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I have to be quick today and fortunately this is a very easy question!
I was talking about this topic yesterday night with [ profile] teruel_a_witch and we both agree that it is the worst pairing out there rigt now!
For me there is also Bill/Sookie from True Blood actually but compared to this is not "that" bad!
I'm sorry [ profile] maddythevampire I know you like them a lot! :(


Since my very first ship was House/Cameron and I was also a Wilson/Cuddy shipper the reason why I chose them is pretty obvious! And I also find Cuddy annoying.

House/Cuddy - House

Gotta go! Come back tomorrow for: Day 17 - A pairing you thought would never work out but it did?

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Brilliant. I'm still in the mood! So let's keep going with this meme.
Yesterday I took a look at the other questions for the next days and some of them are not easy expecially since I want to choose a different pairing for every post.
But today the question is still an easy one to answer!

I don't remember my very first ship. Maybe Barbie/Ken from my Barbie dolls collection? [I used to made up some really angsty story for those two when I was a kid... poor Barbie...] Or maybe my very first ship was Usagi/Mamoru from the anime Sailor Moon...
It's complicated, but as very first ship I have to choose a more recent couple because this very couple made me became a tv show addict and made me surf the net loocking for spoilers and pics FOR THE FIRST TIME. My first music video was about them and it's again thanks to them if I opened this livejournal! So House/Cameron was my very first important ship!

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
House/Cameron - House
What I am is what you need. I'm damaged.
animation made by [ profile] erychan86

Day 02 - What was your very first ship )

And tomorrow: Day Three:  A pairing that needs to happen now?

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[19] Chuck 2x13 Chuck Versus the Suburbs
[27] House 5x15 Unfaithful
[49] Lost 5x06 316

Chuck ) House ) Lost )

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I watched House... I didn't like the episode so much! As always something missing! In this episode there are Cameron and the others but it's not enough, I want to see the old team again with House... I don't hate 13, Kutner or Taub... but the show was so perfect before and now the cases sucks the storyline sucks everything sucks!
So... for cheer me up I took those memes from [ profile] loveable_me_87 waiting for the next chapter of her Barney/Robin fanfic ;)

Music MEME ) Doctor Who MEME )

And now let's go to watch Fringe :) I need my dose of "OMG this is SO UNBELIEVABLE".
*48 awesome minutes later* )

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I was brutally tagged by[ profile] jaded_jamie so I have to do this lol! 16 random facts about me... it's difficoult! Let me think about it...

The 16 Random Facts About Me MEME )

Done... And now I tag everyone who wants to be tagged ;)

Antother thing... you know that youtube is evil (even if now I'm #96 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors - Italy and #63 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Directors - Italy YAY) in this days and lots of video are gone so... I have 2 new account!
One on IMEEM:
And one on Vimeo with video protect with password:

Untitled-1-1.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
The Password for Little Wonders is Doomsday

Untitled-1copy.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
The Password for A Small Crime is Hameron

And for the DownLoads:
NeverEnding and

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Why my xmas tree isn't photogenic?
It doesn't look so well in photographs...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Btw it's snowing again! This is so Chrismas!
Today I listened some xmas carol! I love this kind od atmosphere!

I watched Pushing Daisies too, and this is oficially the best episode of the Season 2... I have to say that I love Kristin Chenoweth (Olive)'s voice!
Yesterday night (this morning at 5am... I couldn't sleep I dunno why) I saw The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian!
Am I wrong or Aslan is change??? Btw it was nice, not as the first movie but nice... and in this one there was 2 Italian actors: Sergio Castellitto (King Miraz) and Pierfrancesco Favino (General Glozelle)... I'm proud LOL! I like Castellitto, but in this movie they were dubbed? 0___0!

Now I have to watch House and Heroes... 4 episodes! I don't want to :( House is so changed from the beginning... I don't like at all the whole story with Cuddy :( And Heroes... (one of)my poor ship... I'm so sad about it but I'm still hoping... I mean it's Heroes after all!
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Second part of my "group reviews"!
After a loooooooooong day at university I needed relax, and here I am.. In front of my monitor still sad about the fact that my TV shows are going on break till jenuary soon... And it's time for my brilliant House, my cool Peter and my atlethic Nathan. I'm determined to see all this shows tonight! I'm brave, YAY me XD

House 5x08 Emancipation )

Fringe 1x08 The Equation )

One Tree Hill 6x11 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) )

The end... of this... It's not over! I've to see: Pushing Daisies and then in the week end Merin, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives! O_____o BUT the important thing to see this week is: Einstein and Eddington! David *_________*

eande.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Isn't he cute? I think that is so hot even if is not ruffle!
I have to pack. Tomorrow is the day! My big reunion YAY! Verona i'm coming! ;)

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Today is (was) a good day! Yesterday I've done few things... first an account on imeem ( for my video and then few icons from 3 tv show! House, Fringe and (yes, I know) 90210 ('cause you know I'm not totally serious and for some reason I love this show! XD)

House: 5x07 The Hitch )

Fringe: 1x07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones )

90210: 1x10 Games People Play )

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I really love this Game!
Super Mario is the best game ever and with Obama is so LOL! I can't stop to play XD

Today I was so bored... After International law my brain almost exploded! So in the afternoon I was in front of my pc with Sony Vegas open ready for work on my video about Ten/House/Cameron but nothing! I don't have ideas for the end of the video, for the font and for other little things! (Pratically I've only the song, the scenes in the ospital and the scene when Cameron finds the TARDIS) My head is so empty!!! I already know that Cameron will choose Ten in the end but I dunno how... I've made a scene with House who sees the TARDIS in the sky but I don't like it so much! Meh!

Btw I've done two wallpapers for *my* new companion!!!

Free Image Hosting at   Free Image Hosting at

They're so nice together!
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House/Cameron - A Small Crime
by Damien Rice

Characters: House Cameron (+ Chase, Stacy and Wilson)
Spoiler: 1x01 to 4x12
Song: Damien Rice - 9crimes
Description: Cameron decides to leave her job at the PPTH because her feelings for House are too strong and he can't handle them anymore. Cameron goes to Chase in search of a friend. They go to a bar and talk about her situation with House, she tells him that she's over House and that she left her job for a better one! Later, the same night, Cameron goes to Chase in search of a friend. They go to a bar and talk about her situation with House, she tells him that she's over House Chase goes to Cameron's and they have sex. The next morning, he tells her that he wants more, but she can't and tells him that it's over!
House is in town and in a bar he sees Chase and Cameron, he's upset and makes a big mistake: he calls Stacy and they have sex, but the next morning he realizes that he can't do this and leaves Stacey.
Cameron goes to House for the last goodbye and she leaves the town.
A year later House meets a girl that looks like Cameron and starts to hallucinate about her, but he's not hallucinating, she's really back. She's working at the ER. He asks her if her feelings are still the same but she avoids the question and leaves him in doubt.

Sample )Lyrics )
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I've made 2 clips from 4x08 - You Don't Want to Know

No Cameron in this episode! :( I'm sad!

Clip 01 (House/Wilson) House risks his life again 
Clip 02 Thanks for playing 

The clip about House/Wilson it's just because I love Jimmy  
I don't care about 13! She's pretty but she's not Cameron ;).gif

I think that : (if they'll go away... I hope)
13: dies
Taub: makin out with Amber and his wife finds out
Kutner: quit
Cutthroat Bitch... she stays, I want he
r ROTFL.gif

4x07 Ugly

Nov. 14th, 2007 07:31 pm
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I've made a few clips from House's episode Ugly!!! 3 about House and Cameron (not about about... She took about him and he took about her and this made me happy ;) ) and 2 about House/Wilson and House/Cuddy! The last it's too funny!!! House's face is so LOL  ROTFL.gif What can I say? I love Hugh!!!

Clip 01 Cameron/Guys from TV She Love House
Clip 02 House/Wilson What I gonna do (I love his voice XD )
Clip 03 House/Wilson "Cameron was smart" (Jimmy's reaction it's too funny)
Clip 04 Cameron/Chase What she really means... yes Cameron... of course ROTFL.gif
Clip 05 House/Cuddy House watch himself on TV ROTFL.gif

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I've Made a few clips about Cameron in 4x06 - Whatever It Takes!!

Clip 001 Cam/numbers
002 Cam/Foreman
003 Cam/Chase talk about House
004 Cam/Foreman  talk about the job
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New season YAY!
Great episode but I already missCameron, Foreman and Chase :( I hope to see them soon!

I've mada a clip from the episode 1 of season 4 Alone
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Hi.. I've made a video about House and Cameron...
The song is Italian "Nei Giardini che nessuno sa" in english "In the garden that no one knows" is really beautiful. I add the translation in english of it so please read it, it's important for the storyline :)

House/Cameron - The gardens that no one knows
by Laura Pausini
Song: Laura Pausini Nei Giardini che nessuno sa
Spoilers: Season 1/2/3
Description: Cameron confronts again the death of someone she loves.
What's happened if House really had cancer and he leave that Cameron stay by him side?


I hope that you enjoied... please leave a comment... i love the comments ^^

Lyrics )

translation by [ profile] allisonhouse 
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Few icons form House... mostly hameron!


If You Love House CLIK HERE )
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