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Ok let's meke it quick before my internet connection gets crazy again!
Just to share my happyness today I bought my first dress EVER! HERE there's a pic! Isn't it cute or what?

Back to the meme stuff: again it's nor "hate" I just lost my interest in this couple!

Rachel/Finn - Glee
- You know, you can kiss me, if you want to.
- I want to.

I don't hate them, I used to like them more at the beginning but then, after a few episodes I just lost my interest in this particular couple and then Jesse arrived and Lea and Jon have so much chemistry that was normal to ship them instead. And let's face it, Jon is way hotter than Cory, imho. :P
I just saw the premiere and watching Finn and Rachel act like a couple didn't touch me at all and I know it will not last so much longer! I was interest in the Will/Sue stuff and in the blond guy who, at first, looks like the blond guy in Life Unexpected but that's not him! God I love his hair. See hair > Finn/Rachel... LOL! That's how my brain works! xD
Hoping that my internet connection will stop doing things that freak me out tomorrow I'll answer an easy question : Day 28 - A pairing that you will never understand?
And from now on I know every answer so I'm actually in peace with my self xD
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OMG Will/Emma. Oh Gosh they're singing together and they are...
OMG! I can't wait I want Glee NOW!
Give me my Glee you stupid Fox! I need Will/Emma!
Give it to me!!!

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And now I can say that I have a favourite Glee song and it is: "My life would suck without you" and a favourite episode too :P!
This season's fall finale was so awesome that I didn't know what to say. I remained in front of my monitor for something like 5 minutes with my eyes wide open and my mouth too! I didn't expect so much awesome.

So I've made a little picspam about 2 scenes that made me happy as a kid in front of a Christmas Tree (+ 5 animations):

'cause they belong together )

I've made a few icons too:
[18] Normal
[9] Animated

My life would suck without you )

Please, if you take, comment here and credit with the text: icon by: < lj user= "erychan86" > (withouth spaces between the < > of course ^^)

And now (quoting the song) my life will suck without Glee till APRIL Fox, I hate you with all my heart. This break is too long :( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

ETA: I know that I didn't have to do my Top 7 Best Will/Emma (Glee) Moments before the season fall finele... damn! Now is totally different xD
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Yesterday, while I was making my video (Will/Emma - What did she say) I realized that these two are having loads of cute scenes together! I didn't realize it since yesterday when I was going a little bit crazy cos I had too much material for a such short video. That's weird cos I'm always complaining that I want more Will/Emma action lolz! So, today I decided to make...well... Let's call it a little experiment.
I've made a lot of picspam and there are almost all about ships towards a season of their show. I've always wanted to try to do a "Top 10 moments" or something like that so today I tried with this couple.

My top 7 )

I stopped at number seven because there were too many amazing scenes between those two and I didn't know what I liked the most!
So. What do you think? Did you have other scenes in your mind or a different order?

I just want to add something. I want to do soon as I can another video about Will and Emma. If you have any ideas let me know :)
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I heard this song the other day (I needed something to make me forget "You're the Voice" just for a moment) and I found this song! I loved the Imgen Heap part so I decided to do a short vid about only that part of the song! The fandom this time is Glee and the pairing is Will and Emma!
As I said before I didn't talk to much about this show even if I do love it. Will and Emma was my first ship on Glee and now is still my favourite! I'm planing to do more videos about those two, I just need to find good songs. If you have any ideas let me know!

Will/Emma (Glee) - What did she say?
Download + YouTube

Will Schuster and Emma Pillsbury
Spoiler: Glee 1x12
Song: Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (only the Imogen Heap part)
Clips from: Glee 1x01 till 1x12
Note: This video is pretty short I'm sorry but I didn't like the whole song but just some parts.
Description: No storyline! Just Will, Emma and their relationship (as Will says)

Sample ) and (Lyric))

I really hope you like it. Please leave a comment! :)
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Today I woke up early because I had to go to my training course. I know that my professor hates when someone is late and I think that - since he had to judge me at the end of those 40/50 hours and find me someplace where I could do my stage - I had to be perfect, or at least I have to try to do my best (DollHouse anyone? xD) So, I set up my alarm clock at 7.15 a.m. while the class started at 9.30 I had all the time in the world right?


I had to run.


I had my usual 'sliding doors' moment in front of the tube's doors, but I arrived in time. I'm making a lot of running around in those days... maybe I should consider it as a sport... so when someone ask me "Do you do any sport?" I could answer "I run like a nuts cos I dunno how I'm always late" [in those days cos actually I'm not that kind of person. And that's because it's weird. I hate when people arrive late] instead "I scratch my belly when I have time (and it's not so often)"

The lesson was great. The best so far. I think I really learnt something today and I'm glad! So YAY!

After that I took my French class, I have to say I'm becaming pretty good in it. I can't wait to start German actually. A few days ago I was thinking to change German to Spanish cos it's easier - since it sounds like Italian - but, you know I don't like simple things, simple things are boring. I know that German is tough but I think it will worth the effort.

Than was lunch time. I took a Tacos ♥ with Francesca and Erik, two friends from the training course, and I met Nicoletta after I dunno how many years. Maybe since high school, the funny thing is that I was talking with her on facebook yesterday about New Years Eve and stuff and today *tah dah* so weird!

This afternoon I suppose to had lesson at university but it was raining... LOL, I skipped class cos the professor/lawyer/whatever doesn't do anything except for make me waste 6 hours of my already busy life per week. She sits and read... dah, I'm capable of it too, Lady. You deserve a big MEH! So I decided to go to the tyre dude (I dunno what's his job propper name and I don't care and I think that tyre dude is kinda nice as name xD) to change my darn tyre and I waited an hour in that officine... was so cold and I was so bored I didn't have any good book with me since I finished 'American on Purpose' by Craig Ferguson (Oh my... the best autobiography EVAH) and the complete bibliography of Neil Gaiman. On my iPhone has left only the Host by Stephanie Meyer (that, imho, is even worst than the Twilight Saga) and other Vampires Books but I wasn't in the mood.

And finally: HOME! Glee was waiting for me! And... WOW. That was amazing. I mean I didn't like the songs so much but the story was *KABOOM*! Now it's becaming rly interesting... That's all for today... No, wait... One more thing:

This video is like a drug for me! I'm going crazy in here, really, and I'm listening this song over and over again in those days and that is a little bit emarassing! I have to share it, cos I'm evil :D

LOL, welcome to my world.
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Before to post my Doctor Who - The Waters Of Mars picspam I wanted to do a happy post, a post about two things that mande me very happy today!

1) This afternoon, after a crapy day at university, I've found this beautiful book on my doorstep! YAY! Finally, thanks! (Wow my eyes are pretty green in this pic)

It's Craig's book! I wasn' able to keep my huge *SQUEEEEEEE* down and it lasted almost a minute. (No, I'm not ashamed at all to show my happiness xD! It's Craig's boog for God sake!) than I took my iPhone (Oh God bless you my beautiful friend) and I took this picture., That was the first thing that I've done since I stepped out from my car. And, I know that it seems a warm day but it's not! It's freezing! But, first things first ;)

2) Glee I'm not very active on LJ this season, I don't have so much time and when I have it I make a picspam or a video, things that took me a lot of time and a lot of patience, so I didn't say anything about this show even if I LOVE IT!

But now I have to say something, I mean, last time they sang Defying Gravity, Lea sang Defying Gravity! [Lea --> Defying Gravity --> Wicked --> Idina (well, for me Kerry Ellis xD) Oh please I want Idina as Rachel's mother so badly... pleaseeeee!] Oh, she was just wonderful! And this week Matthew and Lea sang Endless Love that is one of the most beautiful love song that I know and they were FANTASTIC! I love when Will sing this kind of songs, his voice is so sweet and he and Lea are really good together (not together together, there is Emma for that xD)!
I loved the "Endless Love" scene! He was so scared ad she was so crazy xD so funny!
I loved the whole episode even if there wasn't so much Emma/Will action and Sue was MIA :(
Well, since I didn't talk at all about this show there are a few things that you have to know:
I ship: Will/Emma, Rachel/Finn, Puck/Quinn
I love: Sue
I think that: Terry is funny but I hate her, Puck > Finn, Artie is so cute I love his voice, Will is hot and Quinn is cute!

There are other things of course but that's all for now!

And now: Doctor Who - The Wathers of Mars
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No more staying in bed till late, no more clubing every night, no more beach and stuff... but


Yep, I'm aware that they weren't really gone, this summer I saw few shows, but it's not the same. We are talking about loads of new pilots and new premieres and my TV Calendar is already begging for some mercy. Mondays will be though, and not only because of the university, language classes and work ;)

But this years I've been a good girl, so far, I added only 3 fandoms:

GLEE: I saw the pilot 4 months ago and I fell in love. Glee is an American musical dramedy television series that airs on Fox (yes I know. Meh XD). It focuses on a high school show choir, also known as a glee club. You know thay I love musicals and a TV show that is ALSO a kinda musical HAD to be in my list! I LOVE Will/Emma, I also ship Finn/Racel of course but if I have to choose from those two Will/Emma are my OTP! The songs - so far - were amazing and Rachel character looks and sounds like Idina Menzel, I rellay hope to see her too in the show, maybe as Rachel's mother... And, talking about great singers Josh friggin' Groban was in the show last week! And in two weeks look who wll join the cast: click! Great choises! As always the only problem is the network... I hate Fox. The network where good television goes to die. <__<

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: [ profile] serenachan forced me to watch it because of Ian Somerhalder but is not so bad! And I need something about vampires in my list while I'm waiting for Being Human and the thirs season of True Blood. The Vampire Diaries is a TV drama that airs on the CW. The show is based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The plot revolves around Elena Gilbert, a young heroine who is the object of passion for two vampire brothers, one good (Stefan), one evil (Damon). You know that I love bad guys so I think that I'll go for Elena/Damon instead of Elena/Stefan taht, after only two episodes, are already boring.

FLASHFORWARDS: I saw the pre-air yesterday and this show MUST be on my list. is a science-fiction television series that airs on ABC. A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds during which each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now, as of April 29, 2010.. Everyone who survived is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen. A Los Angeles FBI agent named Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) tries to figure out what exactly happened and why it happened. <3

I also gave a glimpse at Merloce Place and The Beautiful Life but I don't think I'll follow 'em, Merlose Place is too trash even for someone like me who knew how to enjoy that kind of shows! The Beautiful Life isn't bad but I'm not so thrilled about it!

Tonight is Emmy night! And I can't wait to see Neil Patrick Harris in his sexy suit awesoming all over the place! He'll be a GREAT host! I'm also quite sure that he'll win an emmy for his performance in How I Met Your Mother cos, let's face it, last year HE WAS THE SHOW! And this will be his year, he deserves all his succes cos he's awesooooooooooome :) Probably I'll make a picspam about the night! I have to see if I have time tho.

So, that's all for now :) I'm working on some old music videos, I hope to finish 'em soon! Have a great day, bye :)

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