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First video of 2017

It feels so good to be back making videos (I make it sounds like I make a couple of them a week instead of one every few months LOL)! I spent the past 2 days on it! I am very happy with the result!
I am also very happy about this "cover photo" I made! Love the coloring! I alo organized my "home video folder" on iTunes and you have to see it CLICK. Isn't is nice?

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You could show her your true face, but you don't. Why is that?
I think you did come to Los Angeles looking for something.
But I also think you've stopped. Because maybe you've found it.

Show: Lucifer
Spoilers; 1x01 - 2x13
Ship: Lucifer Morningstar x Chloe Decker
Song: Light Me Up by Ingrid Michaelson
Software: Final Cut Pro and Motion 5

Note: please watch it in HD (1080p)

What do you think?
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This is going to be my last music video for 2 months... unless I decide I'm okay with working on my MacBook, but I 'd rather use my desktop Mac fot it because of the screen dimension and because it's faster!

This is a relatively short one! I worked on some new coloring and transitions for it, and I quite like the final result! I still believe my previous Harvey/Donna video was the best I've made so far (maybe because of all the voiceovers) but this is quite nice too! And the song is perfect for them!

I have so many songs for Harvey/Donna that I'm thinking I should make a fanmix... That would be fun! :D

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All that I am and have these days can all be traced
Back to you

Show: Suits
Spoilers; 1x01 - 6x10
Ship: Harvey Specter x Donna Paulsen
Song: Greg Laswell - Back to You feat. Elizabeth Ziman
Software: Final Cut Pro and Motion 5
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New video!

It has been a week since I posted the last one (that is doing pretty good, almost 2000 views! YAY) but it feels like less, maybe because I've been busy getting ready for Eric's return, or maybe becase I downloaded Motion 5 and I'm figuring it out... I just need better transitions, FCPX transitions sucks! And also better text effects! I'm having fun learning how to use it (by trying stuff out as usuals, I'm not good wit manuals and tutorials) and I don't like the fact I won't be able to get to know it better before I have to be separated from my Mac

But let's not talk about that! New Video!

I've been wanting to use this song for a Ten/Rose music video since the first time I've heard it! Such an amazing tune!

HERE @ my channel

I’d give anything to hear you say it one more time,
That the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes.

Please watch in HD! Everything is better in HD! :)
Show: Doctor Who
Spoilers; 2x00 - 50th anniversary special
Ship: The Tenth Doctor x Rose Tyler
Song: Saturn by Sleeping at Last
Software: Final Cut Pro
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I need to take a break from what I'm doing so I'll write a quick update!

➜ Outside is raining so I've been working on my Ten/Rose [Doctor Who] Music Video so I ended up watching you-know-which scenes from Doomsday and Journey's End and I've been crying like is 2006 (and then like it's 2008)! I just can't deal with it... 10 years later I still cry when Rose says "I love you" and the Doctor vanishes, leaving her on the beach (Bloody Bad Wolf Bay... I've been there twice... Very nice place if you don't think about how it shattered your heart not once but twice) alone... That would be the most tragic thing ever if not than then the scene goes back into the TARDIS and the Doctor is all teary eyes and he opens his mouth to say something, but then he gives up and a tear run down his cheek... WHAT.THE.$%#%$#%. Don't even get me started on the "Does it need saying" in Journey's End because I'm already crying on the floor, no need to kick me in the stomach! Anyway! I miss Russel T Davies and I'm sorry if there are Moffat's fans here but he can't even kiss Russel's shoes, let alone wear them... Don't get me wrong... I LOVED Matt, Karen, Arthur, Peter (<3) and Jenna, but they could have been - using the tenth Doctor's words - "SO.MUCH.MORE". Also... back in 2006, they were filming these episode with the WORST lents EVER! I'm straggling making a 1080p video!

➜ I also watched the reward bit in The End of Time Part 2 and yes... That was painful too!

➜ On an happier note my [Suits] Harvey/Donna - I don't love you, I always will Music Video is doing pretty good on youtube. 1560 views in 6 days! That's just great! I'm very happy because I'm very proud of it!

➜ Other happy news: Eric is coming back home tomorrow! He'll be here tomorrow evening and we have a sushi night planned! I can't wait! I hope the weather will be good! We're going to stay here in Florida for a week and then go visit his family up in York, PA. So I will have to put my Mac back in storage (that's why I'm working so much on music videos). His flight ROMA-MIA has already being delayed 2 hours, but it's normal because the airport in Rome is just the worst (NEVER fly to Rome, always to Milan!) but he's happy so he'll have more to get his connection since he's leaving from Genova and he had just one hour in Rome (never enough). Eric LOVES airports LOL!

➜ Talking about the weather (like I'm my grandma) this morning I realized I was out of milk so I had to go out to get some for my cappuccino. When I opened the door it was still quite dark and I didn't check the sky because it was 6:30 am, but when I came out from the store it was like someone turned on 10 showers with awesome water pressure! I had to run home because I didn't want the milk to go bad, I needed my morning cappuccino and I honestly feared to get stuck there forever and had to call for a water taxi to come pick me up!

Once Upon a Time last night was Good! I forgot all that happened at the end of season 5, so I was confused (I should have watched the an hour recap on ABC). I'm quite interested in seeing what will happen but it seems quite obvious who's Emma's nemesis... I mean who was the only one missing in that scene? We'll see! I hope they won't mess up the Rumple/Belle/BabyWithDaddyIssues story because it can be interesting too!

Back to the music vidoe now... Hope your week was off to a great start!
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New video! I am so proud of this one! I think is the best I've made so far! A lot of stuff going on and... I'm just super excited about it!

It was ready yesterday but I wanted to wait to post it because I wanted it to be just perfect!

I want to dedicate this video to my friend Kay that today had a baby! *CONGRATS KAY!* She's the one who turned me on to the show and we kid about the her baby was waiting fr her to be caught up with it, before coming to this World... and he did! Good baby boy!

HERE @ my channel

I don't love you but I always will
I always will
Please watch in HD! Everything is better in HD! :)
Show: Suits
Spoilers; 1x01 - 6x10
Ship: harvey Specter x Donna Paulsen
Song: Poison & Wine (I don't love you, I always will) by The Civil Wars
Software: Final Cut Pro
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Hello F-List!
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very productive!

I settled in into the apartment and made a couple of trips to storage to gather what I needed to survive this month (Mac, Coffee Maker, Extra Pillow, Bike, Leftover stuff from my last staying,...) and - as per usual - the change of time zone didn't messed up my body *pats herself on the back* although, my mind was struggling with getting use to it... But anyway:

➜ Welcome new friends: [ profile] xfirefly9x, [ profile] batmarg, [ profile] tigtogiba34, [ profile] favoritexrecord, [ profile] cherrytattoo77, [ profile] sometimesartist, [ profile] frelling_tralk, [ profile] imagine_peace, [ profile] xlovebecomesher and [ profile] mimoiikit143 (please let me know if I'm forgetting someone) I'm so excited... I can't wait to get to know you all better! :)

➜ Since I added a lot of new friends I wanted to know if you feel like I should do an introduction post or you would rather me making a question meme where you can come and ask whatver you feel like (I love weird/intriguing/crazy questions... oh I love the so much!) or something similar... You tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it. I was also thinking I want to do some sort of a weekly post about fandoms and ships, since I have so many... And a monthly post with my favourite things... I don't know... All I know I'm a control freak and I want to do something very organized xD

➜ My weekend was all about music videos, as you might know. I've been waiting two long months to be reunited with my Mac and I just felt like spending a lot of time with it... Especially considering outside it's so hot... Florida, WTF?! I posted my Vincent Van Gogh [Doctor Who] the other day and I'm so excited to see so many of you commented on it and liked it! Thank you very much. It means the World to me! Last night I finished my Donna/Harvey [Suits] Music Video and I think it's the best video I've made so far. Maybe because I love the song so much [Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars] or maybe because I've been obsessed with suits recently (I binge-watch the whole thing in 2 weeks) I don't know... Today I'll fix some minor errors, so that I can make it perfect and I'll post it very soon. Next one might be another Doctor Who one... A Ten/Rose because I just have the perfect song for them and I miss that ship very much!

➜ I should make a couple of pic spams but I'm kind of bored with the layout and I would like something different and I should make some icons one of these days!

➜ I'm currently reading The Post Birthday World by Lionel Shriver, but I'm not giving it enough time... It's a very good book (if you liked the movie Sliding Doors, you might consider reading it) but it goes very deep into the head of the protagonist and there are not a lot of things happening so far.

➜ Last week the TV season started for me with Blindspot and the episode was great! Very strong season premiere, let's hope the show won't have as many fillers as last year! I'm very interested in the story. But my TV season really starts this week: I can't wait for Lucifer tonight, I loved season one and the cliffhanger was so good... and I cannot wait! Tomorrow Agents of SHIELD and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back in my weekly schedule, so I can spend my Tuesdays flipping tables for one and laughing with the other... and then Sunday: Once Upon a Time... Feels like this season has potential. We need a great bad guy and who's better than the Evil Queen? I mean this trailer makes me think this season could be awesome... There's going to be a lot of Lana and this makes me so happy! I'm adding to my calendar The Good Place as well because of Kristen Bell's face! I don't know if it's going to be any good but I need some comedies!
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Earlier today I posted an entry here on LJ and I said I was working on a new Music Video about Vincent Van Gogh, using clips from Doctor Who and - I don't know how - I finished it! I just uploaded it on youtube and this must have been the quickest video ever for me!

I'm very proud of it, because this video is somehow unique for me since I always make videos about ships and never just characters, but I had this video in mind for the longest time... I don't remember if I heard the song first and then I saw the episode or vice versa, I only know that I keep putting them together. Every time I hear this song I think about this episode, and every time I watch this episode (One of the few I re-watched more than once since the Moffat Era I miss you RTD!!!) I think about this song!

So this is my last video. It has been a long time since my last Doctor Who Video (I have so many Ten/Rose videos to be completed that is not even funny) I hope you enjoy it!


To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence
was not only the world's greatest artist,
but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.
                                                                                - Doctor Who 5x10

Please watch in HD! Everything is better in HD! :)
Show: Doctor Who
Clips from episode: 5x10
Character: Vincent Van Gogh
Song: Vincent (Starry Starry Night) by Josh Groban
Software: Final Cut Pro
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I know, I know... The joke is old but I could't find a better title! :)

Thank you guys about all the "safe travels" messages... I am here, safe and sound. It has been a pretty intense journey, and yesterday, it was one of the busiest days of my life.

Since basically I don't have a home, and I keep moving from a place to another every 6 months keeping all my stuff in a storage unit, I have this need to settle in right away. The night I got in Fort Lauderdale, I had to unpack and go to storage to get my iMac (I've missed you so much, baby) and my Nespresso Coffee Maker... So when I woke up yesterday morning I had my nice coffee (I stuffed my suitcase with Italian Nespresso Compatible capsules... better and cheaper) and I turned on my Mac that has been working non stop to vonvert from .mkv to .mp4 all the Suits episode...

It's taking so long because I'm converting 1080p files, so that than I can finally work on my Harvey/Donna Music Video. (I have to because Final Cut Pro doesn't read .mkv yet). I'm so excited about this video. I'm using Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars (Here listen to this AMAZING song) and the song is just so perfect for this couple... While iSkysoft is working on converting all the episodes, I'm also working on another music video about Vincent Van Gogh with the song Starry Starry Night (not the Don McLean version but the Josh Groban one, because I like the rhythm better) using clips from Vincent and the Doctor from Doctor Who. I've been thinking about this video for years now, and while I was listening to some old playlists on my flight, it all came back to me and so here I am! Very excited about this project too!

I also wanted to say hello to my new friends: [ profile] adamas, [ profile] flirting, [ profile] hanorganaas, [ profile] jediknightmuse, [ profile] kaitydid33087, [ profile] monkiainen, [ profile] moongirl24, [ profile] ragnarok_08 and [ profile] topum and I decided to upload a new-ish profile (Click) but I have to still work on it, and write something interesting in there... I was thinking about making another *insert month here* question meme, since it seems the better way to get to know people better... Let me know if you think I should do it... I had so much fun last time I did it and the questions were EXCELLENT!

Oh and here another friending meme! :) I love this stuff and this one is a very good one, so go check it out!!!

I'm right here :)

That will be all from me! Have a great day!
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I'm almost done packing. Yesterday evening I opened Final Cut Pro thinking, since I won't have the chance to make music videos for a while (not entirely true because while my Mac stays here in the States, I still have my MacBookPro with me) I should maybe finish one.
I had this one abour Kirsten anc Cameron from Stitchers that I started and left behind months ago, I checked on my progress on it (barely none, just the first verse of the song was completed) and I felt inspired.
It was 6 pm. When it was finished it was 3 am. I was so surprised... I wasn't even tired. I decided to fix up some little things, thinking "it's not going to take me that long, I'll do it now so tomorrow I can upload it on youtube" and suddenly it was 4 am. I had to force myself to go to sleep! I love doing this stuff way too much for my own good!

Here's the video. I'm kind of proud of it and I'm getting better at creating my own color corrections.

Please watch in HD! Everything is better in HD! :)
Show: Stitchers
Spoilers: 1x01 - 2x10
Ship: Camsten (Kirsten Clark and Cameron Goodkin)
Song: Let it All Go (Rhodes ft Birdy)
Software: Final Cut Pro
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Thanks to a combination between a sense of deep inspiration that Bloodline by Claudia Gary left me with, and a sugar rush due to the ammount of cookie dough I stuffed into my mouth yesterday, I finally opened up Final Cut Pro and finish this video I started to work on right after I saw The Force Awakens for the first time.

I fell in love with this song and I thought it was perfect for Han and Leia. I hav to thank my friend Valentina who posted this song on her facebook page!!!

LINK ON YOUTUBE (watch in HD, please!)

Ship: Han x Leia
Clips From: Star Wars Original Trilogy and Star Wars The Force Awakens
Music: Jack Savoretti - Catapult
Edited on: May 15 2016
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I am back-ish! You know me... Nothing is definitive with me...

I am writing because I fell in love with this new show "Stitchers" and so I decided to make a music video about this brand new ship who stole my heart since the Pilot: Cameron and Kirsten
It was also time for me to learn how to use Final Cut Pro after I switched from my old PC to a brand new Mac 2 years ago... I miss Sony Vegas... That was a great Video Editing Program, but I am growing fondly of this new one... So here we go, my new video, enjoy!

Fandom: Stitchers
Ship: Cameron x Kirsten
Song: Flares (The Scripts)
Plot: AU where Kirsten stitches into Ed's memories and understands how love feels like and what Cameron means when he says to her that he "has to protect her"
Spoilers: 1x05
Software: Final Cut Pro
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After 2 picspam it's time for a video.
I started this video MONTHS ago... Right after the first episode of season 5 I felt the urge to open Sony Vegas... and then I closed it xD
Btw, this is not my first video about Barney and Robin... The fist one was deleted (thanks YouTube) but if you want you can find it here.

Barney/Robin - Never Say Never
(How I Met Your Mother)
Download & YouTube

Characters: Barney and Robin
Spoiler: HIMYM all 5 seasons
Song: The Fray - Never Say Never
Clips from: How I Met Your Mother
Description: WHAAAT? Barney and Robin in a relationship? Well... you can never say "Never"! :) Both of them aren't exactly "relationship material" so at the beginning it's hard to handle all that new stuff, there are good moments, yes, but there are incomprehensions too and fights and sometime is easier to say that is too much and that they'll never be a good couple, but what does it mean: good couple, they say there's no wrong or right when it comes to love.

Robin: Where do you see this relationship going? Oh, my God, that sounds so cheesy.
Barney: I know, right?
Robin: Totally. But, um, where-where do you see this relationship going?
Barney: I don't know.

Ted: She doesn't say, "I love you," like a normal person. Instead, she'll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile and say, "You're an idiot."

Ted: I've seen Barney work very hard to get women. I've seen him work very hard to get rid of women. I've never seen him work this hard to keep one around.

Robin: You're an idiot.

Sample ) and (Lyrics)
I know that in the show they broke up but I want to remember them this way, as a couple! I hope to see them together as soon as possible cos they're AWESOME! I think this song is perfect for them, is just like the lyrics has been writte thinking about this kind of realtionship imho! I hope you like it and if you want leave a comment, comments are LOOOOOOVED :P

You can also find ALL my music videos here:
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I know, I know! Has been a while since my last post... Almost a month, maybe even more. Bare with me, life is keeping me really busy... I'm not complaining about that but I miss my networks and my virtual friends :(

Well, today I bring a music video! Sorry, this isn't a propper *new* video, the other day I was thinking about YouTube and the fact that it deleted my Will/Emma (Glee) video (you bi*ch) with this song so, I decided to make another one, the same one, with another couple: Being Erica! (I actually have another version with the movie Three to Tango  just because, you know, I love Matthew Perry xD but I don't think I'm going to upload it) and the couple is Kai/Erica just because they are way better than Ethan/Erica (sorry shippers)!

Erica/Kai - What Did She Say
(Being Erica)

Download & YouTube

Characters: Erica and Kai
Spoiler: Being Erica season 2
Song: Jason Derulo - Waht did she say
Clips from: Being Erica
Description: What did Erica say to Kai? That "it´s all for the best", of course it is <__< and did she really mean it? We'll se maybe in the next season... [Shut up Erica and kiss the boy, he looks a little bit like James Marsters, doesn't he?]

Sample ) and (Lyrics)

I hope to *come back soon* with a real new video! I have a lot of things in mind, I just have to find the time! :)
I can't wait for Season 3!
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First video of 2010! It seems funny say that in March i know!
New video and new pairing: Byron and Bambi from the TV Show Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

As you know, I love British tv shows, expecially shows that stars David Tennant or Billie Piper (Yep, I'm a fan. Shoot me :P).
I'm following Secret Diary of a Call Girl since the beginning and I've always loved Ben and Hannah. They were my OTP.
Last year there was Alex and I really liked him - maybe because he was Callum Blue, I don't know - but I already had my OTP and no one could had ever change it, but... Byron arrived in season 3 and everything changed! After 2 minutes I didn't even remember who Ben/Hannah were all I knew was that Byron/Bambi was THE real OTP!
I still like Ben/Hannah and I hope to see those two together even if Ben is a mooron in those days and I really like him only when he is drunk. Btw I wanted to add that I can't stand Duncan since the beginning! First I thought "It will be Alex all over again" but then I realized that he wasn't even half of the man that Alex was and after the "Richard" revelation I'm even more angry with this charachter! But let's talk about pwetty things like Byron and Bambi instead. This is my new viedeo. I hope you enjoy it!

Byron/Bambi - All I Need
(Secret Diary Of a Call Girl)
Download & YouTube
Characters: Bambi and Byron
Spoiler: Secret Diary of a Call Girl 3x07
Song: OneRepublic - Say (All i Need)
Clips from: Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Note: I coudln't wait for the season finale! They're too cute! FYI all of this started as a color test xD
Description: Byron and Bambi are used to be alone. They both have parents issues and they feel unloved, since, one day, they meet. But even if they're soulmates he's a rich guy and she is... well, you know, their relationship seems impossible! But even stories witch seems impossible at the beginning could have the happy ending.

Sample ) and ( Lyrics )

I really hope you like it! I hope in a 4th season because I need more bambi/Byron' moments!
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You can also find ALL my music videos here:
OMG!!! Ashley liked my video! I've sent her a tweet and she anwered me! I'm so happy look:
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This is the place where I'll post all my videos from the oldest to the newest. I'll put them in a few catogories to make a little order in this mess xD
For now there are 4 sections: 1) Videos about propper fandoms, 2) Crossovers/AU and stuff like that, 3) Videos about real people and real life, like vids about actors when they're not playing or about me and my friends, and the 4)"To Do" list, with videos that I started.

Leave a comment if you're interest in something in that list and let me know your opinion about them. If you have any request or ideas write it down that maybe we could work on it!

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As I said yesterday I've made a Bradley James Christmas Video! A few days ago [ profile] rageandpride  asked me to do this video for her WONDERFUL fansite about Bradley: . I'm so glad she asked me to to this because this was a request for her site (I'm a huge fan of her fansites *___*) and not only for her, that's made me happy so I worked on it with all my determination! I'm pretty satisfy of the results! I didn't have so much material and was dificoult follow the lyrics but I like it!
Thant's also not a sad video, is pretty funny tho. I really hope you like it!

So many first times for this video.
1. My first request EVER
2. My first Christmas Video
3. My first video about only one person!

Subject: Bradley James
Spoiler: Merlin 2x12, Merlin: Secrets and Magic 1x12, The Real Merlin and Arthur, Merlin extra DVD season 1
Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Olivia Olson
Clips from: Merlin, Merlin Secrets and Magic, Merlin extra DVD season 1
Note: My first request EVER from Arwen: owner of
For some of the images used in this video(and in the banner) thanks to: , http://www.philippagedge.comhttp://yayannauk.livejournal.com ,
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You know when you don't want to see a certain person and you make up some lame excuse to not see him/her like "I can't tonight, I have some weird disease and now my nose is green" and then you find he/she in front of you and your lies fall down like a card castle cos your nose is not actually green?

Well, then you know how I feel right now!

Yesterday night was snowing and I was all "OMFGWTH I have to go to school tomorrow morning DAMN I can't miss that class but AWWW is snowing, that's so cute, it's all white awww" well you know, double personality as always, but, one part of me was happy cos the night after, well, tonight, I was supposed to go out with this ex boyfriend/friend but I didn't want to go out with him cos... It's still weird and I didn't want to see him cos I'm not in the mood.

So, this morning I texted him saying that I couldn't go out with him. I told him that I couldn't drive because of the snow and the ice on the streets and he was ok with that...

Later my father asked me to go with him to buy a brand new TV for my mother as Chrismas present and he needed me cos he doesn't undestrand anything about TV or stuff like that... So I decided to help him - thank you Chrismas's Spirit - but I told him that we couldn't go to the X store cos this guy works there. My father was ok with that: my car, my knowledge about electronic devices so my decisions.

We went to this huge store and we took the present (that is awesome btw) and then we went to buy something to eat for dinner. Well, we were about to pay when my phone rang. I look at it and it was HIM, bloody hell. I looked at the monitor thinking about what to do. I want to end the call when I saw him, waving in front of me. I died inside. DAMN!

I went to speack with him and... I LIE, I made up this more weird explanation about being there and he... BELIEVED me! WOW. i dunno if he's stupid or I'm a good liar... well maybe the first one cos I suck when it comes to lie. :)

I know I'm bad even if it's Chrismas Time :( well' I'll make up finishing this new Chrismas video about Bradley James and maybe another Christmas vid about David Tennant cos he's DAVID BLOODY TENNANT and I have to celebrate him as much as I can! :D

Have a great night


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I heard this song the other day (I needed something to make me forget "You're the Voice" just for a moment) and I found this song! I loved the Imgen Heap part so I decided to do a short vid about only that part of the song! The fandom this time is Glee and the pairing is Will and Emma!
As I said before I didn't talk to much about this show even if I do love it. Will and Emma was my first ship on Glee and now is still my favourite! I'm planing to do more videos about those two, I just need to find good songs. If you have any ideas let me know!

Will/Emma (Glee) - What did she say?
Download + YouTube

Will Schuster and Emma Pillsbury
Spoiler: Glee 1x12
Song: Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (only the Imogen Heap part)
Clips from: Glee 1x01 till 1x12
Note: This video is pretty short I'm sorry but I didn't like the whole song but just some parts.
Description: No storyline! Just Will, Emma and their relationship (as Will says)

Sample ) and (Lyric))

I really hope you like it. Please leave a comment! :)
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Hi there! Look who's finally back!
I admit that I was really worried, I started almost 6 video about Doctor Who in the past months but I just couldn't finish them! A week ago I heard this song for the first time... was a soundtrack in an episode of I don't remember what TV Show, but I loved it and the very same night I started to work on this video.
It was a while since I wanted to do another music video about Alt!Ten and Rose, precisely since the damn youtube deleted "Little Wonders"(Alt!Ten/Rose - Little Wonders) the first time (then it decided to delete my entire account, thankyouverymuch) and this song was just great! So I hope you like it! Leave a comment (so that I could know if I'm still a good video maker or not ;) )and enjoy!

Alt!Ten/Rose - Only One

Download + YouTube + MP4 (for iPhone/iPod)

Characters: Alt!Ten (Human Doctor), Rose Tyler and some fb about Ten!
Spoiler: Doctor Who 4x13
Song: Alex Band (The Calling) - Only One
Clips from: Doctor Who season 1,2,3,4, Doctor Who confidential, Doctor Who deleted scenes, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Recovery, Secret Smile, Blackpool, Trick or Treat, Spirit Trap,...
Note: YAY I used footages from Recovery this time! I'm so happy I love that movie!
Description: The same old story: In the Parallel Universe the things between Ten and Rose seems to work pretty well but one day, Ten, brings out the truth (or better, what he thinks is true): he's not happy cos he's not himself anymore, he can't be the Doctor, the real one, but everytime he sees his face in the mirror he sees HIM (he even decides to grow a beard). He breaks up with Rose, even if he loves her so much, cos he thinks that she's settling for him because she can't have the "real one". Soon they realize - thinking about their memories - that they can't stay away from each other and that they only have one life to live, one love to give, one chance to keep from falling. Only One ! Rose realizes that she loves the human Doctor cos he's the same man, and Ten realizes that he can't throw away all the things he loves just because he's scared and, at the end...

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Hi peeps I popped up by just to try this iPhone app cos YES finally I did it, I bought an iPhone (actually is not a news I bought it almost 4 weeks ago but I'm still happy lol) btw HI THERE, long time no see/write/read/whatever lolz! How're you? I'm pretty fine but I'm bored and I have nothing to talk about, well actually I have plenty of things to say but none is really interesting. I'm doing normal stuff, my days are completly normal: university, home, friends, tv shows, always the same! I don't enjoy so much "normal" cos I'm weird... I like drama and action and situations that end up with cliffangers... I'm totally a fiction character stuck in the real life xD

Btw, let's talk about something a little more interesting: Music Videos that's the reason why most of you have friended me ;) I'm making a NEW MV about Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother and the song I chose for them is Never say Never by the Fray. It's almost done, I just have to fix a few things but I have to find time, maybe this weekend... The last one I was sick so...

I have to say one IMPORTANT thing: I'm not over Doctor Who and Ten/Rose is just that I'm very exigent about my vids about this fandom, I actually scream at the monitor sometimes and I go out of my mind frequently when I'm working on one of those vids, I know that is a little bit crazy but this is Doctor Who and there are loads of beautiful vids on YT and I just want to do my best ;)
But I'm working on 2 vids in particular: one about Rose POV during season 3 and 4 in the parallel universe, trying to come back to her beloved Doctor, and one about Rose's death (whaaaaaat?) a kind of Romeo and Juliet story if you know what I mean but I can't say nothing more ;) this one is really difficult and I think that I have to wait the last special to finish it!

So, that's all for now! Good night (or morning/afternoon/evening) peeps. Bye!

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