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It's almost time for Eric and I to leave the States.

We're going to fly out of Miami on Monday evening but, before that, we have like a 21 hours drive... I'm quite nervois because I'm not sure how we're going to make it. Eric wants to leave tomorrow morning at 6 am and he wants to get to St Simons Island to spend a day with his brother and help him a little bit with the damages Hurricane Matthews did to their property that, luckily, were minor... it's just a matter to clean up the yard and some other little things! So we're going to spend sunday on the island and leave on monday morning super early to get to Miami that is like a 7 hours drive (so Eric wants to drive for 14 hours on the first part of our trip... Nonsense!) but we have to stop to Fort Lauderdale to drop off a lot of stuff to our Storage Unit... I'm quite nervous about it even if our flight is at 8 pm... I know we're going to make it but I don't know how smoothly is going to go! I would leave tonight and drive for like 4 hours but his mother is... well... Don't let me start again on the matter!

So - since I'm updating my infos on the KML website - the question for this FList Friday is:

Do you like to fly or you're scared of planes?
How do you feel prior to a flight? Do you get anxious or you feel pretty relaxed?
How do you get ready for your flight? How long before the time/day of departure you start to get ready?
my answer )

I'm looking forward your answers! Have a GREAT Friday!
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I'm excited about this question because I have the same question for next week, so I need to listen to some new music... :D

Favorite song right now? [ profile] ragnarok_08

I have a favorite album at the moment that I listen to on repeat and it's Atlas by Sleeping at Last. It's not something new, I've been in love with this album for a very long time... I have troubles choosing a favorite song because they are so many! My first love was Saturn and - after I've used it for my Ten/Rose Music Video I started playing it at the guitar too so I think if I have to choose one that would be it!

My other favorite are Earth, Sun and Light. It's a great album and you should give it a try!

Eric and I are in York, PA! Finally... We got in last night and we went straight to bed!
We drove through Washington DC and that got me so excited! I really want to go visit the Capitol!
It's the first time I've been in the new house (his mom and step-dad moved in a year ago) and I love it! It's crazy to think I've haven't seen my in-laws for more than a year now... But I guess is kind of normal since we live so far away and Eric and I travel a lot! Anyway it is definitely fall up here! I wasn't ready for the temperature change and I'm both happy (YAY SEASONS) and worried because I only have summer clothes xD

Last night, before going to bed, I opened all the packages I sent up there in the past 3 months and I forgot I had bought all that awesome stuff! That's the best thing about not having an address, you have to send stuff somewhere else and then collect it after a while and it's like Christmas!

So now I have Han Solo (Ceremony) Pop, finally a cute Han Solo Pop. Number 2 and 3 of the Han Solo Comic Book. The World According to Star Wars a book I was very excited about since I saw it online and, since [ profile] orangerful liked it, I can't wait to read it! 1 Birchbox box (there was an offer on the website I do my daily surveys and I wanted to try it) full of make up and 3 of my ipsy glambags, where I finally received something for my brows and something for my hair!

I can't wait for lunch because we're going to have Isaac's and I LOVE their soup! I would move up north just for Isaac's alone... But I'd have to give up on my Veggie Burgers at Burger-Fi since that's a chain that's just in Florida... Oh I hate this LOL!
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Eric and I are still traveling North.
We've stopped for the night in Fayetteville, NC, and now we're going going out to explore and for some breakfast... I'm craving Krispy Kreme... That Offer on National Coffee Day definitely worked because I'm hooked up!
We've never stop here so I hope I'll find something pretty! :D

[ profile] imagine_peace asked What is the best thing about living in Italy? What about the United States?

I was talking with Eric about it the other day (he loves Italy) and I was telling him how my leaving home (Italy) made me learn how to love it and miss it... but still, now I'd never being able to give up on the US . Every time I leave Florida I instantly miss it, and it happens the same when I'm leaving Italy too! So, a thing that I really like about both places is that they're able to make me feel home and I find myself missing them when I'm not there! I don't take either Country for granted!

The best thing about living in Italy is food! Sorry to be too obvious! And it's all about the quality, not the variety. Everything is good... and the coffee (but if you buy a Nespresso Coffee Maker you can have Italian Coffee at home too). I love the energy of Italians and they way they move. I like that are pretty straight forward, meaning: if I don't like you I'll let you know, while Americans are (from my experience) too nice and sometimes it comes out as fake. I like the fact that when I'm there I'm surrounded by History and Old Souls! Italy makes me feel good about being who I am, and it gives me an heaviness that I like to have in me.

The best thing about living in America is the variety. You can find everything you can possibly think about! Everything is vast and new! I love the sense of unlimited possibilities! America makes me want to be better and expand my horizons. Makes me feel like everything is possible and lifts my spirit! Also FREE WIFI EVERYWHERE! That's the best thing! Restaurants are open all day (if you want to eat at 3 pm in Italy you probably won't find any restaurant open) as well as shops! If I'm low on milk I can go to CVS even in the middle of the night! That's handy!

So, in a few words: Together, this Countries make me whole! That's the thing I love the most!!!
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Third day of the Ask Me Anything Meme!

The question of the day is: What is your favourite flower and why? [ profile] monkiainen

I had to think a bit about it because there are a lot of flowers that I like, but then I had to go back to the the first that came to mind! The Sunflower!
I just like the fact it looks like the Sun and it constanly searches for it. It's like a love story!!! That doesn't sound like a healthy love story though... you're copying your loved one and keep looking for them... nope definitely unhealthy XD but I like the flower anyway!
Also, Van Gogh is my favorite painter and he painted a lot of sunflowers, so... :D

Sunflowers are also known for their symmetry based on Fibonacci numbers and that's just awesome!!!

Eric and I are traveling north. We left this morning the apartment in Fort Lauderdale, FL and we're now driving up to York, PA where we're going to be for 2 weeks before leaving for Italy again! We are about to cross the border and enter Georgia... Florida stretches quite a lot!

We're going to stop somewhere on the road and break the trip in 2 parts since Eric is doing all the driving... I only drive in Italy XD

For those who don't know I can't drive in America because the streets are too wide... it scares me! I need to get a Florida driving licence so that I have a document with my married name on it that is not my green card or credit card... but I just can't... it goes again against all I know... taking the test, driving in a parking lot with a car with no stick seems like a crime! So I'm postponing and I have to let Eric sit behind the wheel...
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I know, I know... The joke is old but I could't find a better title! :)

Thank you guys about all the "safe travels" messages... I am here, safe and sound. It has been a pretty intense journey, and yesterday, it was one of the busiest days of my life.

Since basically I don't have a home, and I keep moving from a place to another every 6 months keeping all my stuff in a storage unit, I have this need to settle in right away. The night I got in Fort Lauderdale, I had to unpack and go to storage to get my iMac (I've missed you so much, baby) and my Nespresso Coffee Maker... So when I woke up yesterday morning I had my nice coffee (I stuffed my suitcase with Italian Nespresso Compatible capsules... better and cheaper) and I turned on my Mac that has been working non stop to vonvert from .mkv to .mp4 all the Suits episode...

It's taking so long because I'm converting 1080p files, so that than I can finally work on my Harvey/Donna Music Video. (I have to because Final Cut Pro doesn't read .mkv yet). I'm so excited about this video. I'm using Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars (Here listen to this AMAZING song) and the song is just so perfect for this couple... While iSkysoft is working on converting all the episodes, I'm also working on another music video about Vincent Van Gogh with the song Starry Starry Night (not the Don McLean version but the Josh Groban one, because I like the rhythm better) using clips from Vincent and the Doctor from Doctor Who. I've been thinking about this video for years now, and while I was listening to some old playlists on my flight, it all came back to me and so here I am! Very excited about this project too!

I also wanted to say hello to my new friends: [ profile] adamas, [ profile] flirting, [ profile] hanorganaas, [ profile] jediknightmuse, [ profile] kaitydid33087, [ profile] monkiainen, [ profile] moongirl24, [ profile] ragnarok_08 and [ profile] topum and I decided to upload a new-ish profile (Click) but I have to still work on it, and write something interesting in there... I was thinking about making another *insert month here* question meme, since it seems the better way to get to know people better... Let me know if you think I should do it... I had so much fun last time I did it and the questions were EXCELLENT!

Oh and here another friending meme! :) I love this stuff and this one is a very good one, so go check it out!!!

I'm right here :)

That will be all from me! Have a great day!
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I'm about to board another plane and fly over seas... First stop will be Paris where I'm going to hang out for 5 hours... Then Miami, where I'll get an Uber (oh I missed you Uber) to Fort Lauderdale... I'll be there just in time to settle down and watch Suits mid season finale WOOOOO! XD

I feel very nervous for some reasons... I have everything with me but I have the usual annoying feeling I've left something behind... Maybe I left the gas on... No I'm sure I didn't... Am I? Okay enough XD

Anyway Eric will join me in less than 2 weeks so, if I'm missing something important, he can bring it over...

Things I'm happy to be reunited with:
1. I'll be reunited with my Mac and I'll be able to work on my Harvey/Donna music video!
2. Tokio Sushi... I've missed that restaurant so much!
3. Stores open all day long!
4. The positivity
5. My bicycle

Things I'm going to miss (even if for just a month)
1. Mom and dad and the whole family
2. My friends
3. Focaccia (a Genovese kind of bread)
4. My Vespa and my Smart Car and being able to drive around
5. My apartment
6. All the things that make me feel home and calm

Funny thing I'll be in the US just in time for the tv season to start... LOL that's timing XD

Have a great day and sorry for the randomness XD

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As I said a couple of posts ago, I've been missing in action here on LJ for a couple of days because I had some friends over. They all have been to Genova years ago, and for specific events, so they didn't have time to go around and see places. That was kind of challenging for me, because I had to come up with a plan in order to show them something cool in the brief time we had. They also stayed at my place, and it was the first time I had host in my place here in Italy, and that was another challenge, because I like everything tidy and it's impossible to keep up with the house while you have guests.

I loved having them here for once, and one of them managed to met Eric. Mark arrived a couple of days before Valex and BhMh and Eric had these 2 evening off, but the boss had a trip planned for the weekend so, Valex and BhMh, got to see him from the yacht, waving us all goodbye while he was leaving port. That was very sweet of him since I know he stress a lot about following the rules, written and unwritten, and I think that waving the wife and her friends goodbye from the upper deck while the owner is just below him, is not something he would have done just because... That made me very proud and I felt even more special then I usually feel (and he makes me feel plenty special).

I decided to show them Portofino (where the yacht was headed as well) because it's just so beautiful and the ferry ride is gorgeous. The day was lovely and - on land - I even met 2 of my ex crew mates who asked me help to get something for the owner (not the first time this month I have to help someone from the boat). One of them told me right away he misses my face a lot and I know what he meant... I miss these boys so much, but keep working there wasn't an option anymore (but I'll explain better in one of my next posts... this is a happy place).

Here some of the photos I took that day.
Portofino 2016 )
It's insane how, when I show these places to people that didn't grew up around there, I feel like I'm seeing them for the first time too. I hate thinking that was a time I took them for granted. Travelling didn't just make me fall in love with new, different places, but it made me redescover the love of my land.

I don't want to talk about what's going on in Europe and the whole World right now... It's too painful and enraging and I can't do it... but I just want to say this one thing: We can't stop seeing the World because of fear. I'll never stop going where I feel like going. I'll never stop visiting new places and go back to old ones. I'll keep learning and I'll keep falling in love with what I see. That's the only way I know. That's the only way I can live.
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One thing you need to know about me (and my friend Manuela knows it, because she lived it on her skin) I'm a Master in the art of packing. I can fit everything in your luggage, and if you give me the smallest storage unit ever I can put your all apartment in there, and you can have some extra space. I'm not even kidding you. Add to that the fact I have OCDs due to spending 4 years living and working on a high profile super yacht (Yeah, there are yachts and there are super yachts... a 86 mt/283 ft with a high profile owner as in famous yacht, is a super yacht!) so I need everything to be neat, organized, accessible and still look good.

On Friday morning I will leave this little studio apartment my husband and I rented for 5 months, and go back to Italy to see my friends and family, and I'm going to be there for a little over 2 months before coming back here in South Florida for a month and then back again to italy for a couple of months and then after Christmas here again... Gee I'm such a gipsy. During the past week I started packing most of the things I didn't need, and biked (2 bags at the time) everything to storage, that luckily is just 5 minutes away. Yesterday I took it to the next level and I left out just the things I'm going to need for the next couple of days and I started filling my suitcase. The only things I still have to bring to Storage are: my Mac (I'm going to miss you so much) the Printer (That I might take to storage this afternoon) my Guitar (she can't follow me to Italy but I have another one there) and my Coffee Maker (The last thing tha's going to leave the house on friday morning after my cappuccino). I'm a day and a half ahead of schedule but I rather relax on my last day here in Fort Lauderdale instead of having to deal with all the crazy stuff that happens before a trip!

I'm going to miss this place, but I can't wait to see my mom and dad and be reunited with the hubby who left 2 days ago. He should have left 4 days ago, but his first connection was late, and there was no way he could make it, so he moved his reservation same time the next day, when he arrived to the airport the next day, the flight was again late, so they booked him on another flight later that day, with another connection in Atalanta this time instead of NY and, even that one ended up being late, so he came back home (watched Game of Thrones) and left the morning after. He's now safe in Italy :D. I think the universe wanted him to watch Game Of Thrones...

The other day I posted a ASK ME ANYTHING (LINK HERE) meme... Please, feel free to ask me some questions... I LOVE questions, that allows me to create a dialogue with you guys and we can get to know each other better. So don't be shy and ask away... personal stuff... books... TV shows... movies... Yacht Life... Anything...
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The other day I posted an entry saying I was in Orlando, FL, but I didn't have time to explain what I was doing up there. As usual not serious stuff. Eric and I went to the Disney Hollywood Studios.
It was a very impulsive decision. We just rented a car and booked an hotel room through Hotwire, and suddenly we were on the road.
We didn't even know which park to visit between Universals, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, but since I'm a Star Wars Fan, and you know what they say: "happy wife, happy life" Eric kindly offered to spend the day there.
We spent the night in one of the most amazing hotels EVER (Hyatt Regency Orlando) HIGHLY recommended an the morning after at 9 o'clock we were there.

We went to the Magic Kingdom 3 years ago for my birthday early in April and we loved it but not as much as this one.
The details are perfectly curated and it still amazes me somehow how well kept the park is. The queues are never longer than 30 minutes (maybe we were extremely luckily) and they move super fast... So fast you almost don;t have the time to take pictures of what surrounds you!


It was again a magical experience!
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The Hamptons... the place where (according to TV shows and especially Teen Dramas) rich people go to have some deserved rest in the summer after spending a long cold year working in New York or some other big city...

So... WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Am I living in a Teen Drama? 0___0 Well, sometimes it feels like I am actually living in a crazy TV show with back stabbing bitches, secrets and other crazy stuff, but I guess each one of us have got that little corner of madness in their life...

Still, my friend, this is the question... I am not rich... well... I have a good salary with my crazy job, I admit that, but I definitely don't earn enough to make me Hamptons Rich... Even if after a couple of days in the place I am planning to became THAT rich xD

So what am I doing here? Let me tell you the story...

Eric's brother has a little place over here on the water. A little house he use in the summer when he's on holiday. A place where he goes to relax and fish. When Eric and I planned this trip we wanted to go see his brother and spend some time with him but unfortunately T. was working so he generously decided to give us his place for a couple of days and it has been awesome. The perfect end to our two weeks trip, even if I didn't met his brother and I would have loved to. Well, it will happen soon enough, I'm sure of that. And maybe we will spend some other time in this fantastic place... No wonder why people from NYC talk so much about this place. It is wonderful. There is a lot of green and some amazing landscapes. It is a place who calms your senses, exactly what people from the city needs!

So here I present you The Hamptons in all their lovely glory!

Money Money MONEY! )

And that's it for now. I keep going in the wrong order so I apologize. I will try to figure out a way to put everything in the right time frame! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I loved taking them and I love to share them with you. For me, a couple of years ago, just thinking that these places were real and somewhere in the World was uncanny... It still is, so that's why I want to share them. It may seems like I am bragging somehow but that is not my intention. I just want to share these things the way my eyes saw them. Hope you can appreciate that and I am sorry if I gave you the wrong impression :)
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I'm leavin' today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

Oh hello there... It is saturday night and I am stuck on the boat. I am one of the watch keepers tonight and I am utterly bored... So I was reorganizing my photos on iPhoto (Yep, that bored) and I decided to post a couple of pics from my last holidays. I have this project in mind, where I post a couple of my favorites from every place I have been... In my mind looks awesome but it's going to be difficult to get there. I will need time and patience... Yes, it's going to be difficult. :)

As I mention a couple of posts ago, I have been out of the water  for two weeks and I spent a couple of these days in New York, the one and only :) and it was mind blowing. I have never been in THE City before. I've always saw bits and pieces on the telly and I was all confident, knowing that these places and views were part of me, but they weren't. When I re-emerged from the Lincoln Tunnel and I had the whole city around me I felt completely lost. Even when, later that day, I walked in Central Park it was like I have never saw these rocks before.

A couple of hours ago, instead, I was watching Glee, season 5 season premiere (I skipped season 4 last year... I just wanted to see the beginning of season 5 because of what happened to Cory) and there is Rachel walking in Central Park and all of sudden I was all OMGIHAVEBEENTHERETHISISSOSWESOME xD

I guess that if now I decide to watch an episode of 30 rock and I see the Rockefeller Center before my eyes my head will explode!

So, let's start this project. 3...2...1...


That's it for now. My watch keeper duties are over and I can go to sleep! YAY! Stick with me though, because next stop... THE HAMPTONS! :)



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