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Note: I'm writing this in a state oh hysteria because this is so damn good I can't handle it!

I am completely in love with this show.

I am so in love I've made (and added to my userpics) two icons and I added a rotating header of Miss Phryne Fisher and Detective/Inspector John "Jack" Robinson, I ship it so hard that I could break!

If you haven't watch this show yet STOP EVERYTHING and go on Netflix... You'll thank me!


First I want to share this, when my friends and I talk about someone who's hot... but very very HOT, we are use to say something like "my underwear just caught fire" or "my underwear flew out of my window" well... That's what happened with me 3 seconds after I saw Nathan Page's face in all its perfection... Binge watching this show has been a challenge for my underwear drawer... I need to go online and buy more... I mean:


And another pair of undies is gone...

So we were saying you should watch the series... This is why:

Are you watching it yet?

So... For as much as I understood, they're thinking about making 3 movies? Since Essie is in London and quite busy and Nathan is doing 39 steps with The South Australian Theatre Company (SATC) (I am considering... I always wanted to visit Australia and I often go to the theatre when I go visit a new place... xD) I have to say I am quite happy with the ending because it's not a big cliffhanger and I'm sort of scared of what the writer could do to now that we got there... There are few infos about the movies... Essie needs to be there because she's the show, but what if they do the movies just with her? Solving mysteries maybe in London with different partners in crime in every movie? As I said: Essie is the show, but the show is not the same without the rest of the gang... The fact the actress is in London now doesn't mean they can't shoot the majority of the pictures in England and some in Australia...

I don't know. For the people on my flist who watch it, do you have infos? Theories? Hit me in the comments!
And for who haven't seen it yet: what are you waiting for?
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It's 2 in the morning here, but I couldn't go to sleep before I finish Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life.

Before going into the spoilery part under the cut I just want to say it was great to have this show back... I know we had so many "recycled" shows this past couple of years, and I always complain I need something original, but this was such an unexpected welcome surprise. There are a few show that can make me feel like this!

And after this mushy intro here my take on this 4 parts Gilmore GIrls Event.

So, what are your thoughts about it? Did you liked it?

Okay, now if I could have a Friends Reunion I would be completely content!

Time to go to sleep. It's 3 am now! Bye!!!
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I know, I know... I still have to catch up with a lot of my shows but I was on Netflix the other day to check something for Eric, and there she was: Miranda Sings, looking at me from my screen, staring into my soul with these hazel eyes! I just had to click, and when I started watching, I had to keep going!

I knew Colleen Ballinger was coming on Netflix with a show, but I didn't know it was out yet! And I didn't expect it to be such a good show. It evolved from funny to much more deep and I really enjoyed it! I don't follow Miranda's channel, I like Colleen better, but I don't actually follow her. I subscribed to her channel (like I did for a lot of other youtuber like Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, Lilly Singh,...) but I just can't keep up... But I'm always happy when I hear some of them comes out with some new thing, and for Colleen, to get her own series on Netflix, was so great! I had to give it a go! And - I'm going to say it again - it was good! It's a very good show and you should consider watching it! It's just 8 episodes, so please, if you try, let me know... I really want to know what you think!

It's useless to say I love all the Miranda/Patrick' scenes... You know I'm always looking for a new ship! Erik Stocklin is such a cutie <3 and all the actors were just brilliant!
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While I was busy watching Suits and drawl all over Gabriel Macht (sorry but I'm human) my friends were binge watching Stranger Things and going crazy about it.
Since my friends have AWESOME taste when it comes to shows, I decided to give it a go and: DAMN, it was good!

To me Netflix means Quality and the network nailed another amazing show. One of the things I like the most about this company is that they ALWAYS nail the characters. Instead of casting unbelievably gorgeous actors, they cast humans, people that are easy to relate to... They're not just normal looking (I don't want to use the word average because I really hate the word and what it stands for) they also dress as we all would dress for the occasion (no one runs in super high heels and has perfectly curly hair and make up throughout the whole day) and act like real people. The good guys aren't always good, they make mistakes and have bad ideas, and the bad ones are not completely evil. Even in shows like Jessica Jones and Daredevil, the nemesis of the hero is not plain evil. Look at Wilson Fisk or Kilgrave... We see the good in them...

I'm a huge fan of Bloodline because of this, and now I am a huge fan of Stranger Things as well. The story is just insanely good and the kids are AMAZING! Millie Bobby Brown should win all the awards for her interpretation of Eleven! She was fantastic, but all of them were brilliant!

If you have't watch it yet just try it! And then go see them @ The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (HERE). Jimmy had the time of his life playing with them!
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I'm officially obsessed with Suits!

Wikipedia says: Binge-watching, is the practice of watching television for a long time span, usually of a single television show. In a survey conducted by Netflix in February 2014, 73% of people define binge-watching as "watching between 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting."

I must be part of the other 27% then, because I ended up watching a whole season of this show in a day (16 episodes). That's so good when you don't have anything to do! xD

It started less than 2 weeks ago, when a friend of mine asked me if I've ever heard of this show. I told her I did, but I never got around watching it, and she said she just started it, and it was quite good... so she asked me if I was interested in watching it while she was, so that we could comment it together. She knew I was going through a break between me and shows, and I was having trouble watching/liking anything, but - since she's pregnant, and you can't say no to a pregnant woman - I said yes, and I watched the Pilot and surprisingly I quite liked it. The day after I watched the second episode and I fell in love with it! I like the story, I like the characters, I like the fact they say Goddamn every two other words... Bust above all I like Donna and Harvey, as a ship and as single characters.

They're so gorgeous, it hurts. And I really hope they're the end game of the show because I love the way the writers are developing their relationship... I think it's quite original.

This morning at breakfast I finished the 6th season, so now I'm caught up with the show and I will have to wait like everyone else...

Does anyone else here watch the show or thinks about starting it? Because I highly recommend it... It's very good! So good I have made a new icon and so good I"m about to start working on a music video about Harvey and Donna!

Have a great weekend!
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This post is spoiler free but, if you watch this show, feel free to comment with spoilers (just say you're about to talk about what happens in eposode 2x?? before dropping the bomb) because probably I'm going to start and finish this show TODAY! I've been waiting so long for it and I know I won't be able to stop after I start. I should savor it, but I really can't!

I haven't seen the promos but I truly hope Danny is going to be in it... Maybe some flashback... Oh Danny!!!

Anyway... See you in 10 hours!
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I must be one of the few people who started the show because of Hugh Laurie!
I obsessed over this guy for years, and House is the show that started everything for me. Before that I was just watching TV without paying too much attention... Never went on the internet looking for things like spoilers, music videos, fan fictions... Never knew what a fandom was and - damn it - I wasn't even able to read or understand english that well. So it was Hugh Laurie who gently pulled me into this world and I owe him a lot somehow.

The night manager is SO.GOOD and you don;t need me to tell you what it is about because you just need to watch it!

It's interesting how a lot of Movie Actors are moving into the Television kingdom... It kind of shoked me when I saw Bradley Cooper in Limitless and now Ewan McGregor is going to be on the 3rd season of Fargo? 0____0 I can deal with seeing faces as pretty as Ewan once a year on a big screen, but weekly? I don't know how I'll be able to survive xD

It always makes me laugh whan I watch a show with brits and I always spot the same people... Seems like they have like 12 actors in the UK xD And theyre all so bloody good! A part from Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston, there's Tom Hollander that for me is always going to be Mr Collins xD, Olivia Colman from Broarchurch, Tobias Menzies from Outlander (poor guy... it must sucks to be him because I think now he's stuck with the evil guy/creep role... I would never be able to see him as an hero in any show) and Jonathan Aris from sherlock... Plus David Harewood from Supergirl! Maybe one day I'll have David Tennant and Hugh in the same show... A girl could wish, right?

Talking about David Harewood I saw an interview with him where he said Hugh stayed in character pretty much the whole time, and it doesn't surprise me since I remember Stephen Fry, once, saying that when they were having dinner in the US, and he was filming House, he kept speaking with an American accent. It must have been extremely creepy to stay in that character though. I'm so proud of him (and I know it's weitd) but he's such an insecure person and I know he works so hard and I'm happy when he gets a role that allowes him to show the worls how good he is!

So go watch the Night Manager and not just for Tom Hiddleston (who's marvellous anyway) but do it for Hugh too!

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