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Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends! Even if I met her a few years ago she's really important to me and I'm glad that she's in my life! <3
I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Morry ([ profile] river__ )
I can't wait to say it to you face to face! :)
I wish you the best birthday ever!

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I'm the worst blogger ever! Am I?
My last entry was back in July, 22! More than a month ago! Where have I been? And is not that I haven't anything to say... not at all! It's still summer so I have plenty of things to say! Let's make a sum ;)

First, my friend [ profile] mrbartleboom has spent a week at my place, babysitting my parents with me lol! Well, let's be honest, this time, for a whole week they have been parents, I'm proud of them!
We had a lot of fun and, the most important thing is that he met my bestfriend: Federico. That part kinda freaked me out cos I really love 'em and I wanted those two became friends and I think that there was a goooooood start! YAY so the fanfic could became real some day XD

... more under the cut )
So, now the holidays are over and I have to study again and in september I'll work for a while and I have to start another thing... so I'll be quite busy but I'm going to find the time to finish some of my videos and fanart! I have 3 picspam to post. But now I have to go...

Uh, I forgot, I started to watch True Blood few days ago... I watch it just because of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) look and look. Isn't he a very good reason? The show isn't so great but after Mulholland Drive I can see everything! I'm also watching 10 things I hate about you! I needed something light to watch waiting for How I Met Your Mother... I can't wait for it! The season premierre will rocks my world! I already know that! ;) I havet to wait less than a month! (Is better if I don't think about how much time I have to wait for Doctor Who XD)

Bye guys/gals!
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Hi f-list, here we go with your favouryte mental girl! Why mental? Cos you HAVE to watch what I've done yesterday night!
This is what happens when I stay till 3 in the morning on MSN with [ profile] mrbartleboom

A few months ago I had a dream, I dreamt about me, Marky and Federico (Colin in the video) living in London and being friends with David Tennant, John Barrowman etc...
Then Marky told me "Come on Ery, write it down" and the dream became a fan fic... then in London Marky said "Come on Ery, this song (King of Leons - Use Somebody*) is amazing, make an opening for the fan fic... and so this is the "opening" lol
but with a different song!
Now I'm scared... maybe one of those day he will say to me: "Come on Erika, make a Trailer" XD

The Dream - Opening (Brand New Day)

by Ryan Star

banner_00202.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Link @ YouTube
Download: SendSpace

Characters: [ profile] erychan86 ,[ profile] mrbartleboom ,David Tennant, Federico, John Barrowman, Georgia Moffet ( + [ profile] river__ ,[ profile] darkbeba and[profile] laz75Spoilers: none
Brand New Day by Ryan Star (Lyrics)
Clips from:
My camera, Marky's camera, The Friday Night Project, Tonight Is The Night, Spooks Code9, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Doctor Who
Note: This is what happens when I stay till 3 in the morning on MSN with Marky.
Description: The Opening of my dream!

(*Use Somebody is a beautiful song but I LOVE this one Ryan Star - Brand New Day so I used it)

So, I know, I'm totally crazy sometimes (but you know you love me don't you?)... but the opening is cute so I decided to share it with you!
The names of my friends are fake, and mine too... I changed 'em for privacy ;)
But I like Erika K. Dunstan... love it... maybe I'll change mine into this when I'll became famous lol! Yes, like it could ever happen ^___^

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Ok then, I know, I know I was MIA in those days, and its all Twitter's fault. I'm loosing my mind over it. Lol, I'm kiddin' is not because of it of course... I had to do loads of things in those days and when I was at home I was too tired so... But now that I'm here, sit on my chair and a little bit sick (don't worry about that, I can survive it's only my tummy) I can finish this kind of "review" of my holidays: London! Well, London, - better knows as the last part of the trip - was... well... is London so is always fantastic.

English Sum )
Did you enjoy the show? [Italian] )

And now it's over... I'm at home and today is a week. I have so many Tv Shows to watch that I'm almost glad that we're near the seasons ends... There are some of 'em that I don't want to watch as House for example... I used to love that show so much and now is a torture... I'll wait the last episode and then I'll saw it all in a day!
And I have to study too... buuuu I want to come back... it's sad here :(
So... good night dear flist... I'm going to bed now cos my tummy is killin' me. Read you tomorrow! Have a great night for me too!
Kisses! ;)

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Here I am with the second part of my trip! (HERE the first part)
The part that, maybe, all my dear flist waited for: Cardiff!
But first I have to say that I hate Lost's writers... why him... WHY damn you! I catch up with some tv shows yesterday. I watched the last two episodes of How I Met Your Mother and I loved 'em! In 2 weeks the finale! I can't wait for it! Then two episodes of Robin Hood and I have to say that I don't like Isabella at all, and not because of all the Marian's story but because I love Kate but I think that she will end up with Much or Alan and not with Robin... I dunno exactly why but I think that Rob'll die in the end! Uh and about the Sheriff I knew about it but I didn't expected the last bit O___o! And I saw two episodes of Desperate Housewives and now the thing is finally becoming interesting! I really hope in my ship (Mike/Susan) for the season finale as every year! And of course Lost... But WTF why him? I'm so sad :(

But now let's talk about Cardiff! Like the last post, a sum in english and a recap in Italian sorry sorry sorry, if you want it in english pay me a teacher! XD And ATTENTION! If you don't want to be spoilered about Doctor Who's cast in the finale go away!!!

English Sum! )
Let's go to the Karaoke! [Italian] )
And tomorrow the last part! :D
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Hi there! I promise a post and here I am... posting! YAY!
But, I'm sorry, I know that a lot of people in my flist are not Italian but it's difficult to me write all this stuff in English so I'll made a sum in english and the "real" post in Italian with the pics. I'm really sorry but if you want some explanations DON'T esitate and ASK ME, I'll be glad to try to eplain everything! ;)

Before to start I have to share my joy about one thing:

I have the whole collection! I can't wait for the Doctor Who Specials Box Set! I already know that it will be brilliant!
But now let's talk about a place, a place called Birmingham and a thing called T1.

English sum! )
Awwww we hug! [Italian] )

This was my first Con! I think that it was pretty good... no... it was AMAZING!! A fantastic experience! I was so lucky and the luck was not over... you'll read about it in the next post! YAY :)
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Today, 03/18 is the birthday of one of my Besties!
So, what can I say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRY ([ profile] river__ ) I can't physically hug you from here so I send you all my love and my unexpected cuteness, and I hope to see you soon cos I rly rly rly miss you!
So hun, have the greatest day ever! And, for today only, I'll give you my beloved David... I want him back tomorrow XD

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Did you miss me? Of course you did, ♥ now I'm here but I'm not so YAY, sorry :(
No no no F-list it's not your fault, it's that I missing my friends and my days in Milan so much. I have spent a great time... I had so much fun!
But now sadly it's over! I want to see them as soon as I can... The next official big reunion is in April and, of course, in London ! I can't wait for that: London, again YAY me! I'm going to see for the first time Wicked... to be more precise I'll see the musical two times in the same day! Wow, I'm so lucky! After London we'll go to Cardiff for 3 days - we have booked a little apartment - hoping to see David Tennant on set ... I really hope to have so many luck to see him again! Can you image? See a Doctor Who location? I'm so excited! And I'll see the Bad Wolf Bay! I totally have to cry and yell "bloody torchwoooood"! LOL!

I had a dream about me and [ profile] mrbartleboom yelling and driving a car in the Bad Wolf Bay... long story... one of my strange dreams... but I have to wait till april and I have to find a way to
keep my mind busy... maybe I have to think about the fact that I'll change University in september, I'm really scared about that... leave law for D.A.M.S.? (Art, Music and Show Buisness) but it will be 3 years so then I could back to law and I could have two degree at 28! Cool! But I'm still worried... law open a lots of doors... Why is so hard follow the dreams?

Btw, Milan, did I mention that I had great time? [ profile] mrbartleboom , [ profile] river__ , [ profile] darkbeba , [ profile] laz75 and me have spent the first days of the 2009 in a lillte appartament so cute! I'm in love with that appartament really ♥! We have played with so many games, I have so much fun with Guitar Hero and Sing In, we laugh so much, I knew only one song to sing: Roxette - Listen To Your Heart and I was pretty good LOL! In compensation I suck at Guitar Hero!!!
In this days I saw Buffy propperly! I mean the best Buffy's episodes and WOW that show was amazing! I have to see all! I'm more in love than ever with Anthony Head! Now I like Uther (Merlin BBC) very much! LOL!

Uh I've done another Xmas tree XD with help this time:

Xmas Tree )

Cute, isn't it???

I come back home with a lots of presents! I was so happy, I totally didn't expect presents! I mean, at Xmas I chose something and my parents buy it for me, no more surprises for me since I descovered that there is no Santa... when I was 5! I'm the kind of person who love surprises but my life is totally predictable sadly! I always spend bad Christmas and birthdays! So I was so happy that I can't find the words for explain my feelings!

And look, they are amazing presents:

Brilliant Presents! )

In those days the BBC chooses his new Doctor!

19344_smith_doctor_3_122_340lo.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album 19329_Smith_Doctor_1_122_395lo.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album 19337_smith_doctor_2_122_622lo.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

He's 11th and his name is Matt Smith! I know that all of you know that but I have to say my opinion! ^________^
As I wrote more or less everywhere David will be ALWAYS my Doctor! I start to see Doctor Who for him. My first episode was New Earth, then I see the first season with Chris, he wasn't my Doctor but I liked him, so I think that maybe I'll like Matt Smith as the Doctor too! I saw him in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, The Ruby in The Smoke and The Shadow In The North... he worked a lot with Billie lol! Btw I like him! I like the fact that he's 26 and I like the hair (not in the confidential XD) I'm happy about the decision... I knew that my other two options were absolutely impossible (Ewan McGregor or Matthew McFadyen) and after Buffy I started to think about Anthony Head and James Marsters lol! Even more impossible XD.
I'm glad that he's not-so-famous and in the interview he was so happy about the job! A lot of people says that he gesticulate too much but I think taht he's cute! As always I'm more worryed about Moffat... The season 5 will be all new! A totally New New Who! I'll miss Russel and David so much! I already miss Phil and Julie... the confidentials are not the same without them! :(

Back in Milan we went to see a movie: City of Ember... it was so... nosense lol! Fortunatly, as [ profile] river__ ,says we were togheter so we took the movie in a funny way XD!
It's a story about 2 kids + Poppy (lol I loved that little girl XD) who has to save the City!
Apparently without a reason a bunch of important peope decide to build a new city
under the ground! They do that cos world is ending but we don't allow to know for what reason... btw they decide to seal the world for 200 years... the time decision is totally random:
Guy1: For how many years we'll seal the peope in Ember?
Guy2: Mhm... 200 years. yep 200 years will be fine... I like the number!

So, for generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember's once powerful generator is failing ... and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker. Now, two kids in a race against time, must search Ember for clues that will unlock the ancient mystery of the city's existence, and help the citizens escape before the lights go out forever...

And, at last, youtube!
That bastard have decided to delete some of my video... I lost 5 of them! :( But I'm evil so I changed a little bit the videos and now I'm re-upload all of them and in HD! YAY!
For now I have uploaded Little Wonders but tomorrow I'll work on the others...

And now it's time for bed! I forgot to write so many things, I'm sure but I'm tired now :(

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