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Wow. So long since my last post. I'm really ashamed... Well, I guys :) I'm here now, YAY! I don't even know what to say actually but I wanted to let you know I'm still alive and life is taking me all my energy, but you know life, she always wants more.

So, what's happening... well loads of things actually but I don't wanna to bore you to death so I'll skip to the fangirl stuff.
  1. I've been in London a couple of months ago. ALONE. I wasn't suppose to be alone but let's explain everything so you can picture my situation and make a big laugh about my series of misfortunes that brought me to one of the most amazing days of my life.

    [ profile] mrbartleboom and I were suppose to go to see Much Ado About Nothing whit the brilliant David Tennant and the fantastic Catherine Tate. We had amazing tickets. And when I say it I mean REALLY AMAZING tickets: Stalls E12/E13 practically we were THERE in front of them, so near you could have sensed their scent ♥. So everything was planned and we knew it would have been awesome. A couple of days before THE day I went to the doctor because I had a strange fever and I thought it was because of my new job BUT instead was because I had mononucleosis.YAY me, and you know when I discovered that? The week after, when I was in another hospital because of a colic caused by kidney stones. Double YAY me. But I was like terminator, I was supposed to leave in a couple of days so I packed my cortisone and a bunch of other drugs for the kidney next to my underwear.

    The night before the departure I came home from work (yeah terminator all the way) at 10 and I checked on my facebook just because the computer was on my way to my bed and I saw a message from [ profile] mrbartleboom a LONG message so I said "oh boy, we're in trouble" basically he wasn't going to leave Rome because of a long-personal-theatrical reason. I called him in panic I didn't know what to do but by the time he answered the phone I had figured everything up: I was about to go even if I was alone and he was the one who organized everything. I printed all that I needed (I didn't even know where the hostel was) and I left. 

    I had an amazing time. I knew loads of new people in just 3 days and look: 

    Oh I've been so lucky! I have a picture of both of them! Thank you Bex for the one with David. And thank you other girl of which I do not remember the name for the one with Catherine! I also have spent 3 amazing days with [ profile] thegrownupthing and [ profile] pookieandpookie I'm very happy cause, even if I missed [ profile] mrbartleboom so friggin' much, I had a fabolous time :) I have met new friends I've seen a lot of things and I loved every part of it, I even loved the german guy who kept me asleep for a whole night snoring.

  2. Let's talk about TV. As I tweeted earlier I have no more time for TV shows (aaaah life) since I've a boyfriend who is not into my TV shows since I watch them in english (actually I've made him watch Doctor Who and he liked it, in the meanwhile my ears were bleading because of the italian dubbing) so I understood which shows I cannot live without: Doctor Who, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time (new entry) and Merlin. When I'll have time I'll surely watch Fringe, Castle and Chuck and I'll catch up with the other ones when and if I'll have the time. Now I'm looking for another job and I'm studying at the same time. I have to finish German and I took a medical aid course I rocked at it and one of the teacher was a brand new doctor who was also really hot :D As I said I put Once Upon A Time in the short list and you know why? Because it's AWESOME! Are you watching it? I love everything and I ship everyone/everyone (Geppetto/Jiminy ♥) and I also love Henry's voice LMAO! 
  3. 3... otherwise called C or III xD I don't know what else to say actually. It's almost Xmas and I'm really happy cause I love making the tree and go shopping for gift... Oh that's one thing I have to say: I bought myself a Nintendo Wii for Xmas, (actually it's a present from my parents but since they have no time I went to the store) so now I can play with my dear Super Mario all night long ♥ Oh guys I'm so into Mario (I had a huge crush on Luigi back when I was just a kid who doesn't know anything about loving a man with mustaches and a green cap) I have loads of Mario games for my Nintendo DSi but now I have a new weir passion, actually two: Plants VS Zombies and Pokémon I didn't know Pokémon was so addicting and I'm not talking about Plants vs Zombies thanks to it I went to sleeet at 3 in the morning one night! :D So: Super Marios & co, Pokémon, Plants vs Zombies, Professor Layton, Puzzle Bubble... Have you got something new for me to try? :D Let me know!

Now I've got to go. I hope to be able to post more often. Finger crossed! See you guys!
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Still in London but I just had to post something from a FRIGGIN' MacBook! OMG It's so awesome I so want one of these now, I mean I always wanted a MacBook but they are so expansive but just thinking about making  a Music Video or some random graphic with one of them made me go gaga!

By the way I'm really enjoying my time here in the City! The RoadTrip part of this holiday was just amazing so get ready for loads of photos... 

I don't have so much time so for now bye guys, read you in a couple of days...
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Hi guys I'm posting from the airport where I'm waiting for my flight for London-Stansted and I'm so happy, (I missed that place so much, just like you miss a friend or something more if you know what I mean, yes, I'm in love with a country and I can't do anything about it!) This is my first flight solo (LOL it seems like I'm going to fly the plane) and it's weird, I fell like a buisness woman although I don't have a suitcase and my jeans are not "appropriate" for that kind of woman.

For my flight I have a book and the second episode of Single Father on my Creative Zen and loads of MP3s so I think I'm covered! Althought i have to admit I coludn't resist yesterday night and I saw the second episode of Single Father on my computer at 2 am because I missed David already after a week and I didn't want to miss the episode since I' going to miss the 3rd part and I had the possibility to watch it in hq. I'm so glad I did it! It was a stunning episode expecially the last minutes. Oh I ought to thank these minutes because, thanks to them, I made an awesome dream :D! As I was saying I'm leaving alone but I won't be alone in UK, [ profile] valexina and [ profile] mrbartleboom will be waiting for me and the first thing we'll do will be go to rent a car, road trip, baby!
Actually we already rented it so we're just going to pick it up. Oh it will be so weird, drive in the wrong way... I'm so excited!
And the Shippers Club will have its first meeting after MONTHS! *massive excitement here*
See you in 9 days folks! I'll see if I'll be able to post something from my iPhone! I'm sure I'll post a lot of photos and updates from my Twitter account so feel free to take a look at it if you're curious!

Take care guys!
xoxo, Ery-chan
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Hi folks! I'm back! But first things first: HAPPY WHO DAY!
So, as I was saying, I'm back from a brief but intense holiday in London! I had a fantastic time! And I'm sad now that I'm back. I miss the city and I miss my friends :( (some of them are watching Doctor Who live right now... damn them)

The theme of this holiday was: Musicals!
We saw Wicked (twice) Legally Blonde and Sister Act!

Legally Blonde was amazing! I haven't had the chance to see Sheridan Smith's Elle but Amy Lennox was brilliant! I was concerned only about one thing... no, not Duncan James (the guy from Blue - yes... I know) and no, not Peter Davison either (the 5th Doctor - He can actually "sing", I'm surprised!) but about the guy who had to star as Emmet.
I loved Christian Borle's Emmet, was fantastic and he was just the cutest! So, when I saw Alex Gaumond on stage I stared at him full of prejudices but when he opened his mouth in a FANTASTIC smile Chiristian was just history, I'm such a bitch in that way xD Well, I love Christian, he will always be my Emmet but Alex was just brilliant! Perfct for the role and great voice! After the show I told him that he was amazing and that he has the most amazing smile ever *____* Look at him, can you balme me? Isn't he cute?
And when I asked him to sign my program he asked my name! How cute is that?
I didn't like Jill Halfpenny's Paulette, was too flat! And they changed the whole lyrics of Ireland :( I loved the original one!

Sister Act was amusing. Just like the last time! And I get a photo with Julia Sutton aka Sister Mary Lazarus. Now I'm happy because -  as [ profile] mrbartleboom  says "this could be her last photo!" LOL! Poor thing! She's just so cute! I'd love to have her as grandmother!

And then Wicked! The Cast Change... My last chance to see Oliver Tompsett as Fiyero :( he was stunning! Dianne was pretty amazing too! I don't know what to say actually I'm just full of *squeeeeeee*.  If you want to read a brilliant review just read this one by [ profile] thegrownupthing I agree with everything! :)

If you want to see all the pictures you can find them here on my Facebook page: HERE

And now I think I'm going to make a few icons about something while I wait for Doctor Who! I can't wait!!! Woooooo
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Hi there *waves*... 
I'm excited because at this time, tomorrow I'll be in London... YAYs. I can't wait. I miss that city SO MUCH! I feel as if i have butterfly's in my stomach.... I'm so in love...

So, before I start to think about what I should bring with me (that's not girl-ish at all, right? :P) I wanted to say bye to you all, we'll read in a few days!

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I'm the worst blogger ever! Am I?
My last entry was back in July, 22! More than a month ago! Where have I been? And is not that I haven't anything to say... not at all! It's still summer so I have plenty of things to say! Let's make a sum ;)

First, my friend [ profile] mrbartleboom has spent a week at my place, babysitting my parents with me lol! Well, let's be honest, this time, for a whole week they have been parents, I'm proud of them!
We had a lot of fun and, the most important thing is that he met my bestfriend: Federico. That part kinda freaked me out cos I really love 'em and I wanted those two became friends and I think that there was a goooooood start! YAY so the fanfic could became real some day XD

... more under the cut )
So, now the holidays are over and I have to study again and in september I'll work for a while and I have to start another thing... so I'll be quite busy but I'm going to find the time to finish some of my videos and fanart! I have 3 picspam to post. But now I have to go...

Uh, I forgot, I started to watch True Blood few days ago... I watch it just because of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) look and look. Isn't he a very good reason? The show isn't so great but after Mulholland Drive I can see everything! I'm also watching 10 things I hate about you! I needed something light to watch waiting for How I Met Your Mother... I can't wait for it! The season premierre will rocks my world! I already know that! ;) I havet to wait less than a month! (Is better if I don't think about how much time I have to wait for Doctor Who XD)

Bye guys/gals!
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Ok then, I know, I know I was MIA in those days, and its all Twitter's fault. I'm loosing my mind over it. Lol, I'm kiddin' is not because of it of course... I had to do loads of things in those days and when I was at home I was too tired so... But now that I'm here, sit on my chair and a little bit sick (don't worry about that, I can survive it's only my tummy) I can finish this kind of "review" of my holidays: London! Well, London, - better knows as the last part of the trip - was... well... is London so is always fantastic.

English Sum )
Did you enjoy the show? [Italian] )

And now it's over... I'm at home and today is a week. I have so many Tv Shows to watch that I'm almost glad that we're near the seasons ends... There are some of 'em that I don't want to watch as House for example... I used to love that show so much and now is a torture... I'll wait the last episode and then I'll saw it all in a day!
And I have to study too... buuuu I want to come back... it's sad here :(
So... good night dear flist... I'm going to bed now cos my tummy is killin' me. Read you tomorrow! Have a great night for me too!
Kisses! ;)

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Hi there! I'm back!
I'm not so happy about it... I cried a little on the way to back to Genoa (I refuse to call it home for now) *but* I have so many things to tell about those amazing 10 days.
I'm uploading right now pics and videos so tonight - or tomorrow - I'll make a huge post... or maybe 3... one for Birmingham, one for Cardiff (oh flist you can't image what happened in Cardiff... unless you're following me on twittter) and one about the beautiful London.
Btw there will be spoilers, laugh and *squeeeee*!!! Oh Gosh, I can't wait to tell you what happened. Now I have to go in few places... I hope to be able to do a post tonight even if I have loads of TV show to watch...

Read you later guys... have a nice day ;)

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Aww I missed MEMEs!
So: What European City Do You Belong In?
And my results is:

You Belong in London
You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

So obvious! ;)

Btw I've just finish my first Doctor/Donna (friendship) fanvid! *Ery is so proud right now* but this is a present for [ profile] jo_potter so... nothing till Xmas!!!
Now I have to go... I've another fanvid (Doctor/Donna) to finish (to start to be honest) before Xmas for my best-internet-friend [ profile] mrbartleboom , I've just found a beautiful song! YAY me! This is a good day lol!
I wanted to make for him a vid about Ian/Barbar from DW Classic but I'm freeze at "The Sensorites" :( I'll resume with DW Calssic in this holidays! Promise!

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Stà volta sono giustificata perchè sono stata presa da un'attacco d'arte e mi sono fatta un quadretto relativo alle vacanze in UK ;)

Tra l'altro LOOOL a mia madre che mi esordisce con un "Ma come hai fatto a fare così bene la cabina? L'hai ricalcata?" Eh certo Atty... è un attimo ricalcare dal cartone... XD

Eccolo.. carino no?? Fà un pò Brooke Davis LOL

IMG_1487.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

E siamo arrivati al TERZO giorno,,, Oddei!

Day One: "Anche se non mi chiedi nulla ti aiuto lo stesso!"
Day Two: "Starbuks Starbuks STARBUCKSSSSSS"

Day Three: "Stratford, Hamlet and David Tennant"

Per fortuna il secondo giorno è stato super devastante quindi sono riuscita a dormire nonostante al piano di sotto ascoltassero Britney Spears a tutto volume il che non poteva certo conciliare buoni sogni... (qui avrei in mente un'immagine che scovolgerebbe [ profile] darkbeba XD ma meglio lasciar perdere XD le ho già regalato troppe brutte immagini con cui dovrà convivere per chissà qunto tempo! Dalla cornamusa alla trappola per topi... ma questa è roba del QUARTO giorno ed è giustificata!)...

Read More... ) Decidiamo di tornare all'albergo un pò sconsolati ma abbiamo ancora il giorno dopo per tentare...


Dai non faccio troppo l'infame e spoilero un pò XD

IMG_1490.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album  IMG_1491.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Tutte le foto QUI

Tra l'altro, non c'entra, ma ieri mi sono letta una storia sullo storybook di DW del 2007 scritta da Mr Moffat e ho dovuto chiudere il libro prima di arrivare alla fine perchè era terrorizzante... che personaggio malefico... e io iniziao a temere sempre di più per la S5 XD
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Arg ieri non ce l'ho fatta a fare la review del secondo giorno... oggi speravo di farne due e invece... :(
Ma và beh andiamo con il secondo giorno!

Day One: "Anche se non mi chiedi nulla ti aiuto lo stesso!"

Day Two: "Starbuks Starbuks STARBUCKSSSSSS"

La mattina dopo sveglia alle 7:30... Verso le 3 di notte ci sono stati dei rumori strani in corridoio e ho temuto che entrasse qualcuno in camera... invece erano solo dei rumori strani che la mattina dopo sono stati citati in questo modo "Ma secondo te perchè ieri sera qualcuno è passato con un tavolo da biliardo in corridoio?"
Dopo poco doccia e colazione al Generator... e che colazione ^^; latte e cereali poteva anche starci... ma quado prendi l'aranciata e ti rendi conto che è fanta annacquata è meglio rinunciare al caffè se non vuoi brutte sorprese... quindi fuori di corsa.

Decidiamo (una decisione di cui ci pentiremo amaramente dopo pochi giorni) di andare a piedi tuto il giorno così da saperci orientare per la sera!

Mentre camminaimo nei dintorni di Russel Square Fede mi vede rallentare, spalancare la bocca e  credo che abbia visto anche un fascio di luce che mi colpiva mentre alcuni cherubini mi giravano attorno cantando... "S-S-S-Starbucks"(quasi commossa) tempo di balbettarlo e sono dentro seguira a ruota da un punto interrogativo meglio conosciuto come Fe!
Read more... )
Intanto nella mia mante iniziava a farsi spazio il pensiero che cercavo di evitare da ore, giorni, settimane... la sera dopo... meno di 24 ore dopo... avrei visto David Tennant...


Tutte le foto QUI
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Sono appena tornata a casa!!! Probabilmente la settimana più bella della mia vita! Davverò.. anche se mi sforzo per ora non mi viene in mente nulla di meglio LOL! Eppure ne ho fatte di cose cool... ma Londra... la sogno da quando ho iniziato a studiare geografia ^^;

Ma bando alle ciance!

Day One: "Anche se non mi chiedi nulla ti aiuto lo stesso!"

Tutto pronto per la partenza... tutto pronto più o meno da 4 mesi... alla fine manca solo la valigia... ah no, quella non manca perchè l'ho fatta 2 giorni prima di partire e ora posso girare solo in tuta a quanto pare! Ma chissene frega... L'aereo è alle 13:40 e ovviamente io e Fe siamo in aeroporto alle 9:30... giusto per essere sicuri! Tanto devo chiamare il Generator Hostel per fermare la stanza, visto che probabilmente arriveremo in ritardo... mi preparo un bel discorsetto visti gli incubi dell'ultima settimana in cui: un direttore simil ispettore Poirot, a cui mi rivolgo in francese quando non so assolutamente una parola se non una poesia stupidissima, ci da una stanza del cavolo perchè si sente preso in giro dal mio acento francese molto fake! (sogni più o meno premonitori XD ma non voglio spoilerare) Invece mi risponde una tizia che non mi lascia parlare ma a quanto pare è tutto a posto! Quindi YAY!

Miracolosamente il tempo passa piuttosto in fretta mentre faccio amicizia con un vecchietto Londinese... ma YAY e siamo sull'aereo.... per entrambi (io e Fede, non io e il vecchietto LOL) è la prima volta e siamo talmente agitati che non scattiamo neppure una foto... probabilmente abbiamo paura di finire le memorycard o di far cadere l'aereo... non saprei... mah!

Arriviamo all'ostello caldamente consigliato da [ profile] mrbartleboom da e dalla "Guida di Londra" grazie anche (solo) alle indicazioni datemi da [ profile] laz75 estrememente dettagliate visto il mio senso dell'orientamento piuttosto patetico! Grazie Laz *________* e...

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