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My last flist friday was almost a month ago! I am so sorry! I've been so busy and I had so much going on (I can't wait to be able to share what's going on, but I can't for now) but I'm here now! I'll try to be better and keep up with this weekly post that I like a lot because it gives me the chance to connect with you and know you better, and that's what I want to do here!


Do you watch anime still or it's a thing for the past for you?
What is/was your favorite(s) anime?
Do you read manga? What's your favorite(s)?
my answers (get ready for some gifs and tons of links) )
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Manga... Angst...ROTFL.gif

Explenation: Rose comes in to her room in the TARDIS and she faces all her past, like she never left. And the Doctor popped out behind her back.

And now... from my mobile... ('cause I don't have a scanner ROTFL.gif)...

Rose's Room  

Thank U, thank U, thank U,... [ profile] mrbartleboom for all your help with the sentences

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