened in the season finale I would pay out of my pocket...
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Wow. So long since my last post. I'm really ashamed... Well, I guys :) I'm here now, YAY! I don't even know what to say actually but I wanted to let you know I'm still alive and life is taking me all my energy, but you know life, she always wants more.

So, what's happening... well loads of things actually but I don't wanna to bore you to death so I'll skip to the fangirl stuff.
  1. I've been in London a couple of months ago. ALONE. I wasn't suppose to be alone but let's explain everything so you can picture my situation and make a big laugh about my series of misfortunes that brought me to one of the most amazing days of my life.

    [ profile] mrbartleboom and I were suppose to go to see Much Ado About Nothing whit the brilliant David Tennant and the fantastic Catherine Tate. We had amazing tickets. And when I say it I mean REALLY AMAZING tickets: Stalls E12/E13 practically we were THERE in front of them, so near you could have sensed their scent ♥. So everything was planned and we knew it would have been awesome. A couple of days before THE day I went to the doctor because I had a strange fever and I thought it was because of my new job BUT instead was because I had mononucleosis.YAY me, and you know when I discovered that? The week after, when I was in another hospital because of a colic caused by kidney stones. Double YAY me. But I was like terminator, I was supposed to leave in a couple of days so I packed my cortisone and a bunch of other drugs for the kidney next to my underwear.

    The night before the departure I came home from work (yeah terminator all the way) at 10 and I checked on my facebook just because the computer was on my way to my bed and I saw a message from [ profile] mrbartleboom a LONG message so I said "oh boy, we're in trouble" basically he wasn't going to leave Rome because of a long-personal-theatrical reason. I called him in panic I didn't know what to do but by the time he answered the phone I had figured everything up: I was about to go even if I was alone and he was the one who organized everything. I printed all that I needed (I didn't even know where the hostel was) and I left. 

    I had an amazing time. I knew loads of new people in just 3 days and look: 

    Oh I've been so lucky! I have a picture of both of them! Thank you Bex for the one with David. And thank you other girl of which I do not remember the name for the one with Catherine! I also have spent 3 amazing days with [ profile] thegrownupthing and [ profile] pookieandpookie I'm very happy cause, even if I missed [ profile] mrbartleboom so friggin' much, I had a fabolous time :) I have met new friends I've seen a lot of things and I loved every part of it, I even loved the german guy who kept me asleep for a whole night snoring.

  2. Let's talk about TV. As I tweeted earlier I have no more time for TV shows (aaaah life) since I've a boyfriend who is not into my TV shows since I watch them in english (actually I've made him watch Doctor Who and he liked it, in the meanwhile my ears were bleading because of the italian dubbing) so I understood which shows I cannot live without: Doctor Who, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time (new entry) and Merlin. When I'll have time I'll surely watch Fringe, Castle and Chuck and I'll catch up with the other ones when and if I'll have the time. Now I'm looking for another job and I'm studying at the same time. I have to finish German and I took a medical aid course I rocked at it and one of the teacher was a brand new doctor who was also really hot :D As I said I put Once Upon A Time in the short list and you know why? Because it's AWESOME! Are you watching it? I love everything and I ship everyone/everyone (Geppetto/Jiminy ♥) and I also love Henry's voice LMAO! 
  3. 3... otherwise called C or III xD I don't know what else to say actually. It's almost Xmas and I'm really happy cause I love making the tree and go shopping for gift... Oh that's one thing I have to say: I bought myself a Nintendo Wii for Xmas, (actually it's a present from my parents but since they have no time I went to the store) so now I can play with my dear Super Mario all night long ♥ Oh guys I'm so into Mario (I had a huge crush on Luigi back when I was just a kid who doesn't know anything about loving a man with mustaches and a green cap) I have loads of Mario games for my Nintendo DSi but now I have a new weir passion, actually two: Plants VS Zombies and Pokémon I didn't know Pokémon was so addicting and I'm not talking about Plants vs Zombies thanks to it I went to sleeet at 3 in the morning one night! :D So: Super Marios & co, Pokémon, Plants vs Zombies, Professor Layton, Puzzle Bubble... Have you got something new for me to try? :D Let me know!

Now I've got to go. I hope to be able to post more often. Finger crossed! See you guys!
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Today, when I woke up, I found in my mail box a new reply to one of my previous posts asking me - in simple words - why I am missing in action again, so I thought to do something about it... After all I did that very long meme and it took me day after day a sigificative ammount of time... Do a simple entry just to show you I'm still alive, after that, is kinda esay and immediate, isn't it? So...

8:47 am

I saw the notification at 7:20 a.m and now I'm feeling a little bit like John Watson from Moffat's Sherlock, no, I'm not shouting at some machine at the supermarket, not in this particular moment! I'm on the subway on my way to class, I had two coffee this morning because one wasn't strong enough and I'm Italian so you can understand what kind of coffee I'm talking about, I'm wearing my new skinny jeans (now that I lost all that waight I can wear this kind of stuff YAY) with a pair of booths with high heals and I'm feeling very confident (and tall), thing that doesn't happen that often to me so I'm thinking is going to be a good day :).

Coming back to Watson and the problem we share: do you remember the first episode? The one with him in front of his blog/journal, thinking about something to write down, just some random words to fill up a blank page but... nothing. The same here, I can't think about anything interesting to write but I'm dealing with the problem in a different way: I write down random stuff that pops out of my mind and I'm starting to think that my way of dealing with it it's worse than an empty page.

12:35 pm

I'm no longer on the subway of course... You should see our subway here in Genoa, it's just hilarious!
Class dismissed and I'm half way to the end of my university day and I keep thinking about when I'll be home watching How I Met Your Mother with Jennifer Morrison... Although, I think this one will be the episode with Jen, am I right? Idk! But I don't want to talk about TV shows even if I'd love to say how much I loved Single Father with David Tennant last night, but at home there is a brand new picspam!entry that just need to be posted! I wanted to do it last night but I had to fix one thing or two so I'll do it later. Now I'm going to lunch and since it's warm outside I think we're gonna eat on the roof! YaY! *can we have class outside?*

2:39 pm

I'm still here, playing with my finger nails on the desk waiting for the professor to show up. I write down words just to delete 'em. No sign of the stupid girl who was sit next to me yesterday that killed my brain whit her talking about her *huge* issues... Meh! Told you this was going to be a good day!!!

Actually it's not like I have nothing to tell... I have so many things to tell but you know, there are plans and things that are going to happen in the future and they are still blurry and not sure so I don't want to write 'em down just to maybe read them in a couple of months thinking that I was a fool and crying on myself because I didn't make it! But I'll tell you when they will be more concrete! Promise!

For now I just can say that I started German and I'm really excited about it because I like it a lot! For now I'm able to say stuff like my name (Ich heiße Erika) Sorry (entschuldigung) how are you doin'? (wie geht es dir?) don't throw stuff out the window (keine gegenstände aus des fenster werfen my favourite) etc. but as I said I'm loving it, it's way better than French imho, we'll see in a couple of weeks when it will get harder and harder LOL!

6:25 pm

YaY! It's over! I can come back home woooooooo \o/ and from now on I'll be all about tv shows so I have to say goodbye!

See, it wasn't difficoult for me, maybe it was boring for you but it's not my fault, you wanted to read it, deal with it and don't blame me! :P

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There something that bothers me... Why are comedy weddings always better than drama weddings?
I mean, I swear I can't remember a very good wedding in a drama (or in another kind of show) and I'm pretty sure there are some. Can someone help me?
Maybe my pairings never get married or had insipid weddings. Maybe the first one since my love for angsty stuff! Yes, that's possible!

Sorry I know I said a different pairing for each day but I couldn't choose between those couples! And if you have seen these shows you can understand me!
Actually I had a plan that just one episode of The Office destroyed (Well done Jim!).
I wanted to choose Marshall/Lily (How I Met Your Mother) for this question and Chandler/Monica (Friends) for another one and if you know me you definitely know which one. I have no doubt about that question!
But let's talk about this one! The best wedding(s).
Lily/Marshall (HIMYM) - Jim/Pam (the Office)- Monica/Chandler (Friends)
I only want to spend the rest of my life with you, my prince, my soulmate, my friend.
animation made by [ profile] erychan86

In the gif the couple aren't in a specific order, I just like the idea of the kiss that starts with a couple and ends with another one. :)

Day 12 - Who had the best wedding? )

I decided to change tomorrow question since all my previous entries have been about TV pairings this is useless, I'm going to do an entry with my favourite movie pairing: Day Thirteen: What is your favourite television movie pairing?

Days from 01 to 30 )

If you want you can take the animations! Just credit me and leave a comment here! ;)
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Time for the kiss question! A though one!
[ profile] lyly_hameron suggested me to do a top 5 of the best TV kisses it's a very good idea and I think that I'll do that! But not now! I had a lot of problem choosing one kiss for this meme since I don't want to repete myself, but I'll definetly do that! :)
Get ready for a lot of animations :P

I miss them so much! :'( I want them back! Give me my BrOTP! :'(

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Barney/Robin - How I Met Your Mother
They watched it over and over that night until finally, they stopped watching.
animation made by [ profile] erychan86

Day 06 - The best kiss )

Oh this one is way too easy for me, there is just one scene that made me cry every bloody time (well actually one show with 3 scenes but I can choose between one of them...): Day Seven:  The most heartbreaking scene?

Days from 01 to 30 )

If you want you can take the animations! Just credit me and leave a comment here! ;)
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After 2 picspam it's time for a video.
I started this video MONTHS ago... Right after the first episode of season 5 I felt the urge to open Sony Vegas... and then I closed it xD
Btw, this is not my first video about Barney and Robin... The fist one was deleted (thanks YouTube) but if you want you can find it here.

Barney/Robin - Never Say Never
(How I Met Your Mother)
Download & YouTube

Characters: Barney and Robin
Spoiler: HIMYM all 5 seasons
Song: The Fray - Never Say Never
Clips from: How I Met Your Mother
Description: WHAAAT? Barney and Robin in a relationship? Well... you can never say "Never"! :) Both of them aren't exactly "relationship material" so at the beginning it's hard to handle all that new stuff, there are good moments, yes, but there are incomprehensions too and fights and sometime is easier to say that is too much and that they'll never be a good couple, but what does it mean: good couple, they say there's no wrong or right when it comes to love.

Robin: Where do you see this relationship going? Oh, my God, that sounds so cheesy.
Barney: I know, right?
Robin: Totally. But, um, where-where do you see this relationship going?
Barney: I don't know.

Ted: She doesn't say, "I love you," like a normal person. Instead, she'll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile and say, "You're an idiot."

Ted: I've seen Barney work very hard to get women. I've seen him work very hard to get rid of women. I've never seen him work this hard to keep one around.

Robin: You're an idiot.

Sample ) and (Lyrics)
I know that in the show they broke up but I want to remember them this way, as a couple! I hope to see them together as soon as possible cos they're AWESOME! I think this song is perfect for them, is just like the lyrics has been writte thinking about this kind of realtionship imho! I hope you like it and if you want leave a comment, comments are LOOOOOOVED :P

You can also find ALL my music videos here:
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Hi peeps I popped up by just to try this iPhone app cos YES finally I did it, I bought an iPhone (actually is not a news I bought it almost 4 weeks ago but I'm still happy lol) btw HI THERE, long time no see/write/read/whatever lolz! How're you? I'm pretty fine but I'm bored and I have nothing to talk about, well actually I have plenty of things to say but none is really interesting. I'm doing normal stuff, my days are completly normal: university, home, friends, tv shows, always the same! I don't enjoy so much "normal" cos I'm weird... I like drama and action and situations that end up with cliffangers... I'm totally a fiction character stuck in the real life xD

Btw, let's talk about something a little more interesting: Music Videos that's the reason why most of you have friended me ;) I'm making a NEW MV about Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother and the song I chose for them is Never say Never by the Fray. It's almost done, I just have to fix a few things but I have to find time, maybe this weekend... The last one I was sick so...

I have to say one IMPORTANT thing: I'm not over Doctor Who and Ten/Rose is just that I'm very exigent about my vids about this fandom, I actually scream at the monitor sometimes and I go out of my mind frequently when I'm working on one of those vids, I know that is a little bit crazy but this is Doctor Who and there are loads of beautiful vids on YT and I just want to do my best ;)
But I'm working on 2 vids in particular: one about Rose POV during season 3 and 4 in the parallel universe, trying to come back to her beloved Doctor, and one about Rose's death (whaaaaaat?) a kind of Romeo and Juliet story if you know what I mean but I can't say nothing more ;) this one is really difficult and I think that I have to wait the last special to finish it!

So, that's all for now! Good night (or morning/afternoon/evening) peeps. Bye!

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I'm the worst blogger ever! Am I?
My last entry was back in July, 22! More than a month ago! Where have I been? And is not that I haven't anything to say... not at all! It's still summer so I have plenty of things to say! Let's make a sum ;)

First, my friend [ profile] mrbartleboom has spent a week at my place, babysitting my parents with me lol! Well, let's be honest, this time, for a whole week they have been parents, I'm proud of them!
We had a lot of fun and, the most important thing is that he met my bestfriend: Federico. That part kinda freaked me out cos I really love 'em and I wanted those two became friends and I think that there was a goooooood start! YAY so the fanfic could became real some day XD

... more under the cut )
So, now the holidays are over and I have to study again and in september I'll work for a while and I have to start another thing... so I'll be quite busy but I'm going to find the time to finish some of my videos and fanart! I have 3 picspam to post. But now I have to go...

Uh, I forgot, I started to watch True Blood few days ago... I watch it just because of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) look and look. Isn't he a very good reason? The show isn't so great but after Mulholland Drive I can see everything! I'm also watching 10 things I hate about you! I needed something light to watch waiting for How I Met Your Mother... I can't wait for it! The season premierre will rocks my world! I already know that! ;) I havet to wait less than a month! (Is better if I don't think about how much time I have to wait for Doctor Who XD)

Bye guys/gals!
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How cute is he?
Really can Neil be more cute? By the way what happenef with his hair are FABULOUS
Just Click to watch!

                                                                    (Click on the image for the video)
             nph2.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

He talks about Barney and Robin and the Tony Awards. I love the way he talks about Cobie! About how much he loves working with her, their friendship in real life... So nice and his smile is so sweet! But still, those hair... OMG are fantastic!

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I told you I would be quick!
I started it after Benefits but then I decided to wait till the end of the season for more footages, hoping in something about Robin's POV and the last episode was just what I needed! The song was perfect in Benefits but now, with The Leap is... I can't find a better word! :)
It fits perfectly with every footage! I'm kinda proud of this music video and I really hope you like it too!
The Video propably will be muted or deleted by YouTube so I uploaded it on IMEEM, is the same trust me! :)

Barney/Robin - No More Wishing
by Hayley Taylor

nomorewishing.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Watch on Show Your Vids
Download @

Characters: Barney and Robin
Spoiler: How I Met Jour Mother 4x24 The Leap
Song: Hayley Taylor - No More Wishing
Clips from: How I Met Your Mother
Note: This is for [ profile] mrbartleboom , who learnt to love this couple few months ago and they became one of his favourite ships ever!
(if you want to know about me, my creziness and mi vids folow me on twitter:
Description: Barney and Robin are meant for each other since... well: ever... but they have "problems" with the emotional stuff, she is in denial all the time and he is extremely scared to let himself go (all because of Shannon) so they live their life wishing. But, one day, they'll face their feelings for each other and then there will be no more wishing.

Sample )

Please leave a comment!
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The 4th season is over and I still can believe that we have to wait till september for the next one...
Btw ths was such a brilliant season... No, let me say it it was MADE OF WIN!
So, for this year, this will be my last picspam (maybe)
I'm working on a BrOTP music video now with No More Wishing by Hayley Taylor (the song at the end of 4x12 Benefits) it's almost done so I really hope you will watch it :)

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4 (part1)

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My photobucket account is fine now! So, to celebrate, I've made some icons LOL!
[33] 90210 (Mostly Ryan/Silver) 14 By Accident  -17 The Bad & the Trusted
[09] Doll House 1x07 Echoes
[03] Various (Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother, Lie To Me)

erychan86: (Neil Patrick Harris)
In those days I've made a lot of icons and bannes... and now finally I have the time to post 'em!
This is a rly multifandom icon post lol!
The banners are only for Doctor Who season 2 and 4, obliously Ten/Rose :)

[30] Actors/Actress (Billie Piper, David Tennant, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Morrison, Neil Patrick Harris
[24+2] Castle 1x02
[36] Doctor Who season 2 (2x01 New Earth, 2x02 Tooth and Claw)
[22+1] Being Erica 1x01
[44+3] How I met Your Mother season 4 various BrOTP
[32] Lost 5x08
[13] What I like about you season 4
Icons )

Banners )
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I wanted to wait till the season finale for the S4 picspam but, maybe, is better split it in two cos there are so many BrOTP moments that one couldn't contain all the awesomeness of this couple!
I also wanted to add the 4x17 but... ya know...

Here the other ones:
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
From 4x01 to 4x16:
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And now the season 3!
This is a brilliant season expecially the final part! I loved this season so much! And not just because of "Sandcastles in the Sand" or "Miracles" but the whole season was awesome! How I Met Everyone Else, the Platinum Rule, The Bracket,... ALL GREAT EPISODES!

Follow The Cut... )

We're almost there! :)
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Where were we? Oh yes, the second part of the picspam about the most awesome couple of HIMYM!
Season 2 wasn't so good with us poor shippers: Ted and Robin are a couple and the scenes with Barney and Robin together are few cos she is always with Ted!

Follow The Cut... )

So Ted and Robin broke up at the end of Season 2 and now it's brotp time
Soon the Season 3 picspam!
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I really love this show and this couple, so I decided to try something new...
This is the first of 4 picspams about this LEGEN-wait for it-DARY couple.

season1.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Follow the cut... )

I'll back soon with the Season 2 Picspam! :)
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Such a strange day today...

When I woke up this morning, I was sick. Really sick. Too sick to do much more than lay on the couch, I was more pale than usual and my head hurted very much... and I thought "Last night I was sober... why my head hurts so much?" but my law books waited for me, so I studied the whole day, but now I almost forgot everything... This will be a LONG LONG night and my headache don't want to leave me alone... great.

This Afternoon, after a babana milkshake, I was next to my computer, waiting for the new episode of Chuck and suddently I heard: This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home, my ringtone...Usually I leave the mobile ring for some moments... cos I love my ringtone XD but this time I answered IMEDIATLY cos was Enrico ♥...

Enrico is my unresolved crush, he's a classmate and a really colse friend, I fell for him the first night I saw him but I'm very insicure about myself... YAY... so I choked my feelings for him; two years ago we were good, my feeling was vanish but few months ago he started to be more nice that usual... he called a local television for my fanvid and thousand of other things and a strange strange scene under the rain... We spoked, as always, for 2 hours and we talked about everithing. When I told him that in settember I'll leave Law for the DAMS he was so so sorry, and I was happy about that, and he sayd something strange about relationship... I really have to understand what he meant with those words... but maybe it's my heart who's reasoning and not my brain.

The thing is that after the call I was fine (except for the headache) he healed me... ♥

How I Met Your Mother - 4x14 The Possimpible )

Uh and yesterday evening I saw Lie To Me because of Tim Roth... Tim Roth in a TV Show? WOW! And is great! I already like that show... and this is bad cos I'm watching to much "television"... but at least is good television cos is not Italian Television :)

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I know that I should study right now...
I now :(
But I'm bored so I made some icons :)

[66] Barney Robin (3.16 | 3.17 | 4.01 | 4.05 | 4.12)
[03] Barney/Robin animated (3.16 | 4.01| 4.12)
[09] Neil Patrick Harris

Tacos Are Going To Love You Back )

Please, if you take, comment here and credit in your userinfo or in the comment space of your icons, with the text: icon by: < lj user= "erychan86" > (withouth spaces between the < > of course ^^)

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YAY I'm officially on holiday right now!
And now I have to catch up a lot of TV shows!
Let's start! \o/

Prison Break - 4x13 Deal or No Deal )

Prison Break - 4x14 Just Business )
Btw I dunno how many episodes left; 8, 10? I'm sure about one thing: I love Prison Break but I hope that this will be the last season! I can't handle another season! This Company have to be destroy in this one!

How I Met Your Mother - 4x10 The Fight )

Gossip Girl - 2x12 A Wonderful Lie )

Desperate Housewives - 5x10 A Vision's Just a Vision )

Merlin - 1x12 To Kill The King )
I want the season finale of Merlin NOW!!!

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