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Yesterday evening I was waiting for episode 8 of Stitchers to appear on my screen (WHY 10 PM Freeform? WHYYYYYY?) so I decided to start working on a picspam because why not?  I was planning to finsh it this evening but the weather is not that good today so I ended up finishing it this morning.
This is the first part of the picspam.
It covers from Episode 1 to Episode 5.

Season 2 Part 1 )

I have to admit I'm impressed with the ammount of great #Camsten moments we had this season so far... I really hope there's going to be a season 3 *fingers crossed*
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I couldn't resist.

I kind of wanted to avoid to make an Han/Leia Picspam about this episode because I'm still recovering but I feel like I needed to do it in order to go through my 5 stages of grief (I'm so dramatic sometimes). Here's the conclusion of one of my favorite love stories of all times and all galaxies.


Done! Well that was painful... I mean the last scene is still too much for me to handle. Thank God there is The Empire Strikes Back and I can always go back to it ans watch all my favorite Han and Leia Moments. If you need to get your smile back on your face here you can find the previous Han and Leia picspams:

ANewHope.jpg TheEmpireStrikesBack.jpg ReturnOfTheJedi.jpg
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SPOILER ALERT... Proceed with caution and at your own risk...

Here we are... Part 2... Where the honeymoon is officially over... But I was expecting it NOOOOO I WANTED IT TO LAST LONGEEEER... I was brief but good... I'm sure we'll have more next season... :D Expecially after what happened on the season finale... WOOOO!

I have to admit it has been hard to follow this season... The first one was so much better. I didnt't really liked Elektra and Frank until mid season and I'm not a fan of Dare Devil's new costume at all... But enough with the opinions... I'm not here for that... enjoy the picspam!

Picspam Part 2 Over Here )

Any info about a possible season 3? 
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Daredevil is back! Woooo!
STAY AWAY if you don't  want to bump into spoilers... And if you already watched past episode 5 DON'T SAY ANYTHING TO ME! :D
I'm taking my time this year and I'm just half way through it (actually not even there... I just finished episode 5) but I decided to take a break and post a picspam. Of course is a shippy picsmap.
I have to admit I the season didn't start in a great way... but then Matt and Karen started having loads of scenes together and everything changed for me... I know I'm some sort of a slut when it comes to romance :D

Enjoy some cute stuff over here )
Stay tuned fort part 2... OMG I'm so excited!
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Time for the third and last part!!!


I might eventually do one for Episode VII The Force Awakend but I have to wait for my DVD to arrive... :)
Time for the Oscars... I can't believe Harrison Ford never won one... Anyway... Enjoy :D
Star wars Return of the Jedi - Han Leia Picspam )
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Here we go with the second part of the Han and Leia Picspam: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back it's my favorite of the saga because it has everything I want in a movie and even more.


I added some deleted/cut scenes to the picspam and also some passages form the book. But enough with all the talking. Enjoy the picspam!

Star wars the empire strikes back - han and leia picspam )

The third part will be ready soon :)
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And Here we go... Pic Spam Time!
Somebody stop me please!

Here is a picspam on Star Wars the Original Trilogy. This will be the first installment of 3. The Picspam focuses on Han and Leia.

Star Wars a New Hope - Han and Leia Picspam )

See you soon with the second part... my favourite... The Empire Strikes Back!!!

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Okay, I know what you are thinking "Why it took you so bloody long?!" But - in my defense - I have to say I don't have access to YouTube on the boat (Damn you S. the ETO!!!) and live at Starbucks just because of the (awesome coffee) the free wi-fi it's not an option... Luckily now the boat is outside the water for some painting so - because of... I don't know - we now live in crew apartments  where we have wi-fi and our ETO cannot come here and take YouTube away from us!!!

So yesterday I was off and I decided to FINALLY watch this web series! And I LOVED it! Yes, I spent my saturday morning + afternoon watching the show and I regret nothing!

I thought also to make a top 3 moment... Unfortunately Darcy doesn't have a lot of camera time... :(

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Top 3 )

I loved the show and it deserved its Emmy! Now another web series started. Emma Approved. I liked JA's Emma. I liked the BBC movie as well... I started the first two episodes of the web series and the idea is pretty good but I don't like the actress so much. I am used to the beautiful Bennet' sisters now... High five to the guy/girl in charge of the casting! BRAV-O/A :)

That's all for now... Peace out!

(And if you haven't done it yet... WATCH THE SHOW
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Oh Community made me so happy today and I felt the urge to post here to share my joy!
This was the best episode of season 2 so far in my honest opinion and I put it in my personal top 5 of my favourite episodes of this amazing show! I don't know how many of you guys watch this show, if you don't and you're into comedies you should totally give it a try because - after How I Met Your Mother - at the moment this is my favourite comedy.
Speaking about the episode I noticed my favourite episodes of Community involve guns and violence... that's odd! LOL!
This episode was full of shippy moments and - as I said before - I just needed to share some cuteness so here we go a gif/picspam of 6 awesome scenes! Enjoy. 

2x09 Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses )

Time to go to bed now, my Kindle is waiting for me ♥! I can't wait for next week episode and I hope to see an episode as awesome as this one!
By the way guys, if you don't watch it just give it a try now that the Xmas hiatus is near! I promise you won't regret it! It's an amazing show! There is a lot of nonsense and the charachters are amazing! Do that for me! As a Christmas present *puppy-eyes*.
See you soon!
Good Night!
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I'm doing this while I'm listening toI Look To You by Amber Riley (Glee) so I'm actually crying like a river.
First of all how amazing was the fact this show was aired in date 10/10/'10? And here it started at 10 pm. Major LOL!
I don't actually know what to say except I loved it! I have always wanted to see David in this kind of role and he was just fantastic, no wonders David is my favourite actor, he was so intense in every single scene I missed him so much and even if I knew I missed him I didn't realize how much!

Here are The Top 10 of my favourite scenes in this first episode. They are in the order they have been shown I can't do a propper top ten because I loved every single bit of this show!.

Single Father - Episode 1 )

During the whole episode I had this urge to hug him! I have to admit that I watched the last scene maybe too many times!
Unfortunately next week I won't be able to see the episode since I'll be in London. I hope to have the time to put it on my Creative Zen so I'll have something to watch during my flight.
By the way this show is giving me so many material for my Alt!Ten/Rose videos... :)

You know, people think I'm always complaining because in UK there are just 5 or 6 tv actors and if you watch a random show you'll probably spot almost 3 actors who had a role on the Who!Verse once in their life. No trust me, do you want an example? I'll give you three names:
Here in Single Father if we don't count David - The10th Doctor - Tennant we have:

Suranne Jones (Sarah):  Doctor Who - Episode #6.3 Idris && The Sarah Jane Adventures - Mona Lisa's Revenge: Part 1 and 2
Neve McIntosh (Anna): Doctor Who - Cold Blood, The Hungry Earth
Isla Blair (Beatty) Doctor Who Classic - The King's Demons (1983)

And maybe they are even more, I just take a look at the main cast on IMDB.
But really, I'm not complaining at all... David and Laura Fraser worked together in Casanova back in 2005 and he also share his filmography with Sarah Parrish (she was also in Doctor Who, she was Empress: the big spider in The Runaway Bride) so maybe in the future I'm going to see again together on screen David and Billie. Who knows!

Gotta go now! I have so many shows to watch, I only saw How I Met Your Mother and was a brilliant episode, my favourite so far in this season!
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Sorry but after that AMAZING season finale I had to do this picspam! [Btw did you like it? I LOVED it! I want to merry the finale and have its children xD]
I loved this couple since the beginning! Actually I think that Amy and the Doctor are adorable but 10/Donna adorable not 10/Rose adorable if you know what I mean... Oh I'd pay to see Amy meeting Donna! xD And I just ADORE way too much this OT3!
I love Rory 'cos he is just my kind of guy, I think he's adorable and Arthur is so cute... and I love this character also 'cos he's nothing to do with Mickey, I didn't like him in season one, was too... I dunno... but that's not important let's talk about Rory and Amy and their cutenes... or maybe let's leave the picspam talk :) yep, maybe it's better!

[Doctor Who]
Season 5 Picspam

Good on you, mate. )

And now I want to see Arthur's name in the time vortex too! I can't wait for Chrismas! :)
Since Comments are loved! Let me know your opinion about the fiinale too if you want! ;)
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Hello, hi , howdy!
Am I actually back? I hope so!
Life is keeping me so busy in these days! It's all study study study and fun fun fun and work work work... pretty exhausting but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying this mess!
But This post is not about my personal life so let's skip this stuff and let's talk about important things: TV SHOWS/SHIPS/PICSPAMS

Season 1 Picspam

I can't believe that I finally did it: First Picspm of 2010!So, as you can see from the banner, this is a "new" couple for me! They're Annie and Jeff from Community and I hope that while you're reading this you're nodding and saying "Yes Ery, I know them... they're so cute" 'cos if you don't know them SHAME ON YOU!
You have to watch community and not only 'cos Joel McHale is hot or because Alison Brie is adorable but 'cos the show is AWESOME! It's really fun! I recomande it, guys! Give it a chance and let me know.
Let's start with the picspam! :)

Click HERE )

I hope you liked it! :)
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OMG the Dragon was so cute!
I know what you're thinking "What the hell girl? Did you see the last episode of Merlin or what? Oh wait a minute, you was high during the episode didn't you?"
And the answer is: "No I wasn't, how dare you imaginary person who I'm talking to! Yes dude, I've seen it, and I don't care, I love the Dragon!"

Well, Merlin was EPIC this week and I can prove it to you: I have EPIC pics and EPIC quotes! Follow the link with the mini picspam/review!

Well this was supose to be a mini picspam but I couldn't help :P
And now we have to wait 9 months for the next season? No way!
I have some Merlin's news btw! My Bradley James Christmas Video is done. I think I'll upload it tomorrow so stay tuned! :)
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And now I can say that I have a favourite Glee song and it is: "My life would suck without you" and a favourite episode too :P!
This season's fall finale was so awesome that I didn't know what to say. I remained in front of my monitor for something like 5 minutes with my eyes wide open and my mouth too! I didn't expect so much awesome.

So I've made a little picspam about 2 scenes that made me happy as a kid in front of a Christmas Tree (+ 5 animations):

'cause they belong together )

I've made a few icons too:
[18] Normal
[9] Animated

My life would suck without you )

Please, if you take, comment here and credit with the text: icon by: < lj user= "erychan86" > (withouth spaces between the < > of course ^^)

And now (quoting the song) my life will suck without Glee till APRIL Fox, I hate you with all my heart. This break is too long :( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

ETA: I know that I didn't have to do my Top 7 Best Will/Emma (Glee) Moments before the season fall finele... damn! Now is totally different xD
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Yesterday, while I was making my video (Will/Emma - What did she say) I realized that these two are having loads of cute scenes together! I didn't realize it since yesterday when I was going a little bit crazy cos I had too much material for a such short video. That's weird cos I'm always complaining that I want more Will/Emma action lolz! So, today I decided to make...well... Let's call it a little experiment.
I've made a lot of picspam and there are almost all about ships towards a season of their show. I've always wanted to try to do a "Top 10 moments" or something like that so today I tried with this couple.

My top 7 )

I stopped at number seven because there were too many amazing scenes between those two and I didn't know what I liked the most!
So. What do you think? Did you have other scenes in your mind or a different order?

I just want to add something. I want to do soon as I can another video about Will and Emma. If you have any ideas let me know :)
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I did it! I've made a picspam about The Waters of Mars, and if you saw the episode you'd understand why, a picspam about this episode, was so difficult to make... cos IT HURTS! It hurts so bad, I admit - without shame - that I cryed even making this! Just a quick look at the screencaps made me sad!

But I decided to do this anyway cos this was one of the best Doctor Who episode that I ever saw! And, since I've made one for Planet of the Dead I couldn't let it pass away.

So I did it, and I hope you like it.
Sometimes I can, sometimes I do, most times I can save someone, or anyone. But not you. )

So, that's it. I didn't post any pics about the promo cos I didn't want to anticipate anything, there are people out there that didn't know who will join the Doctor in his last adventure, and I admit that I envy them cos a surprise (well, more than one) like that it's able to blow your mind ;)

I'm sorry about the typo and other errors but I just can't read it all again, it's to painful! I hope you liked the episode (and my picspam) and I'd love to read your impressions! So, if you want leave a comment, even about speculations about the last 2 episodes.

P.S. If you like the little bannere here a Wallpaper 1680x1050 let me know if you want it in other dimensions ;)
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This is maybe the first time ever but I agree with Sarah... (oops Sarah Jane, only the Doctor can call her Sarah lolz)! No-one is never going to forget David's Doctor! I know, we're saying this since last year when David announced his decision about leaving Doctor Who, yep! An year ago! 29 October 2008 and it seems like yesterday, but this is still the true, I know that Matt Smith will be great but no-one could fit the Doctor's shoes as David did, and he will be just unforgettable!

I'm not really into Sarah Jane Adventures, we have our issues but we're working on them but I have to admit that I enjoyed those two episodes and I cried as a flippin' kid at the end (and a little in the middle) of the episode! I knew that I missed the Doctor but yesterday I realized how much! And it's quite A LOT! I can't wait for the last specials! The count down is started finally and those two will be two of the longest weeks ever!

So, I decided to make a picspam of the moments that I loved in the episode and there all about the Doctor of course. Enjoy!

Don't forget me )

And the TARDIS's doors were closing again, leaving him alone on the inside, ready to save the day one more time and waiting for the end of his song. Oh I'm so tragic.

Well. The episode was just great. And now we just have to wait... two long weeks... for THE ANGST! I have to remember to buy loads of tissues

And a bonus: David Tennant in SJA - Video Diary

Click Here )
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It's been a while since I started to think about a picspam about Sheldon and Penny from the tv show The Big Bang Theory, but I didn't have so much time in those days... since today and so I thought to start to work on it!
I love this couple and I admit that I'd like so much to see Penny end up with Sheldon.
Is not that I don't like Leonard, he's sweet but Penny/Leonard is boring IMHO... Btw, few years ago, none would never imagine that Barney/Robin could be THE (cutest) couple (ever) on How I Met Your Mother! Ok, ok the thing is a little bit different cos Ted/Robin was impossible and they made it perfectly clear on the pilot, but is good to dream and I could think about more that one scenario.
You have to admit that Jim Parson and Kaley Cuoco are rly cute together...

Just because he is the way he is doesn't mean he can't fall in love )

Wow... that was long. I didn't remember so many scenes between those two in season 1. Maybe for season two I'll had to split the post in two!
So, that's all for now but I'll hope to come back soon as I can with the second part... and meybe more cos - looking at this - I'm maybe starting to think about a possible music video... It would be nice tho... Maybe I'll look for a fanmix for some songs cos, for now, I have no idea! Let me know if you have some ideas for the song and leave a comment for the picspam and/or your opinion about this couple, I'd love to know: what do you think about them? & In which scenario woyuld you like to see 'em?
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I just saw Robin Hood Series finale and it was very good!
There were 2 scenes in particular that I loved but I made a picspam for only one of 'em! Only the English can do stuff like that and this is why I love every tv show made in UK. They're great, great actors, great writers, great producers, great everything! They're amazing!
Oh I'll miss this show so much!
Btw I just need to say one thing:


Oh, yes I did!

The greatest adventure is yet to come. )

And now Robin Hood is over. Was a great show, the last season wasn't good as the first two but was a rly good show!
Time to move on! Now I'll go to see Chess in Concert! YAY!
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Happy Birthday Neil
Oh he's such a great guy. I dunno what to say about him!
He's a fantastic actor, a stunning singer and a great magician.
He made me laugh and cry and my heart skip a beat everytime I hear him sing. I loved him in every work he has done and I hope to be so lucky to meet him in person someday.
He's rly special, he have such a magic smile! And I wish him the best Birthday ever.
Happy Birthday NPH ♥ )

I wanted to post it earlier but today I was so busy...
I hope you like it. Please leave a comment!

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