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I've just watched The Age of Adaline and I'm walking around with a huge WTF tattooed on my forehead.

I've been wanting to watch this movie for a while now. Even before my obsession with Harrison Ford took over my life, leaving me drawling on everything he touched... but I've always found a reason not to. It's like I had a bad feeling about it.

I mean, when the movie came out I was ready to beg to go watch it because the trailer was good and Blake Lively is so pretty it hurts, but life got in the way and suddenly the movie wasn't in the theaters anymore, so I decided to wait. I put it into my to watch list and - like every other movie that ends up in that list - I forgot about it! (I'm more of a TV Show kind of girl... I need to spend quality time with my characters)

Then -  a couple of months ago - I found myself sucked very deeply into the Harrison Ford fandom and I don't think I will ever get out of it... Damn it I don't even want to... It feels sooooo gooooood! I went on his IMDB page and I saw he was starring in The Age of Adaline and then the weird feeling started. Today I said fu*k it and I watched it. If you haven't watch it, and you're planning to, don't go further!

The story goes pretty much like this: Adaline can't age, she had an accident when she was a 29 widow with a 5 years old daughter, and she stopped aging. We go through her life pretty slowly, basically nothing happen for a while until Ellis (Michiel Huisman) sees her at a NYE Party and decides he needs to date her. I have to admit it was kind of creepy. I - as any girl - love to see the guy go the extra mile to get the girl, but he went way too far... like around the world and back far.

When he meets her at the party he follows her into the lift and tries to be charming. He waits for the cab with her and she says to him "Are you actually waiting here with me because you want to find out my address?" and he doesn't deny. Then he stops the taxi when she's in asking to see him again and she says thank you but no thank you. Then he shows up at the library where she works because he wants to donate money to it, but he threatens her to take back the money if she doesn't get a picture with him, when she says no, he asks for a date , and she says - guess what? - no. But the library could use the money and he's actually taking back his offer (what a douche) so she says yes. They go out on a date and he asks for another, and she says no. His answer is "If I tell you a joke and you laugh, I'll cook you dinner at my place" and she doesn't want to but he starts telling the joke and she laugh. She goes to his place (maybe the girl is ready to die after 106 years because all I could hear is SERIAL KILLER ALERT) and she probably didn't have sex in a long time so she rolls her eyes and goes with it. In the morning he doesn't want to let her go to work, she finally gets out of there and he leaves her like 10 voice mails. When she doesn't answer he shows up at her place (he asked for her address at work so he must have lied in order to get it) and she's pissed and she says to stay away from her. At this point I was like WOAH, this guy is a creep... This movie is going to turn into a psycho noir in 3...2...1... But no.

Her daughter - who is pretty old now - wants her mama to get some, so she asks her to date the guy and so - as any good mother will do for her child -  she grants her her wish and go to apologize to the creep who asks her to go spend the weekend with him at his parents house. BAM. Harrison Ford must be the father I thought... and I was right... But guess what? Harrison Ford was also the guy who almost proposed to her 40 years ago (SHOCKING!) and she was so in love with him she told him her real name and now (AWKWARD!) she's banging his son... He recognizes her and she says that Adaline was actually her mother. There are flashbacks, where we see the guy who I think should play Han Solo in the Han Solo movie, and THERE you see a healthy relationship. Harrison is not stupid and he figures it out she's not Adaline's daughter but she is her and... HE ASKS HER NOT TO RUN AWAY FROM HIS SON! I was shocked... I trowed a pillow at the TV... I mean they have this moment in the woods where he confronts her and they said to each other how much it hurt not to be together, and then he says to her not to run away from his son? Who, by the way, after a week told her he loved her and he can't live his life without her? I'm all in for romance but WOAH dude... Chill a little would you?

In the end she runs away, she has another accident that fixes her and she says everything to the creep who accepts everything because he's a psycho. The movie ends with her finding a white hair in her blonde cascade of curls so we know (even without the voiceover guy who says it anyway) she's aging now and Harrison Ford celebrates 40 years of marriage with the love of his life THIS IS A LIE the mother of his children A LIEEEEE I SAID!

I honestly thinks I should have watched this movie before my obsession, because I really didn't want her to end up with the guy. I kept thinking: If Harrison Ford can have her let her die... But you know what? I know she is banging Harrison Ford behind her boyfriend's back because that makes way more sense.

Best scene: Harrison opens a door by punching it! DAMN MAN!
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... Erika catches up with her shows!

Not that Eric is annoyed by my crazy TV schedule, but I feel guilty if I stare at a screen for too long and he's in the room.

So for the past week I just watched what I absolutely had to watch, such as Stitchers. I just love that show and I have to watch it as soon as it's out (Why FreeForm decided to show it at 10 at night is a mystery... Shadowhunters is over... Put it at 9 at least). The last episode was again a good one even if I don't understand Linus. I never liked the character but now I feel like I'm completely done with him and not just because he interrupted an almost kiss. I didn't like the way he invited himself into Cameron's apartment:

L: I'm getting the feeling you don't want me as a roommate.
C: I don't. Dude, I had a roommate freshman year who insisted on writing his term papers in the nude while sitting on my bed, and after that, I was like, Never again.
L: First of all, I'm not a clothing optional kind of guy, and secondly, I'm not some stranger who's assigned to you to be your dorm-mate.I'm your best friend

Of course he ends up being the worst roommate (Walking around in your underwear while your host has guests, using Cameron's toiletries, sleeping with Camille in Cameron's bed? Really Linus?) and the lousiest of friends

L: Look, I love both of you guys. I just don't see it happening.

Who would ever say that if not an insecure a$$h0le? I understand Fisher because he's clearly still hurting after his divorce:

F: What I can tell you from personal experience, some people make better friends than they do couples.

But Linus it's unforgivable to me and Cameron needs to get rid of him on the spot and reconsider his friendship with the guy.
I'm okay with Kirsten saying to Cameron not to wait for her because this is just episode 4 and she really needs to figure out what's going on with everything and I'm also okay with Nina. I think the show is going in the right direction and I hope they will focus on Cameron's change of character because I still think it's something deeper than just "I died and now I want to live".

As I was saying Eric is away for the weekend so yesterday I watched EVERYTHING. I got up. Made myself a cappuccino and sat in front of my Mac all day getting up just to eat, drink and pee. It was glorious! I think I didn's say a word all day or maybe I screamed at the screen sometimes, I don't recall. It can sounds pretty scary but I loved it LOL! I mean, I've been pretty active the past week and yesterday it rained and it wasn't as hot as usual... Wait? Why am I justifing myself? It's not like my dad can read this... :D

Now I just have to catch up with 3 epidodes of Legends Of Tomorrow, 2 episodes of The Family and 2 episodes of Damien. I'm not very happy with these 3 shows at the moment but I want to give them a chance.

I've just finished Outlander and the episode was fantastic. It made me laugh so hard at moments. The Wax scene was hilarious and I thought it was just perfect but then Jamie's reaction made it even more awesome. Murtagh continues to be my hero and I'm enjoying the new characters. It still has its dark moments but it's Outlander and after what Jamie went through on the season finale it's understandable. My favourtite scenes:

  • The Wax Scene

  • Jamie's reaction to the "loss of the forest" and the red dress.

  • The Minister of the Finances makes a move on Claire and Jamie throws him in the lake followed by the best dialogue ever.

  • The King of France trying to use the toilet while everyone makes suggestions.

  • Every scene with Murtagh in it!

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I love Mondays... Wait, let me refrase it. I love Mondays after 5pm. I love them because my TV Schedule is full (but not too full like on Tuesdays).
I thought to do something diffrent and share my thoughts about last night episodes.

Manic Monday )
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Hi guys! 
First things first: CONGRATULATIONS to David Tennant and Georgia Moffett for their shiny new baby who's a she so I already ship her with baby!Piper who's a boy... If I can't have their parents together I will have their kids! Okay that sounded a little bit wrong... I don't want to have their kids... thanks to Russel T Davies and Moffat I'm scared of children... I just want them to grow up together and fall in love :) A Will and Grace kind of thing. So, let's make it happen, shall we? Thanks! [Go play together NOW]

As you can as you can read from the title you can gather that this post will be about the first season of Supernatural! You are right, my friend! I started it a couple of weeks ago and I really like it!
I started it because I saw the episode with Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen who were playing Sam and Dean and I thought it was funny and a nice way to spend 43 minutes of my evening so I decided to start the show from the beginning even if I knew the show wasn't a comedy or so of course... I wanted to start if from a while because of Misha Collins and his cuteness actually but I keept postponing for I don't know what reason but now I'm here and this is what matters (oh I', so drammatic xD)

I love the relationship between the two brothers and my favourite so far is Dean because he's tough, bad ass and play dumb but he's also the sweetest precious little thing ever and deep. I loved him on Salvation when he says to Sam:
If hunting this demon means you getting yourself killed… Then I hope we never find the damn thing. [...] Sam, look… The three of us, that’s all we have. And it’s all I have. Sometimes I feel like I’m barely holding it together, man. And without you or Dad…

I was surprised when I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing their father... When I saw him I was like "OMH JDM try not to die this time even if you already have doomed written all over your face... please" I love his carachter and his relationship with his kids, expecially with Dean... I know he's going to die (because I've already started season 2) and I know I'm going to miss him even if I have this feeling he might come back somehow... we'll see!
There were also other known faces. There was that chick from Fairy Legal (Sarah Shahi), Finn from Glee (Cory Monteith), Erica from Being Erica (Erin Karpluk) and Amy Acker too! Wow!

My favourite episode from season 1 was: 1x09 Home, I don't have to explain you the reasons, right? Was just amazing! As every episode which focuses on Dean and Sam past!
So... what can I say? I like the show a lot and I can't wait for Castiel to join the gang... I must say, even if I saw that one episode from season 6, I'm - somehow - spoiler free so please let's try to keep it this way even if I don't know who on my friend list follows the show... :)
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I just finished to watch the last season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and I feel like reviewing it.
You know, just a few words since it was the end and we're not going to see Hannah/Belle anymore...
Of course, if you still have to watch the finale come back later, I don't want to ruin it for you!
Let's start, shall we?


I'm actually sorry to say it but I didn't like it. Not just the finale but the whole season. It left me with the feeling that they had to do it but they didn't want to, just like when you have to do something and you keep procrastinate till the due date is close so you have no time to do it right and you make a mess. And the beginning was actually nice, it had potential and not just because the Hannah/Ben finally together thing, but the whole concequences of Stephanie being in jail could have led to something very funny and interesting but... nothing!

The first thing I didn't like was the injustified absence of Byron and Bambi. Okay, maybe in 8 episodes of 20 minutes duration each there's no time to focus on another couple and their problems/storylines since, on this season, is should be all about the relationship between Ben and Hannah but NO ONE had even mentioned them! What happened? They were a gang, Bambi and Belle were really close and she just vanished? At least say something like "Too bad Bambi and Byron had to move to another city/country/planet/universe, I'm going to miss them" I don't know, say something!!! And can you imagine how cool would have been having Ben asking Byron advices about what to do with Hannah? I think Byron would have given him some good pieces of advices and, in the end, it would have saved their relationship! I mean, Byron knows his $h!t, right?

The Stephanie and Poppy situation was a blast. I love Stephanie, I started from season 2 if I remember correctly but that's not important. I would have loved to see her more but I'm aware of the difficoulty since she was in jail BUT they left us with a daughter who didn't know nothing about his mother secret life. Come on guys this had potential: Hannah in a new house, dealing with Ben and being a girlfriend and in the meanwhile babysit Poppy trying not to expose her mum's secret and finding the time to run the company... but they messed it up big time. After the huge discovery they didn't know what to do with Poppy in my honest opinion. At the beginning she's shattered because she thinks her entire life was a lie, then she is cheerfull and asks Belle informations about her job, then she makes a move on Ben and who cares about her mother and then she finds a box and she's fine again. I can understand that such an important news can bring chaos in your life but they handled her situation in the wrong way. I would have understood if her whole making a move on Ben was about tanking a revenge on Belle/Hannah since she wasn't able to do that with her mother but no, she just notices that Ben is kind of cute and she wants to be with him... THERE IS NO  POINT IN THIS STORYLINE! He loves Hannah, we know that since the Pilot, what the hell? And they ended her storyline with her forgiving her mum because of a box full of old stuff... I don't get it. Your mum was a prostitute and now she's a madam, she kept a secret from you and you can't forgive her, then you find a box and you understand that she loves you... Being a prostitute doesn't mean she didn't love you. She kept this secret from you to pretect you. You should be pissed off but for other reasons not because you think she doesn't love you... I know thay didn't actually said that but the meaning of the box is pretty obvious, right

Henry. Another useless storyline in the end. When I saw the promo pics I thought he would have been a huge part of season 4... He is just on 3 episodes, just to mess with Hannah's head and without any reason. He's a cop, he enjoys having sex with prostitutes and he's dangerous... uuuuuh he's dangerous... fu*k off! He met Belle, she's hot, they have sex and he desappears. He comes back for the finale and is like he is so into Belle for some random reason and he had to have her... DUDE, JUST PAY HER! But he wants to be with her (for free maybe he's broke I don't know) just because... because... WHY? I don't get it. He wants excitement in his life and he wants to settle down with a prostitute? I get it, she's hot, I have myself a girl crush on her, I don't watch this show for the plot, but she's just a girl. It's not like you have been around for the whole season and you fell for her, you don't know her... If you wanted to show the difference between Henry who wants Belle and Ben who wants Hannah and her struggle because she can't be just one of them YOU DID IT WRONG! Expecially because Ben loves her as Hannah and he doesn't have a problem with Belle! He's okay with her job...

And, at the end a few word about the Ben/Hannah/Belle situation. Everyone knows that Hannah loves her job, she loves being Belle and this is the point of the show. Now, I can't say I didn't hope to see Ben and Hannah together in the end as a couple with Belle out of the picture but I knew that it would have been too corny and the show is kind of a drama so... The only problem was that Hannah as Belle was keeping secrets from Ben. At the end he wanted to know about her day and she - for some reasons - didn't want to tell him anything. But why? You know he's okay with your job as long as you came back to him, you're okay about him being okay and you want this to work and you are happy to come back to him, who's the only thing that keeps Hannah in your - life since Hannah is there just for him otherwise is just Belle Belle Belle - and in the end HE GIVES YOU A FU*KING ULTIMATUM and you choose Belle?! Okay, everybody knew she was going to choose Belle since she didn't have any big revelations at Stephanie's party but still, why an ultimatum? Ben said he was fine with her job but he didn't know how to deal with what it was doing to their relationship, they could have fix that! I don't get it.

What was the end all about? Belle won over Hannah? This was too random! It had potential but they screwed it up big time! I'm sorry since season 3 was so good! Well, at least we had Iwan Rheon on the series finale! :)

I'd like to mention Belle's dress in the court room... WTF?
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If you haven't seen the last episode of Being Human first: go away, you can't read this second: what the hell are you doing here GO WATCH IT!

I wasn't able to see it last night because I was too tired and I didn't wanted to fall asleep during the show so I woke up early this morning just to watch it and now I'm here, still shocked!

I may be an optimistic person BUT I think they'll find a way to bring Mitchell back, I saw too many Doctor Who episode and I know that every time they say "there's no way back" or "it's impossible" they find a way to figure it out... As Barney would say "nothing and everything is possimpable"!

As we all know, Aidan is about to start shooting The Hobbit (03/21 if I remember correctly) so he is in New Zealand with that good piece of ass who's Richard Armitage and the shooting will take a while so maybe he won't be able to join his friends from te beginning next season (if there will be a next season... we'll find out soon so finger crossed) so he might join them after a couple of episodes... Come on guys FIRST: How could a show about a vamp, a werewolf and a ghost go on WITHOUT one of them? (Do you really believe in season 2 that Annie was out of the games? Really?) SECOND: They can't find another vampire... IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! THIRD: I don't want a show without Aidan as the rest of the fans out there (I think)!

So, my dear friends, they will find a way! They have too!

Talking about the episode - which was brilliant- a few things are still stuck in my brain:

  1. WTF Mitchel brought Herrick @ the Bad Wolf Bay! Major fandom clash ladies and gentlemen! Poor Bay, I've been there a couple of times and it's a bay full of joy, kids with dogs and stuff... why they have to shoot such intense and sad scenes there? First Doctor Who with Doomsday, the Journey's End and the Time of Angels, than Merlin with The Labyrinth of Gedref (the scene with Arthur, Merlin, the creepy old guy and the cup full of fake poison) and now Being Human too? Poor Bay, poor Bay indeed!

  1. WTH Annie said to Nina that brought her back to life? It can bring Mitchell too? I mean Annie has got more powers than she thinks she has so maybe... And YAY she still is pregnant!!! That doesn't happen so often in a show!!! That baby must be tough!

  2. The final scene was just: OMG! I was shouting at the monitor like a crazy person to find another way. I was shouting to Nina who wanted to save Herrick till the other day and I was shouting to Annie that loved him so much and I was shouting a little less to George who was the only one who was trying to find a solution... Mitchell's last words were so touching and Aidan Turner is an AMAZING actor! I was like "OMG I can't believe you're that good"!

So, even if the last bit was so intense and so smart and every word was in the right place, I still think that Mitchell might come back... Optimistic much? Maybe... ;)

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Oh Community made me so happy today and I felt the urge to post here to share my joy!
This was the best episode of season 2 so far in my honest opinion and I put it in my personal top 5 of my favourite episodes of this amazing show! I don't know how many of you guys watch this show, if you don't and you're into comedies you should totally give it a try because - after How I Met Your Mother - at the moment this is my favourite comedy.
Speaking about the episode I noticed my favourite episodes of Community involve guns and violence... that's odd! LOL!
This episode was full of shippy moments and - as I said before - I just needed to share some cuteness so here we go a gif/picspam of 6 awesome scenes! Enjoy. 

2x09 Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses )

Time to go to bed now, my Kindle is waiting for me ♥! I can't wait for next week episode and I hope to see an episode as awesome as this one!
By the way guys, if you don't watch it just give it a try now that the Xmas hiatus is near! I promise you won't regret it! It's an amazing show! There is a lot of nonsense and the charachters are amazing! Do that for me! As a Christmas present *puppy-eyes*.
See you soon!
Good Night!
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I'm doing this while I'm listening toI Look To You by Amber Riley (Glee) so I'm actually crying like a river.
First of all how amazing was the fact this show was aired in date 10/10/'10? And here it started at 10 pm. Major LOL!
I don't actually know what to say except I loved it! I have always wanted to see David in this kind of role and he was just fantastic, no wonders David is my favourite actor, he was so intense in every single scene I missed him so much and even if I knew I missed him I didn't realize how much!

Here are The Top 10 of my favourite scenes in this first episode. They are in the order they have been shown I can't do a propper top ten because I loved every single bit of this show!.

Single Father - Episode 1 )

During the whole episode I had this urge to hug him! I have to admit that I watched the last scene maybe too many times!
Unfortunately next week I won't be able to see the episode since I'll be in London. I hope to have the time to put it on my Creative Zen so I'll have something to watch during my flight.
By the way this show is giving me so many material for my Alt!Ten/Rose videos... :)

You know, people think I'm always complaining because in UK there are just 5 or 6 tv actors and if you watch a random show you'll probably spot almost 3 actors who had a role on the Who!Verse once in their life. No trust me, do you want an example? I'll give you three names:
Here in Single Father if we don't count David - The10th Doctor - Tennant we have:

Suranne Jones (Sarah):  Doctor Who - Episode #6.3 Idris && The Sarah Jane Adventures - Mona Lisa's Revenge: Part 1 and 2
Neve McIntosh (Anna): Doctor Who - Cold Blood, The Hungry Earth
Isla Blair (Beatty) Doctor Who Classic - The King's Demons (1983)

And maybe they are even more, I just take a look at the main cast on IMDB.
But really, I'm not complaining at all... David and Laura Fraser worked together in Casanova back in 2005 and he also share his filmography with Sarah Parrish (she was also in Doctor Who, she was Empress: the big spider in The Runaway Bride) so maybe in the future I'm going to see again together on screen David and Billie. Who knows!

Gotta go now! I have so many shows to watch, I only saw How I Met Your Mother and was a brilliant episode, my favourite so far in this season!
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OMG the Dragon was so cute!
I know what you're thinking "What the hell girl? Did you see the last episode of Merlin or what? Oh wait a minute, you was high during the episode didn't you?"
And the answer is: "No I wasn't, how dare you imaginary person who I'm talking to! Yes dude, I've seen it, and I don't care, I love the Dragon!"

Well, Merlin was EPIC this week and I can prove it to you: I have EPIC pics and EPIC quotes! Follow the link with the mini picspam/review!

Well this was supose to be a mini picspam but I couldn't help :P
And now we have to wait 9 months for the next season? No way!
I have some Merlin's news btw! My Bradley James Christmas Video is done. I think I'll upload it tomorrow so stay tuned! :)
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If I can be sure about one thing, just one thing, this thing would be that I'll be able to watch EVERYTHING in television: tv show, movies,... but Doctor Who, the Russel's Doctor, the David's Doctor will be always and forever the most wonderful thing that I ever seen! I'm sure about that! Only Doctor Who can make me laugh like a crazy for about 50 minutes and then make me cry like a mad for the rest of the episode and after!
Do a picspam about a DW episode is very difficoult. Expecially cos David is always so handsome that chose a pic is quite impossible sometimes!

ATTENTION:SPOLIERS for Planet of the Dead and speculations about the nexts specials.

Come on, Doctor, show me the stars! )

Subs ITA online @
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Such a strange day today...

When I woke up this morning, I was sick. Really sick. Too sick to do much more than lay on the couch, I was more pale than usual and my head hurted very much... and I thought "Last night I was sober... why my head hurts so much?" but my law books waited for me, so I studied the whole day, but now I almost forgot everything... This will be a LONG LONG night and my headache don't want to leave me alone... great.

This Afternoon, after a babana milkshake, I was next to my computer, waiting for the new episode of Chuck and suddently I heard: This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home, my ringtone...Usually I leave the mobile ring for some moments... cos I love my ringtone XD but this time I answered IMEDIATLY cos was Enrico ♥...

Enrico is my unresolved crush, he's a classmate and a really colse friend, I fell for him the first night I saw him but I'm very insicure about myself... YAY... so I choked my feelings for him; two years ago we were good, my feeling was vanish but few months ago he started to be more nice that usual... he called a local television for my fanvid and thousand of other things and a strange strange scene under the rain... We spoked, as always, for 2 hours and we talked about everithing. When I told him that in settember I'll leave Law for the DAMS he was so so sorry, and I was happy about that, and he sayd something strange about relationship... I really have to understand what he meant with those words... but maybe it's my heart who's reasoning and not my brain.

The thing is that after the call I was fine (except for the headache) he healed me... ♥

How I Met Your Mother - 4x14 The Possimpible )

Uh and yesterday evening I saw Lie To Me because of Tim Roth... Tim Roth in a TV Show? WOW! And is great! I already like that show... and this is bad cos I'm watching to much "television"... but at least is good television cos is not Italian Television :)


Jan. 30th, 2009 12:46 am
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Hi F-list!
Take a look: New layout and new user pic! I love the new layout.
Do you like it? I hope so! :) I really love David in those pictures! *___*
And my Scrapbook is new too, I changed the banner cos I didn't like so much! This is better!  & 

Btw yesterday night I saw Yes Man and I loved it... I rolled on the floor laughing. I really liked Jim Carrie since I was a kid and Zooey Deschanel was so cute!
This is the story: Carl Allen's life is going nowhere, he says always "NO" to everything, he reject every offer, proposition, request, question and notion that comes his way. Until one day he meet an old friends who take him in a seminary, here he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything. Unleashing the power of "YES" begins to transform Carl's life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance: Allison. Allison is a bohemian type, very much Carl’s opposite, who conducts photo-jogging classes(this scene is amazing) and sings in a rock band. Of course, the two hit it off and Allison’s free spirit finds plenty of opportunities for Carl to say yes, but one day... ehehe you have to see it for find out what happen.

And today was LOST DAY. I really need more than one episode per week!

5x03 Jughead )

And Yesterday night (was very late) I saw Neil Patrick Harris in Doogie Howser MD he was a baby, awww and his voice was so cute! :)

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LOST is Back and the double episode was brilliant!
If you didn't see it yet SHAME ON YOU, close this page and go to see it RIGHT NOW.
Now my TV calendar has two Shows by JJ Abrams and this thing is amazing!

lost01.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

5x01 Because You Left )

lost02.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album5x02 The Lie  )

Two great episodes! I missed this show!
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It couldn't be a better Christmas! Really!
Wake till 4am watching The Next Doctor and translating the subtitles (You can find the italian subtitles here if you want)
No need coffee cos the episode was simply STUNNING and after that I couldn't sleep thinking about it! I was sad and excited at the same time!
And now? I have to wait till Easter? NO WAY! It's a kind of torture!!!
But now it's time for a picspam lol! It's a huge one this time lol and it took me a lot of time! But it worth it, it worth it indeed!

Untitled-1copy4.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

This way! )
And now we have to wait till Easter for PLANET OF THE DEAD! I don't think that I can wait for so long!
This episode was so brilliant! And Morrissey was very good on the role No need to talk about Tennant cos he's always perfect! It breaks my heart think that: 4 episode and then the Ten's arc will be end! I know that David will come back as Alt!Ten some day... he will always be MY DOCTOR the one the only and the best as someone says ;)
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Did you see Merlin? Did you see it? Oh GOD! was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I'll miss this show so much! This episode was brilliant!
I can't wait for the next season! With such a cliffanger how could I not be impatient???

Merlin 1x13 Le Morte d'Arthur )

The title come from a great book Le Morte d'Arthur
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YAY I'm officially on holiday right now!
And now I have to catch up a lot of TV shows!
Let's start! \o/

Prison Break - 4x13 Deal or No Deal )

Prison Break - 4x14 Just Business )
Btw I dunno how many episodes left; 8, 10? I'm sure about one thing: I love Prison Break but I hope that this will be the last season! I can't handle another season! This Company have to be destroy in this one!

How I Met Your Mother - 4x10 The Fight )

Gossip Girl - 2x12 A Wonderful Lie )

Desperate Housewives - 5x10 A Vision's Just a Vision )

Merlin - 1x12 To Kill The King )
I want the season finale of Merlin NOW!!!

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This Pre Winter Session Exam at university is killing me! Wednesday I studied for almost 15 hours! I went to bed at 4am and the next morning I woke up at 6am for being at universty at 8am and the exam was at 5pm... 8 hour of revision and 1 for lunch! It's unbelievable but I'm still alive... I think... wait, let me check it out... ok I'm alive YAY!

My mind was so full of sentences of the Court of Justice that I had to delete some unecessary notions like my name, where do I live and how to drive... the last one it's not a joke XD
After this devastating day I took the underground and when I was in the neighbourhood of my car I was so puzzled that I forgot where was the car, when I remembered it I sat and I watched the wheel for I think a minute without doing NOTHING! My mind was empty I remembered only names like Caixa Banque, Arduino, Chen, Centros and their "stories"

When I studied I've found this sentence of the Court of Justice about a case: Kunquian Catherine Zhu and Man Lavette Chen / Secretary of State for the Home Department (Yes I remember the entire name) Mrs Chen, a Chinese national went to Belfast, UK, in order to give birth to a child. Her daughter, Catherine, obtained Irish nationality since under Irish law any person born on the island of Ireland may acquire Irish nationality thanks the IUS SOLI. However the child was not entitled to obtain either British nationality (she was Irish not British) or Chinese nationality. Mrs Chen and her daughter are living at present in Cardiff, UK, where Catherine receives private medical services and child-care services in return for payment. Having been refused a long-term residence permit, Mrs Chen and her daughter lodged an appeal. The Immigration Appellate Authority asked the Court of Justice to give a ruling as to whether Community law confers on Catherine and her mother a right to reside in the UK... (I can hear you yawn! Ok, I stop it!) Btw... Catherine... Cardiff... I thought about Catherine Tate!
LOL I'm addicted so badly to DW!

Btw isn't only about the nights spent to study instead of sleep but I become a mess... Till the yesterday night shower my hair was a mess all frizzy and not so clean they didn't sparkle as always :( and my skin? A mess too, and I don't want to talk about my eyebrow... It's not that I'm vain, trust me is not like this I was really a mess I was unwatchable XD
And my way to speak... was fast and full of legal terms even when I spoked with my friends... And my jokes? All about law... but this wasn't a big problem cause I've spent more or less all the week with my colleagues so when I said something like "... this is mean I'll ask for an European warrant." they didn't watch me like I was crazy... we were so tired :(

But now I really have to take a break for exams... but I can't yet!
However I was being such a good girl in this days and yesterday night I found into my mail box the Einstain and Eddington DVD! I'm so happy!!! Now I can do a better review (because the subtitles) watch it in HQ all the time and do my music videos aaaaah! So happy!
I have another exam Tuesday afternoon... I hope to find the #3 issue of The Forgotten in my mail box that night! :)

A friend of mine tells me that the students of law use to write a lot on their law books... look at mine... oh gosh XD

lol! )

Btw after the longest shower ever yesterday night (I think that maybe I used all the cold wather of my entire country XD) I was regenaerate my hair now are as always (a mess but not as before) my skin is again normal and my eyebrow fine!

Few days ago... before all this madness I watched 2 movies! And wow! They were so nice!

stardust.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
Stardust )

Jane.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
Becoming Jane )

But now I have to go! Tonight I'll go out with my friends for a pizza! I hope to not talk about law!

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After a while the third part! It was fun but I don't know if I'll do something like this anymore! I'ts fun but... it takes a lot of times!
Btw now is time for: my cute Ned, my funny Merlin and my hot Derek (and a lot of others hot guys in GA's cast LOL) And then I'll see Einstein & Eddington! I can't wait fr that!

Pushing Daisies 2x06 Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic )

Merlin 1x10 The Moment of Truth )

Grey's Anatomy 5x09 In The Midnight Hour )

And finally! Einstein & Eddington! I keept it for the end 'cause I'm a masochist LOL!
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Second part of my "group reviews"!
After a loooooooooong day at university I needed relax, and here I am.. In front of my monitor still sad about the fact that my TV shows are going on break till jenuary soon... And it's time for my brilliant House, my cool Peter and my atlethic Nathan. I'm determined to see all this shows tonight! I'm brave, YAY me XD

House 5x08 Emancipation )

Fringe 1x08 The Equation )

One Tree Hill 6x11 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) )

The end... of this... It's not over! I've to see: Pushing Daisies and then in the week end Merin, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives! O_____o BUT the important thing to see this week is: Einstein and Eddington! David *_________*

eande.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

Isn't he cute? I think that is so hot even if is not ruffle!
I have to pack. Tomorrow is the day! My big reunion YAY! Verona i'm coming! ;)

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Beginning of the week and I have to see a lots of episode of my favourite TV show... I'm a little bit sad 'cause soon they'll go on break till Jenuary! I'll miss so much my sweet Mahone, my lovely Chuck, my awesome Barney, my hungry Sylar, my adorable Ryan,... And yesterday night and tonight I saw this beautiful episodes... Gosh! I'll miss them so much! :(

Prison Break 4x11 Quiet Riot )

Gossip Girl 4x11 The Magnificent Archibalds )

HIMYM 4x08 Woooo! )

Heroes 3x09 It's Coming )

90210 1x11 That Which Destroy )

And tomorrow the second part!

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