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I hope you're having so much fun! [ profile] favoritexrecord asked me the perfect question for today:

What's your favorite Halloween costume you wore as a kid?

And I don't have an answer LOL because I've never celebrated Halloween when I was a kid because we don't do it in Italy... That's so upsetting!

But I can tell you what would have been my favorite costume if I could dress up as anything as a kid: I would have been a pirate! I LOVED pirates! So for Halloween I would have been one of the dead pirated from Pirates of the Caribbean :D

What are you planning for Halloween? Are you celebrating today or you did it over the weekend?

Eric and I are going to "celebrate" tonight, we're going to or favorite pizza place, but no costume... We had a very nice Sunday, we went out for a couple of walks, and did a lot of talking about the future and other things... It was a very nice day and we fought the sleepiness to be able to spend the whole day together, without loosing even a moment... The moment of separation is getting closer and we're feeling it! It's going to be hard to be away from each other for so long...

Still catching up with my shows, it's Once Upon A Time time... I'm almost there. I'm watching episode 4 now and it's so funny how, on every show, one of the characters ends up cutting his/her hair and does a great job... xD I think I might give up on Blindspot and Conviction... I'm watching these shows just for Jaimie and Hayley but the rest is just so boring now!
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If you found a magic lamp, what would your first wish be? [ profile] lifefailsme
First I would have a talk with the genie to be sure it's not a trick and I would have to think about the wording of my wish very carefully. But I would ask for money.

I would not ask for a precise amount, I don't want money as something to hold on to, I just want to be able to have the money for what I want without having to worry! Do I want to travel, no problem about paying for a plane ticket an hotel, a rental car and food... I would not go for fancy and expensive anyway... I want to be able to get my family and friends all that they need/want. I don't want to be rich, I just want to have the funds that I need to not to worry about money and not to have people I love worry about money either.
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Favourite DW episode? [ profile] eowyn

There are a lot of Doctor Who episodes I loved. I really liked Vincent and the Doctor, Eevery season finale written by Russel T Davies, Blink,... but my favorite is definitely Midnight (season 4 episode 10)

Ahh, taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight? What could possibly go wrong?

David Tennat was FANTASTIC in it and I loved the whole episode from the beginning to the end, there's nothing I would change about it! There was no monster to be seen, it was all about the way the people on that truck acted. Such a great episode! When I have to show an episode to someone who have never seen Doctor Who I show this one! :D

Oh David!

I tried to stay away from this Friending Meme... But apparently I can't fight it xD

The Sad Ghost's Friend Frenzy!
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You're suddenly famous! What for How does being a celebrity effect your life do you stay true to yourself or do you become a total diva! [ profile] tigtogiba34

I don't have to think about the answer because I know ;D. I would stay true to myself and I'd be nice.

I'd be polite to my fans and to the press (even when they make it difficult, because I made a choice, I decided to make my life public, and  - like in every situation - there are some pros and cons.

I'd sing all the autographs and I'd be always ready for a selfie. I would be very similar to David Tennant on the matter. I would keep my personal life personal, and stay away from useless gossip, but I would be on socials at the same time (because that's who I am, I like my socials) but I'd prefer quality over quantity.

I would go to ComiCon and go nuts... I would always be there for my fans because and - since I love TV shows - I would be totally invested into my show (I'm assuming I'd be an actress here).
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What do you think of Constitutional Monarchy? [ profile] lifefailsme

I don't know exactly how it works, but I think it's a good thing talking from the point of view of someone who lives in a different form of governament. Let me explain how I see it, and bare with me because - as I said -  this is just how I see it from the outside...

I know that a Constitutional Monarchy is a government in which a monarch acts as head of state within parameters, but the monarch does not have any real power. The Monarch cannot make or pass legislation and has to stay politically neutral. He?She's the Head of State and he/she has to perform official duties, but has to acts on the advice of her elected ministers.

So, basically. I see the Morarch just as a figure, not as someone that has a real power (but I'm sure he/she can still do a mess if he/she wants) that is there as something for the people, a connection to a different time! To me it says that the State in question is proud of its past, and the decisions it made, and the crown is a reminder of how great the Country was and still is... (without giving a crazy ammount of power in the ends of just one person).

I uderstand it can cost a lot of money to "take care" of the Royal Family, but these money would end up being spent for other frivolous reasons... (I come from a place where politicians like to waste money around or put them in their pockets) but it also gives a Status to the Nation somehow... From the outside I see it as a sign of greatness!
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Your senses: your favorite smell? your favorite view (show us?) your favorite feeling? your favorite taste? your favorite sound? [ profile] tigtogiba34

This is such a fun question. Thanks for asking!!!

Taste: Lemons and everything that tart.
Feeling: Super thin paper
Sound: Violins. I love the sound of violins!
Smell: Gasoline or grass after it rained.
View: Any kind of view from somewhere high so probably this view of the Bahamas from a plane, I took this photo last year and this is just one of the many I took. But also the view from our apartment in Genova.
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I don't know how these questions always fall on the right day LOL!

Eric and I just got back from the Mountains and we had a great time! We didn't sleep well because the bed was hard and the flannel sheets were a little bit too much, so today we slept for 12 hours straight!

We hiked a lot and saw amazing places so we're happy! But we're also happy to be back to a place where our phones work LOL! I'm even further behind with my shows and your journals now, but I'm sure I'll catch up soon!

What's your favorite place in the world? [ profile] moongirl24

It might sound cheesy but Home... Home is my favorite place in the World...

But where is home for me? I don't know... Half of the time is our apartment in Italy where we have all our things... That's probably the closest thing to Home... But also hour place in Fort Lauderdale feels like home... Even if is a short rent situation where we need to get all our stuff out by the time we leave, to allow new tenants to move in. My favorite place is where I'm surrounded by my things and I feel safe.

When Eric and I will stop traveling we're going to move either to York, PA or to St Simons Island, GA! I Love St Simons Island and that would be the perfect place to call home, but every time I go to York I see its value and it makes it so difficult!
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Do you have a favourite fandom and or pairing/ship? [ profile] verdande_mi

This used to be such an easy question to answer to... Before Moffat came Doctor Who was my favorite show but now, to me, it's not the same! But still the first show I think about when someone asks me this question... so yes, the answer is Doctor Who and my favorite paring/ship is Ten and Rose!

I can't fight it! :D
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What's your favorite candy? [ profile] orangerful

I like salty or tart better than sweet, but I love chocolate! Eric just said to me that chocolate is considered a Candy so that makes it easier:
My favorite candy is an Italian chocolate called Bacio (Kiss) Perugina.

It's made of milk chocolate filled with hazelnut chocolate with bits of hazelnut, wrapped in its own love message (in Italian, English and French). Because every love story starts with a bacio.
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Guess what? We're leaving again. We're going to spend the weekend at my grandparents up in the mountains... I'm not very excited about it because up there is going to be cold and I just want to stay home and relax and not having to spend time at someone elses' house... But we promised and we knew it was coming... We had to go in the summer but Eric's work schedule messed up everything... The worst thing is I won't have access to the internet... The phone doesn't work well up there and they have no WiFi... So I already answer the questions for my October Meme and post dated them! Sorry!

What's a guilty pleasure? [ profile] eowyn

I don"t know how to answer this because I don't actually feel guilty about anything I do/like LOL but it's quite hard for me to answer with with just one thing so I'll go by categories:

Food: Brie Cheese... If I could eat it all day I would!
Tv Show: Everything Teen Drama... Seriously, I should stop with the genre but I can't
Music: Back Street Boys... I still go into a TeenAger mode when I hear some news about them

I can't think about any other guilty pleasure category... What did I forget?
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I love today question because I love the subject of it!
I absolutely adore coffee and I am an addict. If I don't get caffeine into my body I have to deal with headaches, but I don't care, honestly! It's not like any other addiction that hurst you and who's around you, so I'm not going to stop drinking it! Ever! (But if I have to I just have to deal with a day of headaches and that's it!)

You love coffee, but how do you like it? Black or with some fixings? [ profile] orangerful

When I talk about coffee I talk about Espresso. That's the way I drink my coffee, a shot of espresso, no milk, no sugar, no extra flavor! The only other way I drink it is as a Cappuccino as in 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 milk froth... So, when I am at Starbucks I either order a double (their Solo is too weak) or a tall Flat White (the closest thing they have to a Cappuccino because their Cappuccino is infact a Latte Macchiato).

I started drinking coffee when I was quite young, but I guess it's common in Italy and I've always had the same as my parents had, so that's why I like to take my Espresso that way. :) I can add some milk to my coffee, but never sugar... It tastes awful to me!

How do you guys like your coffee?
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The traveling is over! We're home in Italy and we slept until noon! I'm doing some laundry and of course it looks like it's going to rain... fair enough! Anyway, today the plan is to do nothing. I unpacked last night and I put away almost everything! Eric is very excited beause today we'll start the second season of Suits (so I'm doing a rewatch with him and I don't mind at all). I also have to find a way to catch up with my TV shows... I'm almost 2 weeks behind with everything! I saw Jane the Virgin premiere last night and i think it was very good. I'm so upset at Xiomara though... Poor Rogelio...

What are your top 5 movies that you enjoy? [ profile] flirting

Not in a particular order
- Star Wars Episode V: the Empire Strikes Back The Best Star Wars Movie
- Moulin Rouge because Ewan Mc Gregor has never been as hot as in that movie and I love Musicals
- Reservoir Dogs Great Dialogue and Tim Roth is AMAZING in it
- The Legend of 1900 GREAT MOVIE you all should watch it... So moving
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it was just crazy!!!
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I'm in France! We made it and I had the best flight EVER! The plane was - again - half empty!!! I had 2 empty seats next to me so I slept the entire flight! Eric wanted to stay up watching the TV and now he's sleeping on the table in front of me... Poor Puppy!

In 2 hours we'll board the last plane... The one for Genova and I can't wait to be home and take a looooooong shower! I feel disgusting... We left Georgia at 5 am, we got to Fort Lauderdale by lunch time and quickly moved around stuff in our storage unit, then a quick lunch and on the road again to Miami... We boarded a plane and now we're about to repeat the experience and I feel so gross!

Here in Paris there are a lot of parents traveling with their babies and I don't know how thay do it! Where do they put their laptop (my MacBook is my baby) and their stuff when they travel? The baby stuff must take away so much space... Oh dear... I can't even imagine how difficult it must be... I don't envy them!

The question of the day is just perfect: 3 places you'd love to travel to? [ profile] batmarg

I love traveling and I saw a lot of place in the last few years but there are so many I still need to go visit! I'm sure I'll eventually visit the cities I want to visit here in America and Canada... I'll definitely go to LA, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver... As well as some cities in Europe that are not too far from Italy and quite easy to reach without spending a lot of money like Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, ... But there are some places that are not that easy to reach... So I'll put these places in my list:

- New Zealand. I think it's such a gorgeous place... I saw pictures and I worked with a lot of people from there and they LOVE their Country! I wish I could go viit but it's so far away and I know so little about it...
- China. Always wanted to see the Great Wall of China!
- Japan. I just want to spend a month there and see as much as I can!
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Who's your favorite fictional family? [ profile] moongirl24

There are so many... When it comes to TV I really love the relationship between Rory and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls, but when you used the word fictional the first one that popped into my mind is:

The Bennet Family from Pride and Prejudice.

I really love the relationship between Lizzie and Mr Bennett. He's such a great father and not only to Elizabeth. He's also a pretty good husband because - even if he rolls his eyes and tries to stay away from the crazyness, I think he would do everything to make every single one of the women of his life happy. Even Lydia! The poor guy have to deal with 5 daughters and a pretty intense wives! He deserves some credit.

Also Lizzie and Jane... AWWWWW! I love them all!
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I was asked the same question last week and I'm quite glad that I'm able to say I have a different answer this time:

[ profile] orangerful asked: Favorite song of the moment.

At the moment I keep listending on repeat to this song... Bright by Echosmith

I remember hearing this song a while ago, but not the original version, the version they did with Lindsley Stirling, and I remember liking it a lot because I love Lindsley's music! A couple of days ago I heard the original version and I like it a lot... Quite rare because I tend to like covers more than the original versions when I hear the cover first... :D I still have to listen to the entire album... I like this so much I can't pass past it!

I made a new playlist the other day and I have 2 other songs that I like A LOT
Bittersweet by Zac Brown Band
Lover of the Light - Mumford & Sons
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First THANK YOU for your lovely comments to my rant yesterday! I really appreciate and you made me feel so much better about it! THANK YOU!

Yesterday we went to Andy for sushi night and it was SO AWESOME! We had wine on the porch while the dogs were running around, we made our own rolls and the soup Hillary made was SO GOOD! We then moved into the living room and played guitars and sang! It was so perfect... Then Hillary put in front of us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies... right out of the oven... I need a new word to describe how awesome last evening was! Andy wants Eric and I to move to York and I am quite close to say yes to it!

How do you react to beggars? Have you ever been approached by a beggar & felt threatened or in danger? Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker? Given money or bought food for someone like that? [ profile] cherrytattoo77

It depends... In Florida there are some pretty crazy people around... If a beggar is drunk I change my path... I don't want to deal with that... There is no way an encounter of that kind can end up with something good for either of us... I've been approached more than once with comments of sexual nature, but again, by drunk baggers, and I felt in danger but I know I can run pretty fast, so I've never felt like my life was threaten... I'm more scared about people with guns than people I can run away from... And it's not like I go in dark alleys at night... I've never picked up a hitchhiker because in Italy is illegal, and I don't drive in the US. I gave money to beggars in more than an occasion, but just to people that are sitting on the side of the street... If they're too insistent and they came to me while I'm eating or while I'm walking or while I'm paying for parking, I don't react well, but I don't deal well when people enter in my personal space... I feel cornered and I get out of there... I once gave food to one guy and he said no, he wanted money instead and that made me sad because I know the money were for alcohol... So I always look at that person before making the decision to give them money... I rather gave them food if they're asking for it... I know they have places where to go and if we give them money we're not doing actually any good and we're keeping them on the streets where they're not protected and these money go to unhealthy things that they can't get form the shelters!

Would you rather lose an arm or an leg? [ profile] monkiainen

A leg. It would be crazy difficult to live a life where you can't walk and move but I can't imagine a life where I'm not able to open a jar or do all the things we do daily... It would be impossible... I often need 3 arms so it would be too hard for me to give up one arm!
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If you could live in any fictional universe/place, where would you live? [ profile] eowyn

That would be a Universe where the Doctor is real and I have a chance to become his companion!

A Universe where there's a tecnology that allowes me to travel in time and space would be amazing... And if the Doctor looks like David Tennant I'm so damn in! Where do I sign?

Another cool universe would be the Star Wars one but just so that I can be around a young Han Solo but I'm not really interested in fighting the Empire!
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When you dream, do you dream in Italian or English? [ profile] verdande_mi

I'm not entirely sure... I think it depends which language I spoke during the majority of the day. So when Eric is around it should be english and when I'm with my friends in Italy it should be italian...

My dreams are very weird and vivid so, when I tell Eric about them over breakfast, if I've spent the majority of the day before speaking english, I find very easy to explain to him what happened in my head... When we're in Italy it gets a little bit more difficult to repeat certain dialogues, so I guess it's definitely connected to where I am and which language I've spoken most during the day!

I write a lot in Italian because I comunicate daily with my friends in Italy (and Europe but still Italians) and family, but I rarely talk over the phone (I really don't like phone calls) so, when I talk with my mom over facetime/facebook messenger and I havent talked to her for a while, I have a weird accent and I miss words! Same with my english when Eric is away and I'm in Italy and I speak to him only theough messages!
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What are your top 5 books that you enjoy? [ profile] flirting

Thank you for asking me my top 5 and not my top 3 or my favorite... It's so difficult when it comes to books! Even choosing just 5 was a difficult task! LOL

I'll do a top 5 books at the end of the year with my favorite books among what I read this year! And I hope to be able to do it every year! This list hasn't changes in a long time... Position number 5 changes occasionally, but number 1 and 2 are pretty strong!

This list is quite weird because all the books are extremely different as for topic, form and language.

My all time top 5 is:
1. Hamlet by William Shakespeare I've loved this book since the first time I read it and I saw every movie it came out about it! I think it's Shakespeare greatest work and the best play of all times!
2. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet I read this book many times! I love the story and I love way the characters are written. They are so human!
3. La Lenteur (Slowness) by Milan Kundera Again another book I go back to often! The best among the other books by Kundera
4. Novecento by Alessandro Baricco Amazing monologue! I wanted Eric to read it but I can't find an english copy, but the movie The Legend of 1900 with Tim Roth is based on this book. If you can;t read the book, watch the movie.It's a masterpiece!
5. The History of Love by Nicole Krauss so moving and so well written! I love this author!
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Why is it that after all of these years of fighting "labels" are we now labeling ourselves. (LBGTQIA, CIS, etc) What are your thoughts on labels? [ profile] cherrytattoo77

This is a topic I feel very strongly about and I hope I'll be able to give a clear answer, because - when I get excited about something -  I start going on and on and on about it and I get very philosophical xD I'll try to avoid that. Promise!

I HATE labels! Humans are all unique and there should be no labeling if not one: ME!

I am who I am. No matter my sexual orientation, my color, my beliefs. The things that make me different and unique make me beautiful. I don't need to belong to a group of people to be accepted, I need to meet different people to be able to grow, without differences we are nothing, we're not humans!

I think kids got it right: bring a kid to a park (your kid or the kis of someone you know, don't kidnap anyone for this experiment) and let it go play... They will play with whomever is there... They're not going to ask the other kids for whom they're going to vote, if they are Vegans or what's their heritage. They're not going to give a damn about what they wear as long as it's comfortable... They just label each other as "stuff i can play with" and everything falls in that category.

This is why I am not okay with Tumblr and with lists like THIS... Why do we do this to ourselves? If we really want to be accepted for who we are, why do we spend so much time trying to put little pieces of ourselves into different boxes? I don't understand it.

So who am I? I am ME! I don't have to tell you which age group I belong to, if I'm democrat, liberal or republican, if I'm white or hispanic or black,... if I'm gay, het or any other if that definition that are in that list... I am who I am, talk to me, see what's inside of me and then make your decision about me. Don't separate me into labeled boxes until there's nothing left of me. Let's go to the park and play! All these letters don't matter, they never did and they never will! The only thing they'll do is making us grow apart and loose our individuality.

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