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Hello friends. My Real Life is keeping me VERY busy, and I'm sorry if I'm short in my comments and I am super behind with my updates, but I need to take a break, and post this.

As you all know (at least the friends we have in common) on Tuesday January 24th Melissa aka [ profile] tigtogiba34 and her boyfriend Joe, were in a serious car accident, and she is STILL currently undergoing treatment. She's fighting, but she needs help!

There is a GoFundMe campaign to help her and her family out.
You can find it HERE. I'm not the kind of person who asks for money to other people... I tend to donate and shut up about it, and not spread the word because I am weird and I feel weird about talking about this kind of things... but this time I feel like I have to! We all know - especially in the US - how ridiculously high the price of healthcare is (it's a thing that I hate over here in the States and it makes me so angry all the time... I hate this system). If all of us donate something we can make the difference. I know she would if some of us was in the same situation.

Think about the World we're living in! Just one post ago I was saying goodbye to the Obamas and saying we need to be the better version of ourselves if we want to make it through this 4 years... Skipping a breakfast at Starbucks and give these money to a cause like this can make the difference! I am not asking, I'm just saying: think about it!

Take care <3
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Hello friends!
I want to use this flist Friday for something different today!
A lot of people is very disappointed or sad about what happened on November 9th and I feel (as a lot of other people) the need for happy thoughts and things that make us smile!

So, today I'd like to ask you!

- What happened this week that made you happy?
- Where is your happy place?
- When you are unhappy, what do you do to take control of the situation and go back to being happy?
- EXTRA: post a happy quote or a picture of something that makes you happy.


Also, if you need an extra boost of happyness:

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It's finally time for me to post some of the awesome pictures I took at the party last weekend!

To give you a little bit of a backgrownd informations about what the party was for, I will start by saying that Eric has been working on this for almost a year! He had this idea about getting all his friends, from different parts of his life, together in one place, to celebrate the fact they were all turning 50. The event was splitted in two evenings.

The first one was at Victor's, this awesome pub that ages ago was a church... The place is awesome and the food is super good! We had dinner there and then Tom, Dick and Howie played their guitars for the rest of the evening. Tom is the guy who married Eric and I, and Howard and David (Dick) are two of Eric's closest friends, thet met in Tampa in the 80es when Howard invited Eric to spend some time with he and his flatmates down there. Eric quit his job and started a new chapter of his life there and they became very close friends! Their playlist was 95% Grateful Dead and 5% Hits from the 80es! They were amazing! They haven't played together for a while since Tom (the Rev) lives in North Carolina and Howard and David are here in Pennsylvania but they live quite far from eachother...

It wasn't easy to take pictures in that space unfortunately so I don't have a lot of good shoots about that evening:Pics from the First Evening )

The second evening was at the Studio, this big space Eric rented from 3 pm to midnight. 5 bands were playing that evening! All of them are Eric's friends and most of them didin't knew each other... the evening was such a success. At some point the band mixed up, and they all played together and created great music! That was fantastic!


It was so much fun! And Eric (and all his friends) had the time of his life! He worked so hard on this project and I couldn't be happier about the result! He's going to remember this evening forever!!!

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