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Thanks to a combination between a sense of deep inspiration that Bloodline by Claudia Gary left me with, and a sugar rush due to the ammount of cookie dough I stuffed into my mouth yesterday, I finally opened up Final Cut Pro and finish this video I started to work on right after I saw The Force Awakens for the first time.

I fell in love with this song and I thought it was perfect for Han and Leia. I hav to thank my friend Valentina who posted this song on her facebook page!!!

LINK ON YOUTUBE (watch in HD, please!)

Ship: Han x Leia
Clips From: Star Wars Original Trilogy and Star Wars The Force Awakens
Music: Jack Savoretti - Catapult
Edited on: May 15 2016
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The other day I posted an entry saying I was in Orlando, FL, but I didn't have time to explain what I was doing up there. As usual not serious stuff. Eric and I went to the Disney Hollywood Studios.
It was a very impulsive decision. We just rented a car and booked an hotel room through Hotwire, and suddenly we were on the road.
We didn't even know which park to visit between Universals, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, but since I'm a Star Wars Fan, and you know what they say: "happy wife, happy life" Eric kindly offered to spend the day there.
We spent the night in one of the most amazing hotels EVER (Hyatt Regency Orlando) HIGHLY recommended an the morning after at 9 o'clock we were there.

We went to the Magic Kingdom 3 years ago for my birthday early in April and we loved it but not as much as this one.
The details are perfectly curated and it still amazes me somehow how well kept the park is. The queues are never longer than 30 minutes (maybe we were extremely luckily) and they move super fast... So fast you almost don;t have the time to take pictures of what surrounds you!


It was again a magical experience!
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Hello there!
Guess what? I'm writing this post from an hotel room in Orlando. Eric and I just got back, we had a pretty late dinner and I'm slowly entering a food coma so I'll try to be quick. I will explain why I'm in Orlando in another post in the next days, promise, but now it's book time.

It took me so long to finish this book I feel quite ashamed, but I want to say this in my defense: I'm reading these books for the Han and Leia factor, and this one was mostly about Luke. They got me with Han in the center there looking at me...

I started this book with very high expectations because I knew it was set right after Return of the Jedi and it was suppose to address some things left unsolved as Luke's feelings for Leia and the beginning of his path as a Jedi, Leia's feelings toward Daddy Vader, the beginning of Han and Leia relationship, ... A lot of good stuff but unfortunately the author didn't go too deep into any of these things. I was also disappointed Lando was't there.

The Truce at Bakura

Originally published: 1993
Author: Kathy Tyers
Genres: Science Fiction
(reading time: Mar 29 - April 20)
The book is set right after the party on Endor. Luke is not in a great shape because of his electrifying encounter with the Emperor and Han and Leia are helping out the Ewoks cleaning up after the party... potatoes chips bag... plastic cups... burring their deads while Leia is recovering from her blaster wound. Bakura, a planet situated in the outer rim, is under attack from an alien specie and it sends a message to the Emperor asking for his help. The Rebels intercept the message and - since there's no Emperor and no Death Star - they decide to go and help, thinking that that would be also a good excuse to bring another planet under the Alliance. Since it's a diplomatic mission Leia has to go, and since Leia is going Han has to go too. Good Old Ben (do you remember when the name Ben meant Obi Wan and we were thinking about Ewan Mc Gregor hair style instead of a certain scene? Good old times) appears to Luke and he tells him he has to go too, because the destiny of the whole galaxy is in his hands. So they all leave Endor full of positive vibes and great expectations but of course nothing is ever easy for our heroes. They have to deal with the aliens and their evil plan, a brainwashed Force Sensitive guy, the Imperials, kidnappings, parasites, bad service at the local cantina... name something bad and probably they have dealt with it over there. Not a very welcoming planet. But in the end they save the day. A good read and a good story but - as I said - I was expecting more.

  • I wanted to hear Luke's thoughts about his sister and his best friend being in a relationship. I wanted to know how he felt about the whole sister thing and I wanted him to get some sort of closure. I just needed something to justify the whole thing... Which - if you read between the lines - you can actually get... Luke falls in love with the first girl he sees and he has this fantasy of him saving her... So basically I decieded to read this into it: Luke has never been in Love with Leia... He was in Love with the idea... Like a little girl who fantasize about being a Disney Princess and be saved by a handsome Prince.

  • For the first half of the book Han and Leia believe they are still in the middle of the Empire Strikes Back and they fight and call each other names. Then they have a moment together with no interruptions and after that they are back in sync. Everyone seems to think they finally had sex and that helped... I like the idea... I don't like the fact there's nothing on paper. I don't want the details I just want to know for sure they're going in that direction.

  • There's a wonderful moment though, when Anakin appears to Leia to ask for forgiveness and she's like "Are you going to ask for forgiveness to Han as well?" and he's like "Ahem... I don't have his Force Number, can you pass him the message?" and she's like "Nope!" It actually goes like this:

    “I can almost forgive you torturing me. And the evils you did to other people – because those drove so many worlds into the Alliance. But cruelty to Han…no. If you want to go through me, you won’t get his forgiveness. Never.”

    Go Leia! But the Han shows up and she gets mad at him in 3 seconds. But then this happens:

    “I’m sorry,” she whispered, straightening her neck. She held her lips near his chin.
    Accepting the invitation, he bent and kissed her. She felt her life energy draw up into the kiss until nothing existed but barely perceptible movements of Han’s mouth. She flattened her hands on his shoulders. His legs shifted toward her. All perception vanished but the taste of his breath. Her pulse quickened in her ears.
    The comm center blatted behind him.

    Guess who's that... Luke of course!

  • Not enough Han, not enough Chewie, not enough R2D2...

  • The characters are well written and their one liners are quite clever but when they talk to eachother -especially Han and Leia - sometimes they don't sound right.

But again the story is good, I'm giving it 3 stars just because of my ridiculous expectations.
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I couldn't resist.

I kind of wanted to avoid to make an Han/Leia Picspam about this episode because I'm still recovering but I feel like I needed to do it in order to go through my 5 stages of grief (I'm so dramatic sometimes). Here's the conclusion of one of my favorite love stories of all times and all galaxies.


Done! Well that was painful... I mean the last scene is still too much for me to handle. Thank God there is The Empire Strikes Back and I can always go back to it ans watch all my favorite Han and Leia Moments. If you need to get your smile back on your face here you can find the previous Han and Leia picspams:

ANewHope.jpg TheEmpireStrikesBack.jpg ReturnOfTheJedi.jpg
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Time for the third and last part!!!


I might eventually do one for Episode VII The Force Awakend but I have to wait for my DVD to arrive... :)
Time for the Oscars... I can't believe Harrison Ford never won one... Anyway... Enjoy :D
Star wars Return of the Jedi - Han Leia Picspam )
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Here we go with the second part of the Han and Leia Picspam: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back it's my favorite of the saga because it has everything I want in a movie and even more.


I added some deleted/cut scenes to the picspam and also some passages form the book. But enough with all the talking. Enjoy the picspam!

Star wars the empire strikes back - han and leia picspam )

The third part will be ready soon :)
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And Here we go... Pic Spam Time!
Somebody stop me please!

Here is a picspam on Star Wars the Original Trilogy. This will be the first installment of 3. The Picspam focuses on Han and Leia.

Star Wars a New Hope - Han and Leia Picspam )

See you soon with the second part... my favourite... The Empire Strikes Back!!!

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You know what to expect from me when I get obsessed with a fandom...
Here are some Star Wars Icons (mostly Han and Han/Leia)

Comments and Credits are

[001 - 004] Star Wars Episode IV
[005 - 014] Star Wars Episode V
[015 - 021] Star Wars Episode VI

002.jpg 012.jpg 018.jpg
More Here )
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I'm going through a Star Wars fase at the moment. To be precise I'm going through an Han and Leia fase, and I'm way too deep into it. I just want more so, even if I know the old books are not canon anymore, I decided to go there anyway to feed the fangirl inside of me. I started with the Courtship of Princess Leia and I enjoyed it more than I imagined, I mean I wasn't completely thrilled about the whole kidnap thing but it seems in character enough to make me accept it. I liked it even if there were way too many kisses between Leia and Isolder and I still think she fell in love way too quickly with him, but the explanation was reasonable enough for me to forget about it.

Last night I started reading Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning and I was surprised when I found this short story between the first pages of the book, so I decided to share it here so that I can come back to it when I need it.

If the short story is a reflection of how the book is going to be I am already very pleased.

"Corphelion Interlude - A Short Story" by Troy Denning )

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