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I'm making a quick post just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful man in the entire universe!
Happy Birthday David!  ♥ ♥ ♥
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Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends! Even if I met her a few years ago she's really important to me and I'm glad that she's in my life! <3
I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Morry ([ profile] river__ )
I can't wait to say it to you face to face! :)
I wish you the best birthday ever!

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Today is [ profile] jaded_jamie birthday! HAPPY BDAY MATE! *massive hug*

Here's your present:

click )

I hope you like it ;)! Happy birthday again, mate! <3
Have a wonderful day ;)
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A little post just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, yes, YOU: [Bad username or site: @] who's 23 today! So Everybody
♫ Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday sweet Giorgiaaaaaaa... Happy Birthday tooooooooo yoooooooou ♫

Blow on the Candles... )

Have a nice day honey! ;)

This afternoon I'll go to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I know that I'm late but I haven't time at all in those days! I thought that after the exams I was going to have some free time but I'm always on rush. I think that this might be the more intense summer that I ever had! But is good for me! I love push myself to the edge!
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Happy Birthday Neil
Oh he's such a great guy. I dunno what to say about him!
He's a fantastic actor, a stunning singer and a great magician.
He made me laugh and cry and my heart skip a beat everytime I hear him sing. I loved him in every work he has done and I hope to be so lucky to meet him in person someday.
He's rly special, he have such a magic smile! And I wish him the best Birthday ever.
Happy Birthday NPH ♥ )

I wanted to post it earlier but today I was so busy...
I hope you like it. Please leave a comment!
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Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Hugh Laurieeeeee
Happy Birthdayyyyy tooooo youuuuuu

So it's Hugh's birthday! 50 years and he's every year more charming and lovely!
This is my way to wish him a GREAT Birthday. And to thank him cos I started to watch TV shows because of him and House... and, even if, the show isn't so brilliant anymore, he's still one of the most amazing actor in the whole world... and he's british so how can I not love him? LOL, please Hugh, come back in Europe ♥

I hope you like it. Please leave a comment on my lj ([ profile] erychan86 )
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Today was (or still is if it continues like that but I don't have any hope anymore) one of those days...
A day so boring that the most exciting thing could be find a rock in your shoe.
Yep, just that kind of day!
I woke up - without alarm clock cos it decides that is better vibrate then rang (good for you alarm clock) - and I saw my room, hoping to be in any other place, I squeezed my eyes but... nothing... still there. Damn!
I went out for some shopping (the boring kind) and I didn't met anyone interesting on my way. I came back home and I studied economy and then I saw Prison Break: The Movie. I didn't like it so much! Nice end but the story was... what word can I use to describe it...mhm... useless... That movie took me 5 hours of my life, don't worry, it wasn't so long! I was so bored that I paused it a lot of times. I played with my facebook during the whole movie ^___^ I made a lots of stupid tests and I pick my 5 of the day - and that was the best part of my day.
Then I went to my part time (or I should say one of my part times cos I have another one YAY me, fuck you financial crisis lol) and then home again.

I saw my TVCalendar and it's empty... so sad... it use to be so full and I used to be so scared every time I opened that page but now... empty... :'(
But I decided to watch new show this summer. I want to see (wait I made a list): Skins (I saw season 1 and 2 in a week but I have to see the 3th one), Battlestar Galactica, Primeval, Californication and 11th Hours. Any other suggestion?

Today was also my cousins ([ profile] beba73 and Fabio) birthday and their sister, Paola, went to the hospital cos she supposed to have a baby boy (Go!Girl YAY), but her days as a pregnant woman aren't finish yet. I saw her last week and she's so big. She scared me.
So the baby is still in... can you balme him? Make your first step in this world in a day so boring? Stay inside till tomorrow kiddo!

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And now, first of all: happy birthday to my dear [ profile] eleblack I hope you'll have a great day and a fantastic year! :D There are my graphic presents for you, hope you like 'em! ;)

Happy Birthday Honey! )

Then two infos about [ profile] erychan86 : (1) Doctor Who Complete Season 1 Box Set is finally arrived! YAY! It's gorgeous! And I almost kissed the postman this morning! And now I just have to wait the Season 3 Box Set...But I don't want to wait too much cos (2) in 3 days I'll be in UK again! Oh Gosh! I'm so excited!
I don't know what to say about it! I'm just so thrilled and I hope - no wait, I KNOW - that I'll have the best of times, again cos it's like home for me. I love that wonderful island so much, I want to take all my stuff and stay there forever. (One day I'll do it!) Gosh can someone simply fall in love so completely with a country?
3 days in Birmingam, 3 in Cardiff and 3 in London! Awww. Did I mention that I can't wait? I'll go to see Wiched for my first time and my first convention and I don't want to talk about Cardiff and WHO IS IN CARDIFF cos I'll die if I'll just think about it. lol.

Btw I stoled two memes from the birthday girl :D I hope you don't mind!

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about; it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone.
Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them soon-ish.
It's like a glimpse into my world


Date of Birth:
08 April 1986
Hospital, Genoa, Italy.
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
dark ash blond.
173 cm
100% Italian
1 on my navel.
1 on my back (my name in chinese on my dorsal spine)
... and More )
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Happy Birthday to you, Happy birtday to you, Happy birthday to my dear wing maaaaaaaan, happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! LOL! Happy b-day Bro :)
And after all this typical craziness I need a mo of unexpected cuteness to say that Marky ([ profile] mrbartleboom) you're great. Yep, you relay are, mate!
You're smart, you're funny, quite crazy and supportive, you're a really GOOD friend and I'm so so so lucky to have you in my life, even if you're in Rome (I can't forgive you for that lol)
So, till we met again (few days YAY) this is my present for you:


Gosh Marky, you have so many women... lol!
Have a great day M. I hope you'll have the time of your life and don't worry you're not old... you're always the little one of the gang! :)
And now we're 23... you know what it means? :D

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I'm such a bad fangirl! Yesterday I forgot David's birthday!
There are so many Bday in those days... but this is not a valid excuse!
So - even if is late - I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best and sexiest actor ever!!!
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I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for the warm birthday wishes and the graphic presents, there are all AMAZING, thank you guys I love you all. I really appreciate it, you can't image how much! You made a special day even more special. So, again THANK YOU!

Cake: pic 01, pic 02

And this "was" my cake. LOL my mum is so crazy. Take a look. Yes she made wrote Ery-chen lol, and the Laurie - David part made me rolling on the floor laughing. So thank you too crazy mum even if you drive me insane 24/7.
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Am I becoming addicted to picspam? Do I?
*Shrugs* I don't care ^___^
Today I'm happy cos from three days from now I'll be 23! I love the number 23 (even if Jim Carrey's movie about it was pretty lame. Sorry Jim!) so as a present to myself I bought The Doctor Who (New Series): Complete Series 3 Box Set and Complete Series 1 Box Set ! So Happy Bday to me. I really hope to find it on my mail box wednesday morning! :)

But this is a picspam post then let's start.
Me and my mate [ profile] mrbartleboom are two "HUGE" fans of 90210! LOL! And we love Ryan/Silver so I decide to do this picspam to celebrate their... let's say their thing even if for now there is nothing between those two.
I understand that Dixon/Silver is CANON but I think that Ryan is gorgeous and I really love Silver, she's one of my favourite character (the gramma is the best ever XD), and I become a fan of this couple since after the promopics. I really can help myself! :)

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Today, 03/18 is the birthday of one of my Besties!
So, what can I say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRY ([ profile] river__ ) I can't physically hug you from here so I send you all my love and my unexpected cuteness, and I hope to see you soon cos I rly rly rly miss you!
So hun, have the greatest day ever! And, for today only, I'll give you my beloved David... I want him back tomorrow XD

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