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Last night was movie night, so Eric and I went to the IMAX theatre to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
I have to say I'm more of a Marvel kind of girl... and I'm not a huge batman fan... and I wasn't exactly impressed when I saw Ben Affleck in the new massive suit... but I really enjoyed the movie.... Even more than Man Of Steel.

I think there were some parts that weren't exactly awesome but overall a pretty good movie!

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- You have the only two things worth having: looks and youth.
Lord Henry Wotton

Guess what movie I saw today? Come on. That's easy, look at the quotation: Dorian Gray! And it was pretty awesome! And thanks God here in Italy there are those religious holidays that take kids away from school so I didn't have to work today YAY.

I have to admit that when it comes to movies one of the most important things is: the company. If you're with the right people you can enjoy every movie, even stuff like New Moon (that's why in Jen I'll go to see it in original language with Alandi). Well, when it comes to New Moon maybe is better be with the right friends and be also... drunk. That could be a very good way to enjoy it! xD

Well, for Dorian Grey Daniela, Francesca and I weren't drunk, just a little confused after a class :) but we had some moments, tho!
I found out with the Map Application of my iPhone that there were a cinema next to our school, I didn't notice it since today. It's a very pretty movie theatre actually, just two room (cos you can't call them cinemas, were way too small) and I wasn't used to it anymore.

When I was a child I went with my parents to this little cinema. I remember the red seats, the draws of some child on the wall in the hall and the little tickets without the name of the movie on them. I remember that was... warm. Then the multiplex arrived and I was a teen so I had to go with my friend in the "cool places": those cold places with white wall and detalis tickets, just one costant: the red seats.

Before the movie we took a hot choccolate and we talked about guys and other things, you know... girls stuff :) then at the box office the woman behind the desk aske d us if we were old enough for that movie. People under 14 couldn't see it. Well, lady, I'm flatter, don't get me wrong but I'm 23... Ok that without my make up I look younger but 14? Really? I was going to show her my drive lience then she understood her mistake.

In the room there was the classic couple who didn't give a damn to the movie and was more intrested in making out, good for tham but he was a bad kisser, really, we watched them like 3 crazy stalkers and he was BAD as it. REALLY BAD. Poor girl. Then the movie started and we had something more interesting to watch.

The movie was good, Ben Barnes was perfect for the role, the colors were amazing! And, as I said, the atmosphere was fantastic. We laugh even if it was a drama, I think, or maybe a thriller... I dunno! I had a greaat time! Next time we'll go to see Christmas Carol! I HAVE to see that movie. I can't wait!

I also opened a blog HERE on tumblr. I wanted to try something new :) And I wanted to say THANK YOU to my SWEET friends here on LJ for all the V-gift!
*massive group hug*
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Last night I was bored so I decided to watch a DVD, I have loads of movies to watch but I didn't want somethig new. I wanted, you know, to be *safe* so I was holding in my hands two DVDs about two of my favourite movies: Moulin Rouge and Reservoir Dogs... But was a really hard choice to made, so, I remembered that few days ago I saw Skellig, with Tim Roth and John Simm and I decided to put into the player Reservoir Dogs for hear Tim's voice with his american accent and cos I wanted to hear one line in particular "I 'm gonna die. I'm gonna die!" at the beginning... (it was my phone ring years ago... I know... creepy XD) so I put the DVD and at the end I saw the whole movie... Today (or better yesterday are 2 am here) I was at home, and, for the first time in I don't know how long, my mum was at home too and she was bored so I sayd "Let's watch something in DVD" and what movie she wanted to see again? Yep: Reservoir Dogs. And I was happy about that! Did I mention that I love that movie?
So I decided to made a picspam cos this movie deserve it and cos I'm addicted! This is about Tim - Mr. Orange - Roth cos, you know, I love Tim and not just because I'm obsessed with english guys!

Note: NC17 for language :)

I'm fu**in' dyin' here )

Isn't he sweet? I wanna hug him so badly... Awwww!
And now I can go to sleep, bye!
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I haven't seen the Oscar before last night... I was really amazed! Hugh Jackman was lovely, his opening number was excellent!
Gosh, Hugh and Anne was so cute together I WANT THEM IN A MOVIE NOW... with the amazing Kate Winslet!
If you missed it HERE is the Opening Number! I loved this "song" expecially the Frost/Nixon part and The Reader!
Baz Luhrmann
, you're so brilliant, man!

"Mr. Frost, I think I love you."
"Ohhh Nixon...I think I love you too..."

And the musical with Beyoncè was amazing really! I couldn't help myself and I made some icons :)

[11] Accademy Awards 2009 (animated)
[56] Accademy Awards 2009
[39] Legend Of Teh Seeker 1x12 Home
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Wow, I've so many things to tell/write today... I've done a lot of things this week end, and next week I'll be more busy than ever... Monday starts the new semester at University; fortunately (for my "beauty" sleep XD) all my lectures are in the afternoon so I can sleep till late (unless when I go to the swimming pool or I have to do something for my parents) but I have to reorganize my part-time and the lectures aren't so good in this semester... the international part is over and we'll talk about finance, penal proceedings, civil proceedings and sociology of law... booooooring! Except for sociology I think... penal proceedings scares me and I don't even know why... XD but this is irrilevant cos it's next week stuff...

Thursday I cleaned the whole house and my back still hurts... I woke up at 8 a.m. and I cleaned till midnight... I took some little pauses, of course, for reply at some mails/posts and during lunch I've made few second of my last video... that is almost done... there are some color to fix and some other little things... but my back is still hurt and I'm 22... my back should be fine even if someone throws me a car. But tomorrow I'll be fine... I'm pretty sure about that... ;)

Friday I spent 14 hours out for documents and stuff like that. When I was at home I felt like a wet rag...

And finally Saturday the reunion! I met with my friends [ profile] river__  and [ profile] laz75  ! Last time I saw them was almost two months ago during the Christmas holidays... I missed them so much and, I can tell, that was the greatest day of my February... and not just because I spent more or less the whole month at home studing but I spent a really wonderfull day and I also met *new* people, very nice people.
I had a little preview about Giorgino, I'll see him again in April at my first Con in London *YAY*! But I can't call that a big reunion cos  [ profile] mrbartleboom and [ profile] darkbeba  weren't there :( I really hope to see those two before april...

Yesterday we went to see Inkheart!


I liked the movie so much! Some scenes was filmed in Alassio... near to my city, I go every summer in Alassio for the beach and the clubs... I mean Brendan Fraser in Alassio and I lost him? DAMN... he's the only human been that is hot even if that hairstyle... the story is very nice but one thing pissed me off... at one poit the gang is near the beach and the crazy auntie arrives with clothes and coffe... but NOT normal coffe... "walk coffe" like starbucks but we don't have that such of things... I was mad cos I WANT Starbucks in Italy WHY WE DON'T HAVE STARBUCKS? DAMN! I mean I totally understand that here we cannot drink an espresso Grande or Venti cos the espresso is really strong and a little espresso coffee cup can keep you awake for hours... but still... I WANT A STARBUCKS! How cool is walk through the street with a big coffe in your hand while you go to university? *________* 
Coffe apart the movie is very good! ;)

In the morning (before the movie) I was introduced to Raffie and we ate
chinese at her place, watch Doctor Horrible in DVD (waiting the food) and then Doll House... did I mention that DollHouse rocks??? No? Well DOLL HOUSE ROCKS! The second episode was even better than the pilot! Eliza is stunning and I like all the carachters so much... but I'm worried... all Firefly's fault... I saw Firefly like an years ago and I fell in love with the show immediatly and, even if, I knew that it was cancelled I was so damn sad after I finished it... I don't want to be upset again... I hate this thing about tv shows... :(

Btw after the great episode of Doll House we went to the movieand after we went to the Japanese... I ate A LOT... I can feel the rice in my stomach even now, after more than 24 hours... this morning I woke up with a salmon alive in my mouth! XD
After the dinner I met Ginny, Fra and FINALLY Giorgino awww he's so funny... we
made fun of him about his middle name... Fulcron... not so common here in Italy XD he sayd to us that his middle name started with an F. and we tryed to guess which was the right one... you can't imagine how many strange names comes out like Fiordaliso XD So we started to call him Fiordy or Fiordino but at the end someon (I don't remember who) guessed... lol, hilarious!!!

At the end of the evening we went to a club for a drink... when I come back home I was really really REALLY tired (but happy)... I jumped out of my jeans and I died in bad.. I woke up this morning with my socks and my t-shirt XD and of course the salmon drunk and alive in my mouth! XD

And, in the end, today I have do NOTHING! Just relax :)! Great week end! ;)

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Hi guys/gals!
It seems an eternity since I wrote something about myself. I always talk about TV Show. LOL.
So, yersteray evening I hunged out with a bunch of friends for a pizza and a movie. We went to see Australia with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman! When I go to the movies usually I like to see more than one movie, it's one of my things, and none of my friends have this in common with me... but after Australia, in that sense, all of us were completly satisfy, cos you can split it in 2 different movies, I can't say that I didn't like it cos there was so many good things: the stories were very nice, the kid was very cute and sweet, Nicole was stunning and Hugh was often shirtless, and this thing only can make a film GOOD!

           australia.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

After the movie we went to the bar for a drink and It was great cos I'm studing a lot in those days, and at home I feel like in prison. We talked about the movie(s) and rubbish till late. At 2 a.m. I was at my car and I met an old friends who was smoking a cigarette, so we talked since 3-and-something in the morning. He went to Japan for the new year and it was an amazing experience, I'm very happy for him, I'll see him the next week after the exam and I'll see the photos yay!
At home before to fall asleep I watched a pokergame on my PC because of Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Perry. It was hilarious. I love those two. Look: Celebrity Poker Showdown - Neil's Doogie Howser Impression two of my celebrity crushes on the same show... awww... and take a look at this: Neil Patrick Harris prank calls Mekhi Phifer I love this man! I really love him!

This morning I woke up at 10... I felt horrible in so many ways, I opened the book and I couldn't read a word so I took my bike (I didn't care about the cold) and I went somewhere without a destination but my trip was brief cos it started to snow... AGAIN... I really love snow but please stop. All the week snow or rain, I forget the sun... I miss the sun! I WANT THE SUN!
And Now I can come back to my books... blimey!


Jan. 30th, 2009 12:46 am
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Hi F-list!
Take a look: New layout and new user pic! I love the new layout.
Do you like it? I hope so! :) I really love David in those pictures! *___*
And my Scrapbook is new too, I changed the banner cos I didn't like so much! This is better!  & 

Btw yesterday night I saw Yes Man and I loved it... I rolled on the floor laughing. I really liked Jim Carrie since I was a kid and Zooey Deschanel was so cute!
This is the story: Carl Allen's life is going nowhere, he says always "NO" to everything, he reject every offer, proposition, request, question and notion that comes his way. Until one day he meet an old friends who take him in a seminary, here he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything. Unleashing the power of "YES" begins to transform Carl's life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance: Allison. Allison is a bohemian type, very much Carl’s opposite, who conducts photo-jogging classes(this scene is amazing) and sings in a rock band. Of course, the two hit it off and Allison’s free spirit finds plenty of opportunities for Carl to say yes, but one day... ehehe you have to see it for find out what happen.

And today was LOST DAY. I really need more than one episode per week!

5x03 Jughead )

And Yesterday night (was very late) I saw Neil Patrick Harris in Doogie Howser MD he was a baby, awww and his voice was so cute! :)

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Did you miss me? Of course you did, ♥ now I'm here but I'm not so YAY, sorry :(
No no no F-list it's not your fault, it's that I missing my friends and my days in Milan so much. I have spent a great time... I had so much fun!
But now sadly it's over! I want to see them as soon as I can... The next official big reunion is in April and, of course, in London ! I can't wait for that: London, again YAY me! I'm going to see for the first time Wicked... to be more precise I'll see the musical two times in the same day! Wow, I'm so lucky! After London we'll go to Cardiff for 3 days - we have booked a little apartment - hoping to see David Tennant on set ... I really hope to have so many luck to see him again! Can you image? See a Doctor Who location? I'm so excited! And I'll see the Bad Wolf Bay! I totally have to cry and yell "bloody torchwoooood"! LOL!

I had a dream about me and [ profile] mrbartleboom yelling and driving a car in the Bad Wolf Bay... long story... one of my strange dreams... but I have to wait till april and I have to find a way to
keep my mind busy... maybe I have to think about the fact that I'll change University in september, I'm really scared about that... leave law for D.A.M.S.? (Art, Music and Show Buisness) but it will be 3 years so then I could back to law and I could have two degree at 28! Cool! But I'm still worried... law open a lots of doors... Why is so hard follow the dreams?

Btw, Milan, did I mention that I had great time? [ profile] mrbartleboom , [ profile] river__ , [ profile] darkbeba , [ profile] laz75 and me have spent the first days of the 2009 in a lillte appartament so cute! I'm in love with that appartament really ♥! We have played with so many games, I have so much fun with Guitar Hero and Sing In, we laugh so much, I knew only one song to sing: Roxette - Listen To Your Heart and I was pretty good LOL! In compensation I suck at Guitar Hero!!!
In this days I saw Buffy propperly! I mean the best Buffy's episodes and WOW that show was amazing! I have to see all! I'm more in love than ever with Anthony Head! Now I like Uther (Merlin BBC) very much! LOL!

Uh I've done another Xmas tree XD with help this time:

Xmas Tree )

Cute, isn't it???

I come back home with a lots of presents! I was so happy, I totally didn't expect presents! I mean, at Xmas I chose something and my parents buy it for me, no more surprises for me since I descovered that there is no Santa... when I was 5! I'm the kind of person who love surprises but my life is totally predictable sadly! I always spend bad Christmas and birthdays! So I was so happy that I can't find the words for explain my feelings!

And look, they are amazing presents:

Brilliant Presents! )

In those days the BBC chooses his new Doctor!

19344_smith_doctor_3_122_340lo.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album 19329_Smith_Doctor_1_122_395lo.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album 19337_smith_doctor_2_122_622lo.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

He's 11th and his name is Matt Smith! I know that all of you know that but I have to say my opinion! ^________^
As I wrote more or less everywhere David will be ALWAYS my Doctor! I start to see Doctor Who for him. My first episode was New Earth, then I see the first season with Chris, he wasn't my Doctor but I liked him, so I think that maybe I'll like Matt Smith as the Doctor too! I saw him in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, The Ruby in The Smoke and The Shadow In The North... he worked a lot with Billie lol! Btw I like him! I like the fact that he's 26 and I like the hair (not in the confidential XD) I'm happy about the decision... I knew that my other two options were absolutely impossible (Ewan McGregor or Matthew McFadyen) and after Buffy I started to think about Anthony Head and James Marsters lol! Even more impossible XD.
I'm glad that he's not-so-famous and in the interview he was so happy about the job! A lot of people says that he gesticulate too much but I think taht he's cute! As always I'm more worryed about Moffat... The season 5 will be all new! A totally New New Who! I'll miss Russel and David so much! I already miss Phil and Julie... the confidentials are not the same without them! :(

Back in Milan we went to see a movie: City of Ember... it was so... nosense lol! Fortunatly, as [ profile] river__ ,says we were togheter so we took the movie in a funny way XD!
It's a story about 2 kids + Poppy (lol I loved that little girl XD) who has to save the City!
Apparently without a reason a bunch of important peope decide to build a new city
under the ground! They do that cos world is ending but we don't allow to know for what reason... btw they decide to seal the world for 200 years... the time decision is totally random:
Guy1: For how many years we'll seal the peope in Ember?
Guy2: Mhm... 200 years. yep 200 years will be fine... I like the number!

So, for generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember's once powerful generator is failing ... and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker. Now, two kids in a race against time, must search Ember for clues that will unlock the ancient mystery of the city's existence, and help the citizens escape before the lights go out forever...

And, at last, youtube!
That bastard have decided to delete some of my video... I lost 5 of them! :( But I'm evil so I changed a little bit the videos and now I'm re-upload all of them and in HD! YAY!
For now I have uploaded Little Wonders but tomorrow I'll work on the others...

And now it's time for bed! I forgot to write so many things, I'm sure but I'm tired now :(
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Why my xmas tree isn't photogenic?
It doesn't look so well in photographs...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Btw it's snowing again! This is so Chrismas!
Today I listened some xmas carol! I love this kind od atmosphere!

I watched Pushing Daisies too, and this is oficially the best episode of the Season 2... I have to say that I love Kristin Chenoweth (Olive)'s voice!
Yesterday night (this morning at 5am... I couldn't sleep I dunno why) I saw The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian!
Am I wrong or Aslan is change??? Btw it was nice, not as the first movie but nice... and in this one there was 2 Italian actors: Sergio Castellitto (King Miraz) and Pierfrancesco Favino (General Glozelle)... I'm proud LOL! I like Castellitto, but in this movie they were dubbed? 0___0!

Now I have to watch House and Heroes... 4 episodes! I don't want to :( House is so changed from the beginning... I don't like at all the whole story with Cuddy :( And Heroes... (one of)my poor ship... I'm so sad about it but I'm still hoping... I mean it's Heroes after all!
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This Pre Winter Session Exam at university is killing me! Wednesday I studied for almost 15 hours! I went to bed at 4am and the next morning I woke up at 6am for being at universty at 8am and the exam was at 5pm... 8 hour of revision and 1 for lunch! It's unbelievable but I'm still alive... I think... wait, let me check it out... ok I'm alive YAY!

My mind was so full of sentences of the Court of Justice that I had to delete some unecessary notions like my name, where do I live and how to drive... the last one it's not a joke XD
After this devastating day I took the underground and when I was in the neighbourhood of my car I was so puzzled that I forgot where was the car, when I remembered it I sat and I watched the wheel for I think a minute without doing NOTHING! My mind was empty I remembered only names like Caixa Banque, Arduino, Chen, Centros and their "stories"

When I studied I've found this sentence of the Court of Justice about a case: Kunquian Catherine Zhu and Man Lavette Chen / Secretary of State for the Home Department (Yes I remember the entire name) Mrs Chen, a Chinese national went to Belfast, UK, in order to give birth to a child. Her daughter, Catherine, obtained Irish nationality since under Irish law any person born on the island of Ireland may acquire Irish nationality thanks the IUS SOLI. However the child was not entitled to obtain either British nationality (she was Irish not British) or Chinese nationality. Mrs Chen and her daughter are living at present in Cardiff, UK, where Catherine receives private medical services and child-care services in return for payment. Having been refused a long-term residence permit, Mrs Chen and her daughter lodged an appeal. The Immigration Appellate Authority asked the Court of Justice to give a ruling as to whether Community law confers on Catherine and her mother a right to reside in the UK... (I can hear you yawn! Ok, I stop it!) Btw... Catherine... Cardiff... I thought about Catherine Tate!
LOL I'm addicted so badly to DW!

Btw isn't only about the nights spent to study instead of sleep but I become a mess... Till the yesterday night shower my hair was a mess all frizzy and not so clean they didn't sparkle as always :( and my skin? A mess too, and I don't want to talk about my eyebrow... It's not that I'm vain, trust me is not like this I was really a mess I was unwatchable XD
And my way to speak... was fast and full of legal terms even when I spoked with my friends... And my jokes? All about law... but this wasn't a big problem cause I've spent more or less all the week with my colleagues so when I said something like "... this is mean I'll ask for an European warrant." they didn't watch me like I was crazy... we were so tired :(

But now I really have to take a break for exams... but I can't yet!
However I was being such a good girl in this days and yesterday night I found into my mail box the Einstain and Eddington DVD! I'm so happy!!! Now I can do a better review (because the subtitles) watch it in HQ all the time and do my music videos aaaaah! So happy!
I have another exam Tuesday afternoon... I hope to find the #3 issue of The Forgotten in my mail box that night! :)

A friend of mine tells me that the students of law use to write a lot on their law books... look at mine... oh gosh XD

lol! )

Btw after the longest shower ever yesterday night (I think that maybe I used all the cold wather of my entire country XD) I was regenaerate my hair now are as always (a mess but not as before) my skin is again normal and my eyebrow fine!

Few days ago... before all this madness I watched 2 movies! And wow! They were so nice!

stardust.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
Stardust )

Jane.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
Becoming Jane )

But now I have to go! Tonight I'll go out with my friends for a pizza! I hope to not talk about law!

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