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Hi f-list! *massive hug for everyone* I missed you so much in those days!

Sorry if I've being MIA for so long but I had loads of boring thing to do! I wanted to post something so badly but I hadn't time at all.
I got up every morning at 6.30 a.m., I closed myself into the library (from my twitter : Erychan86: Stuck in the library... Total silence... Looking around unsure... I'm alone in the room... I'm staring @ the books... Scary! #vashta_nerada LOL) near my university for the whole day and I went home at 6 p.m. (without having lunch cos I have some food intolerances, I can't eat: wheat, eggs, pork, dairy products and olives/olive oil) I ate something fast and I went at my part time. In the evening I was too tired so I died in bed exhausted and the day after all the same routine! And this not because I'm a geek but just because I'm a fool!
I always start to prepare my exams to late and then I find my self in this situations... but I have to say that I love it! I love being under pressure and then succeed (even if somethimes I fail). I feel so full of life and I couldn't be better!

So, as I said this week was quite eternal but now I can say that I'm completely free to have my so desired summer!
If you're here cos you want to know about my crazy week keep reading, if you're here for Doctor Who and music videos skip to point number 6 ;)

1. The University is over finally. I can rest till september \o/! I had my last two exams yesterday morning both about economy, so not exactly my speciality, but they went pretty well 27/30 and 25/30.YAY
The first exam was at 9 o'clock but I arrived an hour earlier and a few colleagues were there waiting in the halway, behind the door, trying to study the last few pages of their books!
The weather was so hot and I ran - without any reason - for being there earlier as I could, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face and talking a little with the mirror as Liz Lemon. When I came out the hallway was empty so I step into the room and the professor was there but the class was empty just as the hallway, he saw me so I couldn't excape so I sit, I still don't know where my colleagues were, a friend of mine joined me with other two people.
So the professor looked at me and then he said: "We're here. Why waiting 40 minutes. Let'st start it now. You, came here" I was totally terrified cos my name was in the middle of the list and not the first. I sit in front of him and the exam started. He keep me 15 minues and after it I looked at my friend who stared at me scared cos he saw me start to speak and draw graph without take a pause!
The professor told me that I have a beautiful mind (he wanted to make a joke cos we were talking about Nash's theories) he asked about what I want to do in my future and other stuff, he was nice, he told me that I'm brilliant! He was really nice and at the end of the day he told me that my mark was the highest of the day so I'm pretty proud of myself!
For the second one I wasn't well prepared. I studied it in a day so I was unsure about a lot of things but it went well too! The bad thing was that I had to wait the whole morning for the second exams, I was the first for the first one and the last for the second!

2. In those days I passed another test, a test for became and international hostess! I'll start in september, I'll follow my classes at university and those at the same time! I know I can do it! And in a year I'll do a stage for a company and if I'm good I'll start to work as hostess! I'm very happy cos is a great oportunuty I know that I can't became rich as hostess but who cares? I can fly and this make me so happy! And I'll improve my english! YAY. I know that I'm always excited about everything but you know me, I'm like this, I love learn new things, it makes me happy! And I hate being always the same!

3. Talking again about university, I met a guy and I possibly had the most short love story in the history. I met him in the library, he was studied economy as me and we became friends, we flirted A LOT and there were a few movies moments but now is over, maybe we'll meet again in the library... maybe in september, we'll see, was fun tho cos I told this at my best friend last night and he was mad cos I always have this kind of romantic/platonic love story and he doesn't. Btw I told him about Torchwood and he wants to see it! YAY, and he'll see Doctor Who too maybe! Let's hope!

4. Yesterday night I played with my cousin's Wii Fit - I rock at Yoga - and I started to watch a movie while I was doing step. I saw The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves and I loved it! I'm not a big fan of Sandra, I know that she's gorgeous but there is something in her expression... is... always the same... maybe I'm used to David Tennant that is THE BEST IN THE WORLD when it comes to EVERYTHING expressions. But the movie was so pretty!  And, after Torchwood, I needed an happy ending!

5. Few minutes ago (just before to start this looooong post who none will read cos is boring XD) I started to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. And I liked it! I didn't see the movie but the show is nice, I alredy ship Kat/Patrick and Bianca/Cameron.
I didn't watch anything in those days, I only saw Torchwood and few pieces of Pretty Soldiers Sailor Moon, yes, the live action, but only the pieces with Mamoru/Usagi *______*
So I'll put 10 Things I Hate About You in my list, in those days I'll watch Battlestar Galactica too! I saw only 5 episodes and I loved it! Monday I'll start propperly!

6. I started a new music video Ten/Rose... more Rose!Centric, placed after Doosday I hope to finish it cos I started 5 vids last month and I couldn't end any of them! So frustrating. Thing is that when is about Doctor Who I maybe ask too much to myself cos I want... perfection so I spend all he time watching the monitor and hoping for a new shocking idea for an effect. The song that I find is so bloody amazing! Is perfect to explain Rose's life in Pit's world after Doomsday till her reunion with the Doctor. I really hope to make something great!

So, that's all for now! In the next days I have to post some icons and banners and a picspam!
Read you soon! I have to read loads of posts in my friends page! I'll start tomorrow. It's a promise!

Bye! xoxo
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Alt!Ten/Rose - Little Wonders
Rob Thomas

little.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Show Your Vids:

Characters: Ten II/Rose
Spoiler: Journey's End
Song: Rob Thomas - Little Wonders
Clips from: Doctor Who (Series 1/2/4) Blackpool, Casanova, L.A. without a Map, Secret Smile, Only Human, Love InThe 21st Century, sweetnightgoodheart, Trick or Treat (David Tennant) Secret Diary od a Call Girl, Bella and The Boys, Much Ado About Nothing, Spirit Trap, The Millers Tale, Walk of Life, The Friday Night Project (Billie Piper).
Description: It's a little bit different for me! I often use few clips from other David and Billie's shows but here I used... few clips from Doctor Who lol! 'cause this is a story after Journey's end... a story about the Human Doctor and Rose
The Doctor is gone and he left her and Ten II in the parallel universe. At the beginning Rose is confused, the memories about her Doctor are too strong and being with someone who seems like him but is not him hurts!
One evening she decides to call Ten II and he goes to her place, but he's still sad about what she said at the bay.
They start to date till one day someone finds a video about the Doctor. Seeing the Doctor upsets Rose and Ten II goes away 'cause he's not the Doctor and Rose can't love anyone who isn't the real Doctor.
Ten II avoids Rose till one day when he answers back to one call and they fight but he understands that she missed him and not the real Doctor, so they start over. One night he opens up to her and he says that he hopes that one day she'll see him like a man and not like a copy of the man that she used to love. But she loves him, so...

Ten II: I'm part human. I've only got one life. I could spend it with you...if you want.
Rose But he's not you.
Rose: Will you come round?
*Ten II: I love you*
Ten: How you feel?
Rose: He's gone
Ten II: I'm not the Doctor
Ten II: This is among the most mental things I have ever done in my life
Rose: This is bizzarre
Rose: How are you?
Rose: But I'm gonna keep on making mistakes until I do the one thing that makes you love me again.
Ten II: I do
Ten II: But i can't stop hoping
Rose: I love you

Sample )
Lyrics )
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I know that I couldn't say domething like this cos this video is mine but I rly love this one! I think that I will not EVER be able to do a vid like this one! The song is perfect and the music too and I'm so so so proud of it, so I rly hope you like it too cos I think that it will remain my favourite (of mine) for ages :) let me know what you think ;)

Ten/Rose-What Hurts The Most
by Rascal Flatts

Character: Ten/Rose
Spoiler: 1x01 to 4x13 + confidential + Music Of The Spheres. Much Ado About Nothing and Spirit Trap(Billie Piper)
Note: The Doctor find Rose's diary in The Library and he starts to read it trying to find a future with her, but there are only stories of the past, and it hurts!
Rose - in the parallel universe - finds a diary too (John Simith's diary), in this book she finds a way to come back. But, unfortunatly, it's temporany. She had to come back in her universe. After that the Doctor leaves the diary in the same place where he found it, but he has another chance: CAL... he reaches Rose and now they can stay together.

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New Vid! Angst of course lol!

Doctor/Rose - Time After Time
by John Barrowman

Character: Ten/Rose
Spoiler: 1x01 to 4x13 + confidential, Balckpool, Much Ado About Nothing, Secret Diary of a Called Girl
Note: "
if you're lost you can look and you will find me time after time, if you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
time after time"
can I say something more?

I hope you like it!

Lyrics )
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Manga... Angst...ROTFL.gif

Explenation: Rose comes in to her room in the TARDIS and she faces all her past, like she never left. And the Doctor popped out behind her back.

And now... from my mobile... ('cause I don't have a scanner ROTFL.gif)...

Rose's Room  

Thank U, thank U, thank U,... [ profile] mrbartleboom for all your help with the sentences
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New Vid! YAY!!!
This time with all the companions of the New!Who You know that my favourite is always Rose but I love Dona too and - I have to admit - that martha is not so bad, so I've made this tribute to the Doctor and his brilliant companions... I wanted to add Jack too but maybe another time! ;)

Ten/Companions - All Fall Down
by OneRepublic


Character: Ten/Rose/Martha/Donna
Spoiler: 1x01 to 4x09 + trailer mid season
Description: When you travel with The Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But you can't do that forever.
You know that all fall down, and nobody knows it like The Doctor. He always lose everything but all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever,for one moment accepts it.

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Hi, Here we are! I've just made a new music video about Doctor And Rose... I hope you enjoy it!!! It's my first video with Sony Vegas about this fandom and I think that the result is not so bad! (the animation is part of the vid)
Please leave a comment.. you know... I love comments!!!

Doctor/Rose - Missing 

by Evanescence


Music: Evanescence/Missing
Spoiler: 4.00/Voyage of The Damned
Description: Rose is gone and the Doctor wasn't able to tell her how he feels about her. So she believes that he's not missing her but as a matter of fact he can't stop to think about her. She's too far away and she'll never know that!
Note: Doctor Who isn't mine (cry2.gif) is poperty of Russel T Davies (God bless you Russ wub.gif ) and The BBC (oh I love you BBChug.gif ) No copyright infringement is intended.

Watch and/or Download

Attention: The clips in this video are not to be distribuited or cut for use in other music videos or any other media. Doing this is an act of plagiarism. And do not post this video in any other website without my express permission. Thanks!

I really hope that you like it!!!


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My first fan vid about Ten/Rose... The song is "Written in the stars" by Westlife it's perfect for the couple...

Doctor/Rose - Written In The Stars
by Westlife

Characters: Ten/Rose
Song: Westlife Written in the stars
Spoiler: Season 2
Description: Rose and the Doctor... it's written in the stars!!!


Lyrics/Traduzione )

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