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Favourite DW episode? [ profile] eowyn

There are a lot of Doctor Who episodes I loved. I really liked Vincent and the Doctor, Eevery season finale written by Russel T Davies, Blink,... but my favorite is definitely Midnight (season 4 episode 10)

Ahh, taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight? What could possibly go wrong?

David Tennat was FANTASTIC in it and I loved the whole episode from the beginning to the end, there's nothing I would change about it! There was no monster to be seen, it was all about the way the people on that truck acted. Such a great episode! When I have to show an episode to someone who have never seen Doctor Who I show this one! :D

Oh David!

I tried to stay away from this Friending Meme... But apparently I can't fight it xD

The Sad Ghost's Friend Frenzy!
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Do you have a favourite fandom and or pairing/ship? [ profile] verdande_mi

This used to be such an easy question to answer to... Before Moffat came Doctor Who was my favorite show but now, to me, it's not the same! But still the first show I think about when someone asks me this question... so yes, the answer is Doctor Who and my favorite paring/ship is Ten and Rose!

I can't fight it! :D
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New video!

It has been a week since I posted the last one (that is doing pretty good, almost 2000 views! YAY) but it feels like less, maybe because I've been busy getting ready for Eric's return, or maybe becase I downloaded Motion 5 and I'm figuring it out... I just need better transitions, FCPX transitions sucks! And also better text effects! I'm having fun learning how to use it (by trying stuff out as usuals, I'm not good wit manuals and tutorials) and I don't like the fact I won't be able to get to know it better before I have to be separated from my Mac

But let's not talk about that! New Video!

I've been wanting to use this song for a Ten/Rose music video since the first time I've heard it! Such an amazing tune!

HERE @ my channel

I’d give anything to hear you say it one more time,
That the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes.

Please watch in HD! Everything is better in HD! :)
Show: Doctor Who
Spoilers; 2x00 - 50th anniversary special
Ship: The Tenth Doctor x Rose Tyler
Song: Saturn by Sleeping at Last
Software: Final Cut Pro
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I need to take a break from what I'm doing so I'll write a quick update!

➜ Outside is raining so I've been working on my Ten/Rose [Doctor Who] Music Video so I ended up watching you-know-which scenes from Doomsday and Journey's End and I've been crying like is 2006 (and then like it's 2008)! I just can't deal with it... 10 years later I still cry when Rose says "I love you" and the Doctor vanishes, leaving her on the beach (Bloody Bad Wolf Bay... I've been there twice... Very nice place if you don't think about how it shattered your heart not once but twice) alone... That would be the most tragic thing ever if not than then the scene goes back into the TARDIS and the Doctor is all teary eyes and he opens his mouth to say something, but then he gives up and a tear run down his cheek... WHAT.THE.$%#%$#%. Don't even get me started on the "Does it need saying" in Journey's End because I'm already crying on the floor, no need to kick me in the stomach! Anyway! I miss Russel T Davies and I'm sorry if there are Moffat's fans here but he can't even kiss Russel's shoes, let alone wear them... Don't get me wrong... I LOVED Matt, Karen, Arthur, Peter (<3) and Jenna, but they could have been - using the tenth Doctor's words - "SO.MUCH.MORE". Also... back in 2006, they were filming these episode with the WORST lents EVER! I'm straggling making a 1080p video!

➜ I also watched the reward bit in The End of Time Part 2 and yes... That was painful too!

➜ On an happier note my [Suits] Harvey/Donna - I don't love you, I always will Music Video is doing pretty good on youtube. 1560 views in 6 days! That's just great! I'm very happy because I'm very proud of it!

➜ Other happy news: Eric is coming back home tomorrow! He'll be here tomorrow evening and we have a sushi night planned! I can't wait! I hope the weather will be good! We're going to stay here in Florida for a week and then go visit his family up in York, PA. So I will have to put my Mac back in storage (that's why I'm working so much on music videos). His flight ROMA-MIA has already being delayed 2 hours, but it's normal because the airport in Rome is just the worst (NEVER fly to Rome, always to Milan!) but he's happy so he'll have more to get his connection since he's leaving from Genova and he had just one hour in Rome (never enough). Eric LOVES airports LOL!

➜ Talking about the weather (like I'm my grandma) this morning I realized I was out of milk so I had to go out to get some for my cappuccino. When I opened the door it was still quite dark and I didn't check the sky because it was 6:30 am, but when I came out from the store it was like someone turned on 10 showers with awesome water pressure! I had to run home because I didn't want the milk to go bad, I needed my morning cappuccino and I honestly feared to get stuck there forever and had to call for a water taxi to come pick me up!

Once Upon a Time last night was Good! I forgot all that happened at the end of season 5, so I was confused (I should have watched the an hour recap on ABC). I'm quite interested in seeing what will happen but it seems quite obvious who's Emma's nemesis... I mean who was the only one missing in that scene? We'll see! I hope they won't mess up the Rumple/Belle/BabyWithDaddyIssues story because it can be interesting too!

Back to the music vidoe now... Hope your week was off to a great start!
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Hello F-List!
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very productive!

I settled in into the apartment and made a couple of trips to storage to gather what I needed to survive this month (Mac, Coffee Maker, Extra Pillow, Bike, Leftover stuff from my last staying,...) and - as per usual - the change of time zone didn't messed up my body *pats herself on the back* although, my mind was struggling with getting use to it... But anyway:

➜ Welcome new friends: [ profile] xfirefly9x, [ profile] batmarg, [ profile] tigtogiba34, [ profile] favoritexrecord, [ profile] cherrytattoo77, [ profile] sometimesartist, [ profile] frelling_tralk, [ profile] imagine_peace, [ profile] xlovebecomesher and [ profile] mimoiikit143 (please let me know if I'm forgetting someone) I'm so excited... I can't wait to get to know you all better! :)

➜ Since I added a lot of new friends I wanted to know if you feel like I should do an introduction post or you would rather me making a question meme where you can come and ask whatver you feel like (I love weird/intriguing/crazy questions... oh I love the so much!) or something similar... You tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it. I was also thinking I want to do some sort of a weekly post about fandoms and ships, since I have so many... And a monthly post with my favourite things... I don't know... All I know I'm a control freak and I want to do something very organized xD

➜ My weekend was all about music videos, as you might know. I've been waiting two long months to be reunited with my Mac and I just felt like spending a lot of time with it... Especially considering outside it's so hot... Florida, WTF?! I posted my Vincent Van Gogh [Doctor Who] the other day and I'm so excited to see so many of you commented on it and liked it! Thank you very much. It means the World to me! Last night I finished my Donna/Harvey [Suits] Music Video and I think it's the best video I've made so far. Maybe because I love the song so much [Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars] or maybe because I've been obsessed with suits recently (I binge-watch the whole thing in 2 weeks) I don't know... Today I'll fix some minor errors, so that I can make it perfect and I'll post it very soon. Next one might be another Doctor Who one... A Ten/Rose because I just have the perfect song for them and I miss that ship very much!

➜ I should make a couple of pic spams but I'm kind of bored with the layout and I would like something different and I should make some icons one of these days!

➜ I'm currently reading The Post Birthday World by Lionel Shriver, but I'm not giving it enough time... It's a very good book (if you liked the movie Sliding Doors, you might consider reading it) but it goes very deep into the head of the protagonist and there are not a lot of things happening so far.

➜ Last week the TV season started for me with Blindspot and the episode was great! Very strong season premiere, let's hope the show won't have as many fillers as last year! I'm very interested in the story. But my TV season really starts this week: I can't wait for Lucifer tonight, I loved season one and the cliffhanger was so good... and I cannot wait! Tomorrow Agents of SHIELD and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back in my weekly schedule, so I can spend my Tuesdays flipping tables for one and laughing with the other... and then Sunday: Once Upon a Time... Feels like this season has potential. We need a great bad guy and who's better than the Evil Queen? I mean this trailer makes me think this season could be awesome... There's going to be a lot of Lana and this makes me so happy! I'm adding to my calendar The Good Place as well because of Kristen Bell's face! I don't know if it's going to be any good but I need some comedies!
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Earlier today I posted an entry here on LJ and I said I was working on a new Music Video about Vincent Van Gogh, using clips from Doctor Who and - I don't know how - I finished it! I just uploaded it on youtube and this must have been the quickest video ever for me!

I'm very proud of it, because this video is somehow unique for me since I always make videos about ships and never just characters, but I had this video in mind for the longest time... I don't remember if I heard the song first and then I saw the episode or vice versa, I only know that I keep putting them together. Every time I hear this song I think about this episode, and every time I watch this episode (One of the few I re-watched more than once since the Moffat Era I miss you RTD!!!) I think about this song!

So this is my last video. It has been a long time since my last Doctor Who Video (I have so many Ten/Rose videos to be completed that is not even funny) I hope you enjoy it!


To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence
was not only the world's greatest artist,
but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.
                                                                                - Doctor Who 5x10

Please watch in HD! Everything is better in HD! :)
Show: Doctor Who
Clips from episode: 5x10
Character: Vincent Van Gogh
Song: Vincent (Starry Starry Night) by Josh Groban
Software: Final Cut Pro
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I know, I know... The joke is old but I could't find a better title! :)

Thank you guys about all the "safe travels" messages... I am here, safe and sound. It has been a pretty intense journey, and yesterday, it was one of the busiest days of my life.

Since basically I don't have a home, and I keep moving from a place to another every 6 months keeping all my stuff in a storage unit, I have this need to settle in right away. The night I got in Fort Lauderdale, I had to unpack and go to storage to get my iMac (I've missed you so much, baby) and my Nespresso Coffee Maker... So when I woke up yesterday morning I had my nice coffee (I stuffed my suitcase with Italian Nespresso Compatible capsules... better and cheaper) and I turned on my Mac that has been working non stop to vonvert from .mkv to .mp4 all the Suits episode...

It's taking so long because I'm converting 1080p files, so that than I can finally work on my Harvey/Donna Music Video. (I have to because Final Cut Pro doesn't read .mkv yet). I'm so excited about this video. I'm using Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars (Here listen to this AMAZING song) and the song is just so perfect for this couple... While iSkysoft is working on converting all the episodes, I'm also working on another music video about Vincent Van Gogh with the song Starry Starry Night (not the Don McLean version but the Josh Groban one, because I like the rhythm better) using clips from Vincent and the Doctor from Doctor Who. I've been thinking about this video for years now, and while I was listening to some old playlists on my flight, it all came back to me and so here I am! Very excited about this project too!

I also wanted to say hello to my new friends: [ profile] adamas, [ profile] flirting, [ profile] hanorganaas, [ profile] jediknightmuse, [ profile] kaitydid33087, [ profile] monkiainen, [ profile] moongirl24, [ profile] ragnarok_08 and [ profile] topum and I decided to upload a new-ish profile (Click) but I have to still work on it, and write something interesting in there... I was thinking about making another *insert month here* question meme, since it seems the better way to get to know people better... Let me know if you think I should do it... I had so much fun last time I did it and the questions were EXCELLENT!

Oh and here another friending meme! :) I love this stuff and this one is a very good one, so go check it out!!!

I'm right here :)

That will be all from me! Have a great day!
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What a month, guys!
These are, without a doubt, the most deserved four days off I've ever had!

After I cought up with some sleep, I finally managed to watch the first two episodes of Doctor Who Season 8.
I know I am a couple of weeks late, but the lack of propper internet access forced me to delay my first encounter with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

As everyone here knows David was and will always be my Doctor and - after he left - I thought I would have never liked any other Doctor ever again, but I am starting to change my mind...
I have never been crazy about Matt Smith (very unpopular opinion, I know but that's how I feel) but that is probably because he came after David... But now I have to admit I like Peter Capaldi a lot... Maybe this will make me reconsider Clara as well... who knows...
I think that Peter nailed the Doctor since episode one. I am already getting addicted to the way he moves his hands... do not even let me start about his accent and voice though, I could go on and on for hours probably.

So for me this is a HELL YES! Capaldi has been APPROVED!!!

Sassy Scottish Doctor )
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... How wrong and painful it is to work surrounded by Brits that don't watch Doctor Who.

I am not kidding unfortunately. I work with 9 English boys in their early/mid twenties (we are 24 on board when off charter and 26 when on charter so it's basically 1/3 of the crew) and I asked - and still ask when someone new joins us - each one of them if they were fans and I always received the same answer... "NO"!

The day after the BBC announced the name of the new Doctor I was in the Crew Mess, eating lunch and on the news I heard the announcement for the second time (I knew it already thanks to my friend Elisa that posted the joyful news on my wall on Facebook) and I got all excited again but in a reserved kind of way because I knew what was about to happen... When the telly said the 2 words "doctor" and "who" everyone, literally EVERYONE, who was in the room turned to look at me like, instead of saying Peter Capaldi, the anchorman said Erika Patoni...

I didn't know what to di exactly so I started ranting a little bit about how awesome Peter Capaldi is and other random infos about the guy... Silence was waiting for me at the end of my speech... I could swear I heard some cricket singing far away on land...

I love them all anyway, (and they could say the same thing about me) but it's crazy for me to think we are around the same age but they never watched the show... They know about it because, I guess, the media in the UK must go down pretty hard with everything about the Show and what surrounds it, but still they think it's a show for kids and it's kind of lame... :( or maybe they know it is actually AWESOME and they just want to make fun of me... *Ery here is in denial

Back to the name of the 12th Doctor... I have to say I didn't expect it AT ALL! I admit I found out about the announcement by reading [ profile] jaded_jamie journal the other day, when I decided it was time for me to come back on the interwebs after all this time. I tried for so long not to get too involved with Doctor Who after the last season because I didn't want to loose my mind thinking and waiting for the 50th anniversary episode and - I think - I will try not to look around for spoilers of any kind... I know already what I wanted to know about it anyway... HE is going to be there and he's not going to be alone... I am so HAPPY about it!!!

But still, back to the 12th Doctor... I love Peter Capaldi, he was fantastic on TW and I think it will make an utterly brilliant Doctor... Now, I just hope he is not going to be surrounded by kids after Clara... I'm not interested in another Sarah Jane, thankyouverymuch! If the next companion will be another girl I would want a slightly young girl and, why not, something Martha' style... For an underage, unrequited love... I would accept this kind if thing this time :)... But I am also okay with everything The Moff will decide because he already choose the best possible Doctor Ever (after David)...

And now I am so curios now about his style... I cannot wait to watch him in action but first the 50th anniversary episode! That is what I look very much forward to... I am saving all my tears for that!!! :)

Bye for now...

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Wow. So long since my last post. I'm really ashamed... Well, I guys :) I'm here now, YAY! I don't even know what to say actually but I wanted to let you know I'm still alive and life is taking me all my energy, but you know life, she always wants more.

So, what's happening... well loads of things actually but I don't wanna to bore you to death so I'll skip to the fangirl stuff.
  1. I've been in London a couple of months ago. ALONE. I wasn't suppose to be alone but let's explain everything so you can picture my situation and make a big laugh about my series of misfortunes that brought me to one of the most amazing days of my life.

    [ profile] mrbartleboom and I were suppose to go to see Much Ado About Nothing whit the brilliant David Tennant and the fantastic Catherine Tate. We had amazing tickets. And when I say it I mean REALLY AMAZING tickets: Stalls E12/E13 practically we were THERE in front of them, so near you could have sensed their scent ♥. So everything was planned and we knew it would have been awesome. A couple of days before THE day I went to the doctor because I had a strange fever and I thought it was because of my new job BUT instead was because I had mononucleosis.YAY me, and you know when I discovered that? The week after, when I was in another hospital because of a colic caused by kidney stones. Double YAY me. But I was like terminator, I was supposed to leave in a couple of days so I packed my cortisone and a bunch of other drugs for the kidney next to my underwear.

    The night before the departure I came home from work (yeah terminator all the way) at 10 and I checked on my facebook just because the computer was on my way to my bed and I saw a message from [ profile] mrbartleboom a LONG message so I said "oh boy, we're in trouble" basically he wasn't going to leave Rome because of a long-personal-theatrical reason. I called him in panic I didn't know what to do but by the time he answered the phone I had figured everything up: I was about to go even if I was alone and he was the one who organized everything. I printed all that I needed (I didn't even know where the hostel was) and I left. 

    I had an amazing time. I knew loads of new people in just 3 days and look: 

    Oh I've been so lucky! I have a picture of both of them! Thank you Bex for the one with David. And thank you other girl of which I do not remember the name for the one with Catherine! I also have spent 3 amazing days with [ profile] thegrownupthing and [ profile] pookieandpookie I'm very happy cause, even if I missed [ profile] mrbartleboom so friggin' much, I had a fabolous time :) I have met new friends I've seen a lot of things and I loved every part of it, I even loved the german guy who kept me asleep for a whole night snoring.

  2. Let's talk about TV. As I tweeted earlier I have no more time for TV shows (aaaah life) since I've a boyfriend who is not into my TV shows since I watch them in english (actually I've made him watch Doctor Who and he liked it, in the meanwhile my ears were bleading because of the italian dubbing) so I understood which shows I cannot live without: Doctor Who, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time (new entry) and Merlin. When I'll have time I'll surely watch Fringe, Castle and Chuck and I'll catch up with the other ones when and if I'll have the time. Now I'm looking for another job and I'm studying at the same time. I have to finish German and I took a medical aid course I rocked at it and one of the teacher was a brand new doctor who was also really hot :D As I said I put Once Upon A Time in the short list and you know why? Because it's AWESOME! Are you watching it? I love everything and I ship everyone/everyone (Geppetto/Jiminy ♥) and I also love Henry's voice LMAO! 
  3. 3... otherwise called C or III xD I don't know what else to say actually. It's almost Xmas and I'm really happy cause I love making the tree and go shopping for gift... Oh that's one thing I have to say: I bought myself a Nintendo Wii for Xmas, (actually it's a present from my parents but since they have no time I went to the store) so now I can play with my dear Super Mario all night long ♥ Oh guys I'm so into Mario (I had a huge crush on Luigi back when I was just a kid who doesn't know anything about loving a man with mustaches and a green cap) I have loads of Mario games for my Nintendo DSi but now I have a new weir passion, actually two: Plants VS Zombies and Pokémon I didn't know Pokémon was so addicting and I'm not talking about Plants vs Zombies thanks to it I went to sleeet at 3 in the morning one night! :D So: Super Marios & co, Pokémon, Plants vs Zombies, Professor Layton, Puzzle Bubble... Have you got something new for me to try? :D Let me know!

Now I've got to go. I hope to be able to post more often. Finger crossed! See you guys!
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 Yes! Teh Doctah is in da house, bitches! \o/ Woooooooooo
Happy DOCTOR WHO DAY, my dear fandom!
Have a great season premiere! ;)

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It annoys me that every time I came here to post something I feel like starting with the sentence "It's been a while since my last post" and I actually feel guilty about it cause I hate not having time for my livejournal! Thing is I'm all about tumblr in these days, I'm making a lot of fanarts and I en up posting only there because is quick and I don't feel like do a post here for just one fanart! So, yes, I'm a bad girl and I'm sorry! :(

Since I made a couple of good gifs (in my opinion) I decided to post them here too,it will be a random post but it's better than nothing, right? :)

Castle, Being Human (UK) Fringe, Doctor Who, Community, Primeval, HIMYM, TBBT,... )

And my favourite. A Doctor Who/Fringe Crossover!

Bonus )

So, let me know, and if you want you can find other fanarts on my TUMBLR Page! ;)
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Hi guys, long time no see, this is the first post of 2011!
It's been a while since my last time here but I had problems with my computer... it's dead, I've lost all my stuff before Chrismas :( I even lost a couple of old music video I've made, that's the worst part... Well, stop taliking about this sad sad stuff. Since yesterday I changed my Tumblr Page and today outside was snowing (again) I had time to kill and I decided to do something here too! I've made 12 new headers since I dind't like the previous ones, they were too simple, these are not that different but there is more contrast! I like them better, let see for how long...

Here the headers:
So? What do you think?

I think next week or so I'm going to do a 2012 Scrapbook Post, I just have to find time for the graphic!
I also joined Miso if you want to add me: HERE.
Bye for now, I'm going to wait for Being Human now, I can't wait for tonight episode! :)
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And here we go!
Last day of the ship meme! The big final question...
It's been a month, I still can't believe it! A month! Impressive!
And what next... Will be Erika able to keep posting on her LiveJournal page or she'll just disappear? I really hope to be more active actually... After all I did this endless meme so I should be able to post some icons, videos and stuff like that more often... I hope so! :)

Tah dah! I can see the surprise in your eyes! :)

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Ten/Rose - Doctor Who
- How long are you going to stay with me?
animation made by [ profile] erychan86

Day 30 - Your favourte ship forever and ever and... )

So... I guess I have to say goodbye... it's over now... It has been really amazing and...I'm kiddin' it's not over yet! The Shippers Club is planing some bonus questions YAY! I just don't know if I have to wait for them in order to do these questions together or I have to do them alone! We'll see... just check you friends page tomorrow, maybe you'll find an entry about "the best bromance". :)
Days from 01 to 30 )
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OMG just 2 days left! I can't believe this meme is almost over. That's sad! It's been almost a month and I posted every day thing that I thought was impossible for me to do but I did! I know it's not over yet so I shouldn't say that since every time I say "I'll never do that" in acouple of days I end up doing that. Maybe I should say: I'll never be ridiculously rich. In a couple of days I'll let you know how it worked LOL!

I miss this kind of ANGST!

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Ten/Martha - Doctor Who
So this is me... getting out.
animation made by [ profile] erychan86
Well I don't understad how people could ship them! There is no point! David and Freema have chamistry, they're a great together but was obvious that this wasn't possible at all since the very beginning. He made it pretty clear, he was in love with Rose and don't say he wasn't because I can call Julie Gardner, well it's not like I can call her but I can show you a clip from a confidential xD. I just I don't understand why there are so many shippers of this pairing out there, I can understand you may hate Rose but how that could lead to became a Ten/Martha shipper it's something I don't get!

Days form 01 to 30 )
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[ profile] serenachan yesterday asked me if my dream pairing would have been David Tennant/Me...
Well actually that was my first option but Sere made me think that would have been maybe too obvious and I don't wanted to bee too obvious! LOL, I'm kiddin' my first and only option is this one:

Could someone PLEASE make them do something together? A movie, a tv show, something! We just have only one season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, please could someone cast David as client? Look, they're perfect even in a fake gif.
Alt!Ten (the human Doctor)/Rose
I've only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you... if you want.
animation made by [ profile] erychan86
Day 11 - What is your dream pairing? )
Time to start Season 6 of The Office. Bye folks! Have a great night! Don't forget to pass by tomorrow for: Day Twelve: Who Had The Best Wedding?

Days from 01 to 30 )

If you want you can take the animations! Just credit me and leave a comment here! ;)
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Hi guys!
Is been a while since my last post about this pairing but you know it's still my favourite. I wanted to chose tham for almost every qurestion in this meme! They still are my current favourite ship, they have chemistry to sell and they still have to happen (now) and I don't care if it's impossible, well actualy it isn't cos you know time travel... Rose could met Eleven and then say screw the time lines and go back to see Ten again... 
And I also will find difficoult not choose them for other questions like: dream pairing, cutest pairing,... They're just MY ship! ;)

Without any doubt THIS is the most heartbreaking moment. I cried even making the animation!

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Ten/Rose - Doctor Who (Doomsday)
The Doctor: Here you are, living your life day after day. The one adventure I can never have.
animation made by [ profile] erychan86

Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene )

First week: done.
Tomorrow: Day Eight:  The pairing with the most baggage?

Days from 01 to 30 )

If you want you can take the animations! Just credit me and leave a comment here! ;)
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Sorry but after that AMAZING season finale I had to do this picspam! [Btw did you like it? I LOVED it! I want to merry the finale and have its children xD]
I loved this couple since the beginning! Actually I think that Amy and the Doctor are adorable but 10/Donna adorable not 10/Rose adorable if you know what I mean... Oh I'd pay to see Amy meeting Donna! xD And I just ADORE way too much this OT3!
I love Rory 'cos he is just my kind of guy, I think he's adorable and Arthur is so cute... and I love this character also 'cos he's nothing to do with Mickey, I didn't like him in season one, was too... I dunno... but that's not important let's talk about Rory and Amy and their cutenes... or maybe let's leave the picspam talk :) yep, maybe it's better!

[Doctor Who]
Season 5 Picspam

Good on you, mate. )

And now I want to see Arthur's name in the time vortex too! I can't wait for Chrismas! :)
Since Comments are loved! Let me know your opinion about the fiinale too if you want! ;)
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Hey! Che cosa strana scrivere in italiano... :)
Il Dottore è tornato, nuova faccia, nuova personalità nuova companion nuovo TARDIS ma in questo rimane una costante: il posto in cui trovare i sottotitoli italiani della vostra serie preferita. Anche questa volta in tempi record sono lieta di annunciarvi i sottotitoli di Doctor Who 5x01 The Eleventh Hour

Potete trovarli su 
Doctor Who sottotitoli - 5x01 - The Eleventh Hour

Buona visione! ;)

Potete inoltre trovare tutti i sottotitoli della quarta stagione e degli altri Speciali nella sezione sottotitoli.
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So, Doctor Who fans... ARE YOU READY FOR SEASON 5?
I know... you already miss David, me too but Doctor Who is the best fandom EVER and you can't just leave it, right? :)

I just posted a lot of pictures in my gallery at . Some are new (From Season Five... or One... I don't know) and other are from Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures... of course all the pics are in HQ ;) If you are interested you can find them all HERE

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